I’ve seen this page done a few times on blogs but I realised that I actually need one because in the interviews I’ve done, the SAME OL’ questions get asked and STILL, things come out all wrong.  In a few Hong Kong magazines, some people have written things like I’m a student studying in London who’s from HK and that I’m 18 (I wish…).  A wee bit wrong.  Anyway, it’s a boring chore but I’ll just get it over and done with….

So, here I invite people to ask questions… anything that doesn’t veer into the overly personal and I’ll do my best to answer them here on the post… no interview type soul-searching questions either e.g. Do you feel that fashion is an art?  *Yawn* that question is looong and tiiired and should be shelved in a rickety box.

I’ve shifted the FAQ to a page instead of post so all previous comments have been shed but the questions and answers are all here.  You can continue asking questions if you still want.  PLEASE READ THROUGH THE FAQ CAREFULLY as I get a lot of repeat questions of “How do I get started on my blog?” etc etc.  I’ve also answered any super super specific questions directly in the comments section.

I’ll get the ball rolling with a few of the typical ones…

How old are you?
I was born on 13th December 1983… figure out the age…

When did you start the blog?
March 2006.  Apparently, it feels a lot longer because people have said things like “I’ve been reading Style Bubble for YEARS….!” which makes it sound like they’ve been reading it for decades… might have something to do with the way I ramble on and on and on…

What do you do?
I WAS working in digital media, hence my tagline as a ‘fashion-outsider/enthusiast’.  I’m now commissioning editor of Dazed Digital at Dazed & Confused. I resigned from Dazed in March 2010 and I’m now working as a freelance writer, full-time blogger and dabbling in all sorts of projects.  I still feel like a fashion-outsider.

Where are you from?
I was born in London, UK but my parents are from Hong Kong.

What is your favourite kind of jam?
I veer between quince and apricot depending on the day…

*Ok, that last one wasn’t typical but feel free to ask such randomness…

Your questions

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about yourself?
I like the moon shapes on my fingernails.  I hate the ones on my toes.

What do you immediately scan for when you go into a clothes shop? What are you drawn to?
Depends on the shop… I’m generally drawn to anything that takes my fancy on that particular day, on a particular moment… hard to say.  Right now, I’d be drawn to heels constructed out of metal.

Do you find the Marni patent wedges easy to walk in?
Fairly easy.  They’re not ‘taxi’ shoes by any stretch of the imagination.  I walked in them on cobbled streets on Stockholm for a good twenty minutes without too much trouble… though I wouldn’t go hiking in them or anything.

Do you speak Cantonese?  Hakka?
I speak fluent Cantonese and very bad Mandarin.  No Hakka though I understand a little when I’m in the mood.

Do you like being a BBC (British Born Chinese)?
I don’t like or dislike it?  It’s just part of who I am.  Kind of like the moon shapes on my fingernails…

Do you say “Ai ya!” a lot?
No… but my boyfriend thinks it’s funny to say it all the time.

Do you like sushi?
Yes, but I like fresh sushi.  Supermarket or EAT/Pret a Manger sushi is rancid.  Yo!Sushi is ok when I’m particularly hungry and impatient. My favourite place in London at the moment is Yashin Sushi.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time? Do you ever want to become immersed as an ‘insider’ of the fashion world?
If this recession doesn’t make Western Civilisation crumble down to the point that everyone is in a destitute state then I guess in ten years’ time I’d like to obviously still be involved in SOME way in fashion…in what way I don’t know.  I think fashion roles as we know it will change anyway and that familiar hierarchy will shift so I would never be a fashion luvvie/daaarrrling because there won’t be that tolerance for that sort of people.  Also, I can’t address other people as ‘Daaarrrling!’  I’d sound really lame.

Do you ever dress “normally” and does it make you feel weird?
I’m afraid I’d have to answer that with another question; what does ‘normally’ mean – please define it and then I could probably answer.

