Get nasty!

Get nasty!

Ngvhold_2If you were wondering whether Nasty Gal Vintage had done an ‘Agathe’ (of Style Bytes… ) and disappeared for good as she is no longer a registered eBay user then fear not.  Bidding on stuff and not winning them is never any fun so Sophia, the owner of Nasty Gal Vintage and has gone all e-shoppy on us.  Currently, the site has not launched yet but *drumroll*….the launch date as advertised on the MySpace is indeed today on this particular Friday 13th so really this is more of a prelim post.  I don’t mean to create a big fuss or anything but having checked out the image gallery of goodies that is due to go up and having been reassured that practically everything is under $100 (a price far lower than what NGV’s stuff usually fetches on the scary world of eBay…), all I can say is that I’m having the mouse at the ready.  From the site holder and along with the clever styling tactics that NGV is known for, it is clear this is a vintage online boutique of new generation, a different sort to those selling genuinely decades-old pieces.  The clothes are directional and for me, rather than just allocating them with a lazy ‘vintage’ label, I’d prefer to just think of them as ‘unique 2nd hand pieces’.  We’re not talking run of the mill slips, checked shirts, denim or summer dresses ( the usual base stock of vintage warehouses…) nor are we talking things that look ‘retro’ but rather these are clothes that stand on their own and are introducing younger consumers to a world of vintage that suits them.

A selection of what is to come on the site…


I had the chance to procure some of NGV’s wares and with three pieces, three strands of my style seemed to come forth…

The randomness – Some Blue ‘skorts’ with a green sash which I paired with a vintage fuschia cape, American Apparel vest, Tabio fuschia knee highs, Johnny Loves Rosie oversized spongy bow, Rupert Sanderson sandals


The girliness – Oversized fuschia floral printed shirt w/ bottom tie, worn with Topshop boutique navy satin skirt, Lanvin round toe shoes, Forever 21 ruffled collar


The aggressiveness – Black velvet dress w/ lace-up back (worn back to front) with American Apparel tri-blend grey racer back vest, vintage swirly print loose jacket, Topshop necklaces worn on shoulders, SSWTR sunglasses, Sam Edelman boots


(Background images from V Magazine)

*EDIT** Hurrah!  It’s live now!


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  1. WendyB

    2008-06-13 at 3:22 PM

    Am I misremembering or am I right that Nasty Gal was one of the eBay sellers who attracted the weird crazy eBay stalkers? That might be a good reason to leave eBay.

  2. katja

    2008-06-13 at 3:59 PM

    great news. i hope the clothing won’t be too expensive.

  3. pearl

    2008-06-13 at 4:00 PM

    I love her photography and am in awe of the inventory…looking forward to the launch of the site!

  4. Sarah

    2008-06-13 at 4:07 PM

    This is great news, I always got outbid on everything on ebay, I’ve never quite mastered winning thing on there.

  5. Leila

    2008-06-13 at 4:11 PM

    oh i like the first outfit.
    Reminds me to the norah jones song :
    if i were a painter… i would paint my memories…

  6. jo

    2008-06-13 at 4:31 PM

    random couldn’t have been more apt, lol

  7. MHBass

    2008-06-13 at 4:45 PM

    i’m in love with those lanvin shoes! and is that one of the new head adornments?

  8. oooo sultry and hardcore.

  9. shinylittlethings

    2008-06-13 at 6:25 PM

    You are unfailingly a great source for information that the fashion-follower seeks. Thanks!

  10. Jayla

    2008-06-13 at 7:02 PM

    Oh my yes I love them..speaking of ebay this kookai wrap is gonna go fast! Im thinking of bidding..what do you guys think?

  11. Jayla

    2008-06-13 at 7:02 PM

    Ugh I meant Asos

  12. Anja

    2008-06-13 at 7:27 PM

    Speaking of Agathe do you anything about why the site is down?
    Has it been hacked?