EDIT: I think (well, I presume) what was meant by the “Do you ever dress normal?” question is, do you ever just feel uninspired or lazy and just hang out in tracksuit pants, your boyfriends jumper and your hair in a messy ponytail? Or are you always ‘done up’ if you know what I mean….
I guess everyone has their own version of laid back outfits.  For me, it’s never trackie bottoms.  I tend to wear leggings and a sweater if I’m pulling on an outfit just to like cook breakfast or something.  But then I’ll always change.  I could do up to 4 or 5 changes a day on a weekend.

How did you get the job at Dazed?
Through a tough round of interviews, a bit of Red Bull and a lot of luck…

How much time do you spend on the computer each day?
On the weekdays, it’s easily 12 hours of each day as I work from about 10am to 7pm and then work some more when I get home or in the mornings…I’m talking day job work here…
Blogging wise, it’s probably only one or two hours a day.
On weekends, it’s far less…depends on what I’m doing.

Do you ever get funny looks when you’re out and about and if you do what do you think/do about them?
On some occasions I get anything from tutting to outright abuse… the iPod headphones help quite a bit.

Can you read Chinese characters?
I can read Chinese fluently. However, I find reading simplified characters quite difficult for some reason. I also write too when forced.

What is your favourite root vegetable?
Without a doubt, it is the parsnip!  I’m salivating at the thought of roasted parsnips at Christmas with some rough sea salt and pepper crushed over them…

If you could live in any other time period (regardless of the fact that you probably wouldn’t have fitted in very well in most), which would it be?
1760s’ in London during the reign of mad George III, Shanghai in the 1920s’ and 1970s’ in New York.

How did you find staying in London for uni?
I chose to go to UCL PRECISELY because it was in London.  I didn’t want to leave my friends and I was a big baby who didn’t want to go to a real campus-like uni.  I personally loved it; living in residence halls across from Selfridges, eating out MORE than I should have and distracting myself with London more than I should have been doing.  I don’t mind daylight robbery – £1.50 apples from  Selfridges Food Hall… yeeesh…

Who are your favourite artists?
The ol’ faves…Francis Bacon, Marc Chagall, Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch, Lucien Freud, David Hockney…

If you could live in another city for one year of your life where would you go?
Probably New York just because I’ve considered moving there and I’d be able to find some form of employment (or maybe not in this current state…)

Do you think that was a cool way to “interview” with no questions or words? Or that was a silly post (reference to Stiletto Effect’s Blogger Desk post)
Ho ho ho…. that’s a cheeky way to drive traffic, no?
Yes, it was a cool way to “interview” judging from the number of comments on the post and also because people are voyeuristic.  I also sometimes suspect a lot of readers here just skim through the text so visual interviews are always quite popular and successful.

What is your favourite country and would you live anywhere else besides the UK?
Right now, I’m quite happy in London but who knows in a year’s time.  I’m certainly not tied to this city and circumstances change all the time.  I don’t really have a favourite country… I have favourite cities and they include Antwerp, Paris (at certain times of the year…), Shanghai and Bilbao.

How has your taste in fashion, especially favourite designers, changed over time? Is there anything that horrifies you about what you loved at 15, or is it just that your taste has got broader / more sophisticated from there?
I don’t think my taste is that sophisticated.  I know more perhaps but I still go for really tacky, really stupid and banal things. When I was 15, I loved black sequins.  I’m frickin’ 24 29 and I still love the stuff.  I guess the only thing that has changed is money.  I don’t shop at Etam, New Look and Topshop as much anymore yet I actually reminisce over those days of getting excited over shops like New Look (I had to take all of 2 buses to get there!).  I always had pretty broad taste though and if anything, when I was younger, I took even more risk.  I suppose designers like Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Marni ranked pretty highly when I was younger and that has of course expanded quite a bit.  I think right now, I don’t tend to treat any designer as god, and rather judge items and collections on individual merit…

Have you lived in London your whole life?
Pretty much!

How did you meet Steve of Style Salvage?
It’s a boring story… through work at my last job.  We fell in love over media planning meetings and lunches at Pret a Manger… oh and a very odd trip to Amsterdam involving a boiled egg and a lot of shrooming…

Do you have any tips/tricks/secrets as to successful thrift/vintage shopping?
I’m not very strategic like that so this is quite tricky.  I guess the only thing I could recommend is RIFLE like mad.  I mean, do COMB everything and put things up against you in the mirror.  That’s how I convince myself to buy quite ugly things in charity shops, thinking I could perhaps do something with them…

What inspires you in the morning when you dress?  Do you imagine yourself in costume, or perhaps it is just whatever you see first in your closet?
Odd how people think I dress in costumes or some such!  I tend to want to wear one specific piece of clothing/accessory and revolve around that.  Or I want to go for some sort of a theme and then go with that.  Depends how much time I have in the morning I guess…

What age were you when you realised that fashion was your calling?
I still don’t really know whether “fashion” as an industry is my calling but I’ve loved clothes ever since I could dress myself.

What do you consider the five staples of any girl’s wardrobe?
I only know MY personal staples (I think I’ve done a post about this…).  I couldn’t possibly impose them on other people; Salvatore Ferragamo bow flats, a grey jersey t-shirt that hangs right, a proper pair of black opaque tights, vintage slip dresses/skirts and some well fitting leather gloves.

Outside of magazines, what other reading material do you like?
It’s terrible but I do read a lot less now that I work as I don’t take the tube into work anymore and I get sick reading on the bus… BUT when I do have some time, I love Haruki Murakami books, any old classics like John Galsworthy, Evelyn Waugh, Nancy Mitford, W. Somerset Maugham and also a good deal of historical biographies.

What advice would you give for trying to get started in the fashion industry?
I’m not really fit to give out advice like that seeing as I’m not strictly speaking IN the fashion industry and my route was a funny one anyway…

What kind of music do you listen to?
Changes consistently… right now it’s a mix of Metronomy, Lykke Li, Connan Mockasin, Jesse Ruins, Caribou, Four Tet, M83, Marques Toliver, Warpaint, Toro Y Moi, How to Dress Well, Wild Nothing…

Do you like animals? (the pet type)
Not really unfortunately… cats hate me and my two hamsters that I did have, mauled each other to death.  I’m not selfless enough to take care of any pet properly…

Do you workout?
NO! Well I did run a half-marathon late in 2012 and did a spot of training for that.  Other than that though, I’m pretty much a gym-a-phobe.

What would you suggest to someone who wants to start collecting hi end/high quality pieces, but that does not have an unlimited budget?
I don’t really approach clothes/shoes as collectors’ pieces for a start.  I only buy things that I really love and I don’t by any means have an unlimited budget… eBay, consignment stores, sample sales etc are my aids I guess… I highly recommend Kerry Taylor’s auction site!.

How does it feel to be so open to the public?
There will always be a sea of things that I won’t reveal…

I am curious to know what your favourite brand is or the one you are most loyal to?

I don’t really have a favourite brand.  I go to certain places for specific items.  E.g. I always buy school uniform tights from John Lewis, opaque ones from Tabio, grey sweaters from Uniqlo etc etc.

What has been your greatest bargain find and greatest extravagance so far?
Bargain definitely has to be the 0.01p vintage puff tiered dress from eBay and my extravagance was probably my Vivienne Westwood suede printed bag which I saved up for at uni.

Do you read manga/watch anime?
No but my sister is more into that stuff…not really my bag I’m afraid.

Do you have any cherished cuddly toys, if so what are their names?
Err…no… even as a child, I was never attached to cuddly toys.