  13. M

    2008-06-13 at 7:51 PM

    love the girliness and the aggressiveness. i tried looking for a ruffled collar at F21 and i guess they’re long sold-out. and the back-to-front dress is genius.

  14. Carl Starling

    2008-06-13 at 8:21 PM

    The womenswear looks amazing…I’m so glad someone has broken the “run of the mill slips, checked shirts, denim or summer dresses” that is in most london vintage shops. I lazily haven’t joined her mailing list, but I’m guessing that she won’t stock menswear *sigh*.
    In reply to your comment on my blog Susie: I don’t get it, and now I feel like a dumb male model myself! (which isn’t too far from the truth, bar the male model part) Extraordinary?!

  15. miss woo

    2008-06-13 at 8:55 PM

    I love the pinkness of the first two outfits! and the E shop is good news, provided that I can get there first!

  16. meredith

    2008-06-13 at 9:04 PM

    i’ve been getting the email updates…i am on countdown until the site launches!!

  17. regina

    2008-06-13 at 9:05 PM

    love the site. great to know about NGV and it’s new plans. you are on it!

  18. Carl Starling

    2008-06-13 at 9:36 PM

    I get it now! I was reading it wrong…oh the wonders of screen conversation. Cx

  19. CamilleC

    2008-06-13 at 10:11 PM

    Very cool to know. Love her stuff.

  20. Jayla

    2008-06-13 at 10:23 PM

    OMG I want that leather jacket
    Theres more kookai on ebay this leather jacket omg

  21. selina

    2008-06-13 at 10:42 PM

    a NGV item would practically shine your wardrobe, i’m waiting with baited breath too!

  22. Poster Girl

    2008-06-13 at 10:51 PM

    It looks like you’ve been getting some great use out of the F21 ruffled collar, it looks fabulous.

  23. Drusilla

    2008-06-13 at 11:06 PM

    Love all the looks, esp. the F21 ruffled collar (you really do put your own twist on things).

  24. AR

    2008-06-14 at 12:08 AM

    I was a fan until I read this about their store…

  25. anna

    2008-06-14 at 12:14 AM

    that’s greta news! thanks for sharing!

  26. kitty

    2008-06-14 at 12:22 AM

    There are some super cute things that are going to be up for sale!

  27. la petite fashionista

    2008-06-14 at 12:28 AM

    i’ve always loved nasty gal vintage.. she was nice enough to do an interview with me a while back. I’m excited to check out the e-shop!

  28. j

    2008-06-14 at 12:54 AM

    i love the last outfit. the black dress, the boots and those glasses are amazing.

  29. yumiko

    2008-06-14 at 3:44 AM

    i like how you use a load of colours, and then just, bam!–suddenly everythings black…(the way you arranged your outfits i mean,,)
    i lurrve your sunglasses, btw..and i never would have thought of wearing a dress back to front!

  30. Hayley

    2008-06-14 at 7:42 AM

    I love the last look, it is exactly how I want to dress right now. Thanks for the hot tip about the new store.

  31. Anonymous

    2008-06-14 at 8:35 AM

    I can’t believe that thread about nasty gal on the fashion spot! I checked out the auction and take a look and see who else bought one!! Anybody recognize another of those sellers?!
    The cheek of it!!!!

  32. danz

    2008-06-14 at 1:42 PM

    Super outfits! I want that fuschia cape in the first pic,so great!

  33. The Danettes

    2008-06-14 at 1:43 PM

    Great pictures!

  34. floraposte

    2008-06-14 at 4:37 PM

    Really like the 2nd outfit! Have checked out the store and it looks like it is going to have really cool stuff.
    That was a pretty harsh revelation and about NastGal on the fashion spot thread. Logically I know that there must be some artificial price inflation going on (especially in the more expensive eBay stores of which nastyGal was definitely one) but you still don’t like to think you are being had when you are bidding on a piece you have set your heart on and the price just goes stratospheric.
    Then again in this instance that could just be nasty rumour. I will check out the store and see what happens and give her the benefit of the doubt.