You’ve been blogging for a long time now – do you feel that the fashion blogosphere now is different from what it was when you began (apart from the fact that it’s bigger and clothing trends have changed)? If so, how?
Yes, it is vastly different and size aside, I think fashion blogs are more evolved in what they put out there.  The majority of fashion blogs now are personal style blogs, centering around one person and that breeds I think even more voyeuristic traits in readers and this can on occasion turn nasty.  It’s also very easy I think to create sensation with a blog in a way that at one point in time, a blogger can suddenly go from having no readers to a lot of readers and the media endorsing bloggers helps a lot.  I think it was a bit more organic and slow, blogging three or four years ago.

What model is your camera?
I use a Canon 60D with a Sigma 30mm lens and a Tamron 28-75mm lens too for catwalk shots.  I also use a Canon EOS M for more everyday still life snapping use.

How long have you kept your long hair? Do you actually trim them while growing to this length?
I’ve had long hair since I was about 15/16.  I did have it VERY short like a pixie cut when I was 14 but my hair grew so fast and I just couldn’t be bothered after that.  I hate getting my haircut but I do trim my own split ends.

What’s your karaoke song?
Brandy and Monica’s The Boy is Mine.  Failing that, Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas.

Do your parents and siblings read your blog?
I have three younger sisters and two of them read it occasionally and the youngest one is completed disinterested. I don’t take offense. My mother occasionally looks at it to check that I’m still alive and my father doesn’t quite understand the concept of the blog and therefore chooses to ignore its existence.

Your wardrobe is going up in flames, you can only save one thing, what would you save?
I can’t choose favourites. I’ll just have to let the whole damn thing go up in flames.

Who takes the pictures of you posing?
My boyfriend, Style Salvage Steve!

What are your favourite travel destination?  Any dream trip you would like to take?
I’ve listed my favourite cities so any of those really.  I want to do a Stephen Fry-style driving trip around the USA, going to every single state.   I also want to do a proper Northern Lights in Norway trip soon…probably sometime next year.

Do you want to have children someday?
Not particularly… That’s a 25 year old me answer.  I would say I’m not adverse to the idea.  I’m not quite ready yet.

Did you go to Chinese school?
Yes, years of slogging away on a Saturday morning until the age of 16 when I couldn’t take it anymore.

What did you want to be when you were young?
It changed everyday; illustrator, ballerina, astronaut, sound engineer, costume designer, lawyer.

Do you eat chicken’s feet?
Yup…especially the cold ones for dim sum.  Yum…

How did you discover The Fashion Spot?
Whilst Googling for Parisian vintage shops.  I believe my first post was in the Paris shopping thread.

Do you know any other languages or have a desire to learn others?
I speak Cantonese fluently and a fair amount of Mandarin.  I can speak very poor French (when forced) and does reading Latin count?  I really do need to learn French fluently and I will get that on my agenda.

How could someone live with another someone that has no taste in clothing at all?
Is that a not-so-secret dig at me and my wardrobe?  You’ll have to direct that question to my boyfriend Steve in that case.  I’m the wrong person to ask.

When people make fun or laugh at the way you dress, you just ignore it?  You are quite a strong girl with thick skin.
Like I said, the iPod headphones help a lot and in all honesty, I couldn’t give a fuck…

But if you are so good, why didn’t you apply for Central Saint Martins?  UCL – they are good at science and maths…
When did I say I was ‘so good’?  ‘So good’ at what exactly?
I studied history at UCL because I really wanted to study history at UCL.  I was actually very specific with my first choice.  Studying fashion never even crossed my mind because I didn’t want to limit myself.  I never wanted to be a designer and at the time of A-Levels, I didn’t set out a career path for myself.  Call it youthful ambivalence.  All I knew was that I wanted to live in UCL halls with my best friend studying history.  Sorry, that’s as far as it went for me.  Apologies if my life wasn’t mapped out with a career goal.
Oh, and UCL is famous for subjects other than maths and science.  Please refer to the Times’ Good University Guide if in doubt.

How do your organise your wardrobe with so many clothes?
I now have the Stolmen system from Ikea installed in my room which I love to bits.  I try to do a clear out once a year and even held a yard sale in my building in 2010 to get rid of stuff.