  35. Kori

    2008-06-14 at 5:17 PM

    I’m psyched to check out Nasty Gal’s new endeavor, but I have to say my brain is currently more excited over that last “aggressiveness” outfit. Rarr!

  36. me

    2008-06-14 at 7:44 PM

    less than $100?
    yeah right, susie.

  37. alas my alias

    2008-06-14 at 7:57 PM

    Ummmm Susie? Miss Nasty Gal didn’t leave eBay on her own, they kicked her off!! You can’t just “leave” eBay; it’s a long, involved process to close your account. She was doing something shady on eBay and they threw her off, along with her buying ID’s.
    She was mis-representing new dresses as vintage, among other things.
    It would have been a really stupid move, public relations-wise, to close her successful eBay business just as she was launching a website.
    She has cute stuff, but I certainly wouldn’t buy anything from somebody eBay kicked off their site.
    You have to be REALLY REALLY unethical for eBay to get rid of you!! Trust me.

  38. the nasty gal

    2008-06-14 at 8:40 PM

    Susie, thanks so much for your great review! A lot of the prices we had in the shop last night were a bit random, and most of them now reflect the price point we were originally shooting for. Still working out the kinks!
    As far as Ebay goes, we made the mistake of leaving our URL in feedback for customers, which to Ebay is a big deal, since they are really punitive about promoting any business outside of their own. That’s part of the reason we are doing the e-shop! That and the insane cattiness that Ebay incites…
    Our store will be back on Ebay soon as well. Yay!

  39. alas my alias

    2008-06-14 at 9:18 PM

    I will say that Susie can definitely spot some cool styles, and I will say that Miss Nasty is one heck of a stylist and photographer.
    That said, if you come here to this blog for inspiration, from both Susie and Nasty, (and others), you can translate that inspiration into some astonishing deals on eBay and elsewhere…. from other sellers who sell very similar items, but for far less money.
    Take your inspiration with a dose of common sense. Yes, there is a lot of cattiness on eBay. Unfortunately, most of the cattiness is perpetrated by a relatively SMALL number of mean kitties.
    One of those mean kitties was allegedly Miss Nasty’s eBay mentor at one point. I do hope that episode is behind her as she launches this new venture and starts back up on eBay.

  40. Model

    2008-06-14 at 10:06 PM

    Thanks so much for this post the website is amazing! I should get something clear. The fringe dress thing is absolutely blown out of the water. Suzanne of Spanish Moss was not shilling the bidding on that dress. She actually won it and wore it to her bachelorette party where she has PICTURES of herself in it and does not mind wher eit’s origin came from. She rightfully bought it and loved it.
    Secondly, Sophia did make a mistake with the purple fringe dress but has not bought MULTIPLE ones. The red fringe is a genuine vintage dress and the person who bought it in Australia was very satisfied. People make mistakes and learn from them but it isn’t fair that a hard working store who is honest in every other aspect except that one mistake should be reprimanded for it so harshly.
    Another, she was not “kicked off” ebay for shady behavior. She was put down for a little for simply promoting her website on buyers feedback and it’s against an ebay rule.
    So go ahead and stop your little e-forum rumors and and crazy gossiping (posting on every positive blog about NGV). Those are the facts.
    PS: Great styling!

  41. Gimmeabreak

    2008-06-14 at 10:54 PM

    First of all, I believe there WAS more than one purple fringe dress that was sold. There were three to be exact. OK, FOUR if you count the one that Spanish Moss *bought*. Let’s be honest now…
    Secondly, just because Spanish Moss was wearing one doesn’t mean it was the same dress she *bought* from Nasty. She could have purchased hers for $35 from the same seller that Nasty bought hers.
    Yes, people make mistakes. This would be waaay different if she had mistakenly listed an 80’s dress as 50’s. But, a brand new costume as *rare*, *vintage 80s*? And selling MORE than one? Come on!

  42. AR

    2008-06-14 at 11:20 PM

    Well fact is I might have been put off but I’m still going to buy from them so yeah.

  43. Meeshy

    2008-06-15 at 12:00 PM

    Oh LOL… that purple flapper dress saga.
    NGV has an incredible eye for creative branding and a consistently awesome inventory. As a seller, all I can say is that she deserves full credit for everything she does right – which is ALOT. eBay is stressful enough as it is without sellers spying on each other, waiting for the opportunity to bring someone else down. It’s just… bizarre.

  44. susie_bubble

    2008-06-15 at 1:31 PM

    I knew these eBay issues would come floating up again…. and I’ll say this once and you can shoot me for it…. I’m blogging about things I like and in all honesty, I don’t have the time to spend hours trailing through the ins and outs of eBay forums, bidding histories etc.
    I’m talking up NGV on the basis of her wares and really, I can’t be shackled or held reponsible for anything else that has gone on in the past…
    With the new e-shop, surely, it’s a simple matter of, you get what you pay for. You see a cute floral jumper, decide whether the price is right and pay for it…end of story.
    With eBay, it is a lot more complex but in the past months, having people practically spam this site and my email inbox with hate mail about such and such a seller….well, frankly, it just all goes over my head and I’m not about to drag myself into it…
    The bottom line is, I’m just bumbling along and saying ‘Hey, this is a cute vintage e-shop with some wicked items…’ Shallow? Probably…
    About the price points, I did pick up on the fact some of them were originally marked over $100 but looking again, everything is around that mark… again, shoot me for saying ‘Practically everything under $100’ before the site had opened (the site was not up when I posted this…). It’s now up and the prices look about right to me…
    All I’m saying is, I can’t know everything and frankly… sometimes, I just don’t want to…

  45. riz

    2008-06-15 at 2:08 PM

    HA! That is so funny – “Mouse at the ready” !

  46. Gimmeabreak

    2008-06-15 at 5:50 PM

    “I’m blogging about things I like and in all honesty, I don’t have the time to spend hours trailing through the ins and outs of eBay forums, bidding histories etc.”
    No one has that kind of time, really. It’s funny that some supporters attempt to minimize a valid issue and call the people “stalkers”, who expose these little indiscretions. Or even funnier, the idea that someone is just waiting with jealously baited breath to bring down the vintage power sellers.
    You know who brought the whole flapper dress issue out in the open? Another successful power seller with a huge following. Curiously, she has abandoned ebay as well, in light of some recent controversy over label switching.
    Susie, I applaud you for leaving these comments out in the open for all to read and make their OWN judgements! There are always two sides to every issue. And, since you pointed out that you “can’t know everything”, it’s good to have access to that kind of information to make informed decisions. That’s what it boils down to.

  47. FraudsterAlert

    2008-06-15 at 9:22 PM

    How can it be *gossip* when there is proof Sheeple? Nay, nay, tis the TRUTH not *gossip*.
    That’s why Nastygalvintage made all her auctions Private after her fraudulent business practices were exposed.
    Because she has something to HIDE! Duh?

  48. glenna

    2008-06-16 at 12:09 AM

    This blog has always been a fresh and inspirational source for me. Which is why I find it so confusing that she supports sellers who show a total lack of ethics. The seller in question didn’t leave voluntarily, and only way someone gets forcibly removed from ebay is by committing fraud of some kind. Seriously. Ebay just removes feedback that has ads in it, they don’t suspend the seller. Someone who sells off ebay on their own site has much more freedom, and more power to her. I would never buy from someone who shows such a total lack of character, I’d never trust it. I’d be worried that the so-called ‘unique 2nd hand pieces’ for ‘under $100’ are just from yesterday’s 9.99 sale rack at forever21.
    There seems to be a disconnect here with folks of our generation just wanting instant gratification. We didn’t invent fashion, we didn’t even invent re-invention of fashion. Put a ‘hot’ model in a paper bag with a belt and she’ll still look ‘hot’, but that doesn’t mean belted paper bags are the hot new trend for fall. Yet girls my age just lap it up and think they’re being trendy. It’s so tired. All the sites like neet magazine and wardrobe remix are starting to look exactly alike, but at least most of the posters on w.r. look like they think for themselves.
    I think the major retailers ruined vintage when they started selling retro-inspired clothing and calling it vintage. Among reputable real vintage sellers, the word ‘vintage’ just means clothing that’s 20 years old or more. That’s all. It’s not a ‘look’ or a trend, it’s just what it is. If you’re tired of the so-called vintage trend, then just don’t buy vintage, but please don’t confuse costumes or yesterday’s mall clothing on a hot model ‘vintage.’ And definitely don’t try to call it unique because it’s not.