Have you ever considered selling of your vintage clothing on eBay?
A few times but I don’t have the time to sit down and do it…

Would you ever consider working in Hong Kong in the fashion industry?
I doubt anyone would hire me?  I don’t think I’d fit into the fashion industry there either… all in all, no…

Why is it that you like Bilbao?
I also named other less obvious places like Antwerp… I loved the architecture, the food, the atmosphere… hard to explain as with other cities…good vibes, good vibes!

What do you want for Christmas?
For the world to feel right again.

Does it take you long to put outfits together?  If you change 4 or 5 times in a day does this leave time to leave the house?
Not too long…10 minutes max really. The good thing about living where I do now means I can come home easily and change and then go out again.  I am mildly ridiculous when it comes to outfit changes.

What is it you like about Style Salvage Steve’s style? (apart from the fact that you can steal his clothes!)
His style is very subtle, selective and pared down in a way that I’m not!

What is the one photo that always manages to inspire the way you dress?
I don’t have just the one photo.

If you could only steal one thing from another person’s wardrobe, what would it be and whose wardrobe would you get it from?
I can’t name the item but anything from Daphne Guinness’ wardrobe would be great, ta very much…

Do you think starting a fashion/style blog is a good way to introduce or wean yourself into the fashion industry? And do you have any tips or advice on style/fashion blogging?
I hate this question because it’s really difficult for me to advise people to use blogging to get into the fashion industry.  However if you mean blogging just to get a ‘feel’ for the industry then it would really depend. The truth is that not every blog will get recognised by the industry and really at the end of the day people should blog for the love of it and not have any motives behind it.  Yes, I do work in the ‘industry’ as it were now but I still blog because I get something so much more out of what I do on Style Bubble.  I only ever have one bit of advice and that is to be as genuine as possible and inject as much as of your personality in it… people will recognise that and most probably love you for it.

Can you post some illustrations?
Errr….unless people want to see stick men drawings then no, I don’t think so.

Do you consider yourself an artistic thinker?
I’d say that I’m creative in odd ways, unfortunately not particularly skilled in executing my ideas.

Before blogging, what was your obsessive hobby?
Posting on The Fashion Spot…ho ho ho…

Have you ever gone camping?  What did you wear?
Yes I have.  ONCE in Dorset and it was a school trip.  I wore a fetching yellow kagoul and red wellies…

I know you haven’t really jumped on the ‘celebrities as style icons’ bandwagon, but are there any celebrities or well-known/public figures with style you greatly admire?
Daphne Guinness fo’ sho’ for her style bravada…and maybe bits of Emilia Fox’s stuff just because I think she’s lovely.  I’m not that into celebrities to be honest and don’t keep up to date with the ones that are supposedly stylish…

Do you dwell on anything or anyone sentimentally?
Of course!

Do you think you have a sensual charm?
I have the sensual charm of a wooden stick…

Are you spiritual in any way?
I like spirits I do…

Do you ever wear denim jeans?
I do have several pairs but rarely ever wear them… they’re tiresome to buy and a bit of a bore to wear for me. At the moment I am liking my ripped ones over tights though.

Regarding the Teenage Takeover on Dazed Digital – how in the world do they (the teenagers) get their stuff published do you have to have some sort of connection with the insiders of the magazine?
All the teens who got published were chosen by the Dazed editorial team – none of them had connections with the magazine as such.  Apart from perhaps Eleanor Hardwick who was already profiled on Dazed Digital by yours truly but that’s not really a connection.  They were chosen because their story ideas/submissions genuinely impressed the editorial team.

How did you make your blog ‘global’?
I think the question is referring to the blog being read by readers all over the world.  I still don’t really know how or why this has come to be.  The majority of Style Bubble readers are concentrated in the States and the UK and then the rest comes from all over the place… I guess this question is really about ‘How did you make you blog famous?’ in which case it makes it even more difficult to answer seeing as I don’t know how a blog would be qualified as being famous.  I guess… being linked on other blogs, websites, press mentions etc helps.  The most important thing is to blog regularly and to stay true to what you’re blogging about.