  49. alas my alias

    2008-06-16 at 1:07 AM

    HOORAY, GLENNA. You do ‘get it’.
    I was trying to give Nastygalvintage the benefit of the doubt until I read what “model” had to say.
    The keyword here is ETHICS, and you would think that Susie would wonder why Nasty is no longer registered on eBay before gushing about her on this blog.
    It does indeed take something pretty shady to get you booted off eBay. eBay is a virtual haven for scam artists… which is why HONEST sellers take such offense to people like Nastygal. People like Nasty give HONEST vintage dealers a bad name, which in turn has given eBay a bad name.
    People aren’t making these things up about Nasty and her buddy indiecultvintage. These two sellers have risen to the top of the eBay heap based on FALSEHOODS and LIES.
    Do they have pretty stores? Yes, but they are not innovative in the least. Not. Even. Close. Sorry. What Nasty is doing is copying from the past… just like the designers themselves do.
    The “look” here is NOT fresh or “moving in a new direction”; it’s simply re-hashed 80’s, and even the unique avant garde pieces can be found in every thrift store in America at Halloween time, on the Halloween costume racks, in great abundance.
    The TRULY SMART fashion-forward gals don’t buy from people like Nasty Gal and Indiecult…they don’t buy into “the myth”. They find their OWN stuff and style it themselves and pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars LESS for the same effect.
    It’s the girls who CAN’T THINK FOR THEMSELVES, the ones who blindly follow the pack and believe all the nonsense they hear, THOSE are the type of people who buy from these unethical sellers. These sellers literally PREY upon these foolish people.
    Shame on you Nastygalvintage, for not trying to straighten up. You’re making excuses for yourself. Quit LYING for once, okay? You got kicked off eBay for being shady. PERIOD. You paid too much attention to what indiecultvintage was doing and the bad stuff rubbed off on you!

  50. Carla

    2008-06-16 at 2:52 AM

    “All the sites like neet magazine and wardrobe remix are starting to look exactly alike”
    And if you don’t like that, don’t even LOOK at My Vintage Connection… I cannot even tell apart any of the vintage sellers being promoted over there.
    And to the person who claims she saw the Spanishmoss girl sporting the Purple Fringe Dress at some party, ask her where she got it. Probably from the same costume seller she bought the red fringe dress that she (Spanishmoss) was just auctioning last week. You are delusional if you think she paid $400 for that mass produced Halloween costume!

  51. alas my alias

    2008-06-16 at 3:39 AM

    Susie, I love this blog and you are one smart girl, even though you are not super familiar with eBay.
    It’s interesting how the posts about these eBay sellers cause such an uproar, no?
    It’s wrong to deceive people just to make a buck. It’s wrong to falsely inflate the ending price of an auction by shill bidding.
    I believe eBay will be doing away with its auction-style format before long. Shill bidding is easy to do, and too hard to trace, but eventually eBay could be held liable and I believe they will want to reduce that liability any way they can.
    For after all, shill bidding is against the law. A felony in most places. There have been some very serious accusations made to eBay and law enforcement authorities about a couple of the eBay sellers mentioned here on Style Bubble. These are valid accusations and I believe they will be proven and hopefully prosecuted.
    It’s no wonder these girls like Nastygalvintage and indiecultvintage are trying to go somewhere else online, to a fixed-price format with nobody scrutinizing them. But without the auction-style shill bidding factor falsely driving up the demand for their goods, I don’t think they will be nearly as “successful”.
    The writing has been on the wall for a long time.

  52. the nasty gal

    2008-06-16 at 5:11 AM

    This has gotten way out of hand, and just plain mean. What fuels your quest to tarnish every good word that is written about us?
    I was as surprised as any of you that SpanishMoss would spend that much on a dress with me, BELIEVE me. I was surprised she used her selling ID, but seriously–who would have another seller shill bid with their selling ID? Does that make any sense?
    I was in a bit of cahoots with miss indiecult for a little while, and learned from her what NOT to do in this business. I thank her for that. As far as the ebay account suspension, we were warned for leaving our URL in the feedback and as this happened to come around the same time we were frantically launching the site, we failed to change our AUTOMATIC feedback which continued to leave our URL for customers in response to their positive feedback for us (after the initial warning.) I regret to inform our many stalkers that no, there is no fraud involved in this 7-day slap on the wrist from Ebay. You will see soon enough.
    I know that many of the ladies posting such harsh words have Ebay stores themselves, almost all of which are failing in comparison to the top tier sellers. They sell dumpy, unwearable pieces mostly styled on mannequins or just not styled AT ALL. They have no entrepreneurial spirit, no taste, and apparently WAY too much time on their hands. It’s nothing more than annoying that I have to read the same squawking on every blog that we’re featured on. Please know that these silly claims do nothing more than motivate me to cultivate the best customer service around and a huge roster of satisfied shoppers.
    Oh, and by the way–please keep slithering your way to the new e-shop. It does wonders for our search rankings!

  53. Jula

    2008-06-16 at 5:37 AM

    WEll she just proved to me how snooty she is.
    “”I know that many of the ladies posting such harsh words have Ebay stores themselves, almost all of which are failing in comparison to the top tier sellers. They sell dumpy, unwearable pieces mostly styled on mannequins or just not styled AT ALL. They have no entrepreneurial spirit, no taste, and apparently WAY too much time on their hands.””
    So basically you not only THINK you are better than everyone else, you KNOW it.
    Thanks for that.
    Those of us who are intelligent and can think for ourselves know what is really going on.
    I hope all the direputable “top tier sellers” start their own sites, and leave eBay to the ones with “no entrepreneurail spirit”. They may not be raking in millions, but at least they have the moral highground.
    Where will all your money and popularity get you in heaven?

  54. alas my alias

    2008-06-16 at 7:43 AM

    She shows her true colors.
    Not to be rude, but the very fact that you were “in cahoots” with indiecultvintage speaks volumes.
    There are MANY sellers in the “Top Tier”, as you call it. There are only TWO that I can think of that are regularly “stalked” on these blogs:
    Nastygalvintage and indiecultvintage. Birds of a feather, no matter what you want to call it. You two had a major falling-out and the feathers have been flying ever since.
    That should tell you something. I can think of plenty of large-volume trendy sellers who don’t get this negative publicity that you and indiecult do. There is a reason for the negative publicity.
    Just curious why your buying ID’s were also suspended? The ones that bought the costume flapper dresses? I guess they took down all your ID’s at once because of a feedback issue with ONE ID? Hmmmm. right.
    The fact that you were suspended by eBay AT ALL, for any reason, whatever the reason, shows your lack of TRUE entrepreneurial acumen. I think you could use a lesson in public relations, because you’ve got a mess on your hands now, honey.

  55. susie_bubble

    2008-06-16 at 8:39 AM

    For the last frickin’ time…. and I will say it once only… I CAN’T know everything. I can only judge by the goods, the site design and all…
    I will spell it out loud… I followed NGV’s auctions and saw she had nice pieces.
    When I posted previously about ICV, yes, this stuff did come up but I was constantly confused by the very ‘vehement’ reactions of people. Also that there are two sides to every story so I chose to sit on the fence and this was because I personally have not been subjected to any of the things that ppl have been talking about nor can I CONFIRM that it is true without spending a good two hours of my life (I just don’t have those hours to spare I’m ‘fraid…). I’m sorry if that sounds vague or evasive but honestly…it’s sort of like people having problems with Marc Jacobs’ quality but me not experiencing the same thing…
    I cannot listen to everyone and take it all in especially when the voices are conflicting.
    This is afterall…’Style Bubble’…. I am in a bubble… it is as simple as ‘Ooohh…there’s a pretty dress’…or ‘Oooh…WICKED leggings!….’ Call me dumb/stupid/shallow…
    Also, the site launch to me is an interesting concept… whilst I can name many physical stores of NGV’s ilk… e-commerce in vintage is still very slow moving and quite stale in my mind…. I personally can’t deny the site is a newbie of its generation…if ppl want to name other sites as examples, I’d gladly write about those as well…
    The ‘real’ fashion forward girls as someone put it may not be buying from NGV but frankly, vintage prices (I can only speak for London…) are being jacked up everywhere…and whilst I root out things from all avenues (bought a PVC jacket from a very odd/non-trendy eBay seller the other day… but that’s beside the point…), I do GENUINELY think sites like and NGV are beyond useful for selecting pieces that are appealing to ME at prices that aren’t so far off the mark compared to vintage stores in London. Oh god, shoot me for being such an unoriginal hack who likes the wares…
    The bottom line is and this will be the last bottom line because this has gotten way out of hand and frankly I’ve moved on and need to get posting on a gazillion other things…
    If I like it, I post it. I liked what I saw, I couldn’t possibly not post it… some ppl here happened to be informed by the fact NGV had a site and has bought a piece or two that they like and will probably wear… what is wrong with that?

  56. Jayla

    2008-06-16 at 9:24 PM


  57. nuvonova

    2008-06-17 at 12:33 AM

    They’ve done a really great job with their site actually, much better that I thought. It has notions of the ASOS site and I think they will be very successful with it.
    Ebay is slowly losing a lot of sellers, I find it hard finding really amazing things nowadays.

  58. Jula

    2008-06-17 at 12:48 AM

    I actually agree. NGV and indie and a few other current top tier sellers disgust me on a profound level, cuz SOMETHING smells off, but I do agree that maybe arguing about to such an extent isn’t going to make any changes in THEM. People with no conscience have no ability to see wrong in what they do, nor can they accept responsibility, they only can place blame on someone else and keep coming up with excuses.
    Hopefully, though, it will keep other sellers honest, and try to inform buyers to think for themselves.
    And frankly all it’s doing is giving them free publicity, and you know what they say, theres no such thing as bad publicity.
    I do know 4 sellers on eBay who offer great prices on modeled vintage clothes, and have great service and don’t engage in shoddy practices, but of course I won’t mention them, cuz if I did, ya’ll might think I was one of them, and I have scruples.
    Best thing to do if you want great vintage fashions, just do a Store search on eBay and look for ones that look great in the pictures, but don’t have EXCESSIVE high bids ON THE FIRST DAY or two.
    That to me is a sign something fishy is going on.
    Peace Out.

  59. e.

    2008-06-17 at 10:18 PM

    “They sell dumpy, unwearable pieces mostly styled on mannequins or just not styled AT ALL. They have no entrepreneurial spirit, no taste, and apparently WAY too much time on their hands.”

  60. Anonymous

    2008-06-18 at 3:44 AM
  61. LisaLee7

    2008-06-21 at 2:41 AM

    How can you say the owner of Nasty Girl actually felt bad for people who bid on their stuff and never won? YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT? Come one…that’s what the auction setting is for…to bid to win. Nope, she’s clearly out for as much dough as she can make with her altered mini’s and so called vintage (hm..I NEVER see a label do you?) Why do to a website out of sympathy for the public and sell stuff for $100 when she made $300 for the same thing on ebay? Makes you wonder what’s up? – I’m not down with her vibe like everyone else. If I see “I’m in love” one more time in regard to her stuff…I’ll hurl.

  62. AmazonQueen404

    2008-06-21 at 4:38 AM

    Nasty Gal dumps on sellers who have great feedback standing for using dress forms and no creative spirit – well websites – models – all take cash – looks like she funded her site with those incredible vintage flapper dressses. she’s a snobby gal. some sellers have families to support and don’t network the party circuit like a 20 year old for bids. good luck

  63. Jael

    2008-06-22 at 8:24 PM

    My husband just got back from an Ebay sellers convention. You can just leave Ebay. People have been doing it in droves as their fees skyrocket, and they seem incapable of finding a balance between the needs of the buyers and sellers. Also, Ebay is crappy about handling disputes.
    I’m glad this estore is finally up. I bookmarked it months ago and have been eagerly awaiting it. I featured her Ebay store on my blog, but I prefer actual stores anyway.

  64. Jael

    2008-06-22 at 8:37 PM

    So I just read through all these comments. I work for a large company that sells online, and here’s what I’ve learned.
    1. Some customers are insane. Example, we got kicked of Amazon UK for a while for negative feedback. The feedback all had to do with people complaining about shipping times. Mind you, Britain was having a postal strike at the time.
    2. People who make a living online like to support other online businesses. You may think we should all hate each other and see each other as competition, but we don’t.
    3. Some internet sellers do however. There’s a small group of them that troll websites for any mention of my company and post their conspiracy theories. It ends up sounding like a great amount of discontent, but it’s really only 10 angry people with too much time and bitterness.
    4. Websites will slap their sellers before the buyers. After all, it’s the seller’s livelihood whereas the buyer just wants a deal. Ebay is particularly horrible about this. I received negative feedback for not sending an item. When I contacted Ebay and told them I didn’t send the item because I never got paid, they refused to change the feedback.
    5. No one makes millions on Ebay.
    6. When people get emotionally attached to an item, they will bid it up to crazy levels. It only takes two people to make the bidding crazy. This happened several times when I used to sell jewelry there.
    7. Not everyone shops the same. Just because someone it bidding like mad the first day instead of waiting to the end, just means they’re not great at auctions.

  65. Lisaleelee

    2008-06-25 at 7:18 PM

    the flapper dress will haunt NGV’s rep – damage is done. no one believed it was vintage when it was listed – where was the credentials like a label? trust me…no one is jealous of her and her unethical business tactics. plenty of other vintage sellers to buy from at MUCH lower costs. she’s crazy to think people continue to fork out that much money again.

  66. Debbie

    2008-07-03 at 5:58 PM

    Check out Starluxevintage Ebay store… Great stuff!!

  67. Suzanne

    2009-08-24 at 7:51 AM

    Hey this is Suzanne from Spanish Moss. I can’t believe I never saw this post. I bought that dress for my somewhat extravagant bachlorette party my friends through for me and have TONS of photos of myself wearing it all over myspace and facebook…add me if you’re concerned.
    Secondly, if I was shill bidding for Sophia- I wouldn’t use the ID “SpanishMossVintage” which seems really glaringly obvious, but no one seems to pick up on that one. Why would I care if the dress was sold at a costume store or not if it’s super cute? It looked amazing on and was totally worth every penny. There are just certain things you see that you absolutely love and can’t live without.

  68. Mariana

    2014-06-06 at 4:16 AM

    All you guys talking about NGV. What do you rhink now? Me, I’m reading #girlboss and find out about this! Hahahahha. Is hillarious

  69. rachel

    2014-06-25 at 1:51 AM

    Ha! me too! ^^^

  70. leila

    2014-07-01 at 11:57 AM

    Me three – but someone’s contradicting here! In #girlboss, Sophie stated “intervened. “I stayed out of it, keeping my head down and doing my best as I’ve always done.” Which is OBVIOUSLY not true since she commented and showed her true colors here! What a fucking hypocrite! You idiots following here and going all “OHH GIRLBOSS”, know your facts first!

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