How tall are you?
I hover between 5″7 and 5″8.

Could you recommend a good tailor in London ..I’m desperate to get a coat made?
I can’t unfortunately.  I don’t use tailors here as they’re so expensive unlike in Hong Kong where it’s much cheaper.  There are a number of designers who do made-to-measure services but a fully custom-made design is extremely pricy!  For alterations, I use 5* Dry Cleaning in Angel.

What happened to the buddug crow headband? Do you still wear it out?
It’s still out and about but the thing is it keeps slipping off my head which is a little annoying when you’re literally out and it’s windy.  I might find a way to fasten it to a bag or wear it on my shoulder like a parrot.

What would you think about making a collection?
Thought has never even crossed my mind.  I’m NOT a designer that’s for sure…

Where can I send you my lookbook?

Where do you think is the best place to study undergraduate fashion in London?
I’m not really equipped to answer that question as I never studied fashion but of course there are the obvious choices such as London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. I would also recommend Kingston and Westminster.

Do you have alcohol intolerance like a few of my other HK friends?
HA! Needless to say, the answer is a big fat NO!

I’m thinking of joining a mapping site to launch a one stop site for London Fashion Boutiques/vintage as I struggled to think of places to buy some good vintage for an upcoming wedding…do you think there is a gap for this..?!
There are quite a few good London shopping sites but I guess a more comprehensive one wouldn’t hurt…

What’s the best brand of bubbles?
Actually, I’m not a big fan of bubble baths what with my very very sensitive skin.  I love milk powder or oils for the bath though.

How can you get so many fantastic things?
A bit of luck, a tenacity for sample sales and trekking around and sheer enjoyment of the hunt.

What characteristics of a blog would make you cry, “Ay up! This is a good’un” and bookmark it for a daily read? (I’m not sure why I made you Northern then, sorry about that…)
A good bit of text that triggers me into thinking “Hey… this person could potentially be a friend in real life!”…as creepy as that sounds…

Do you ever get recognised in the street?
Yup… but more often than not, people don’t come up and say “Hello” but instead come back onto the blog and comment saying something like “I saw you on the 43 bus!” which just goes to show how much we love hiding behind our monitors, myself included…

How many blog hits do you get per day?
35,000 visitors… sumfing like that…

What’s your favourite book?
That’s a tough one as I enjoy so many at different times… I guess the one I’ve read the most is John Galsworthy’s The Forsyte Saga…all three volumes with my favourite being the third, the one that *blub* wasn’t depicted on TV…

How do you like your tea, if you indeed drink tea?
I love all kinds of tea.  Depends on the time of day,  strong breakfast tea with a little bit of milk and two sugars in the morning, matcha green tea in the afternoon, cold oloong when out and about, hot fruit tea at night.  I am tea mad.

I was wondering if you have a store or an ebay account from which you sell or auction some of your items?
No I don’t unfortunately. I do have an eBay account but I don’t sell anything from it

I am a print student and always seem to find such interesting and unique prints on your blog. I just wondered any links/ websites you could recommend me?
There aren’t any websites as such but I just come across print designers as and when…perhaps look at university sites which have fashion print courses and look at their roster of graduates?  **UPDATE** I highly recommend Patternity for print inspiration.  I also love looking at Its Nice That for general creativity unearthing.

Where do you get your money? Do people pay to advertise on your blog? Also how can I get people/stores to send me free stuff?
I think these questions say more about the person asking them than they do about me… that said, I’ll be honest.  I have two ad slots which sit to the right of the blog from which there is some income but not enough to sustain a living and NO it doesn’t really affect the blog.  I used to work full time but now I’m concentrating on side projects connected to the blog (not necessarily something you will see on the blog…)  As for the the how question, I won’t even go there…

Would you consider someone shadowing you for a week.. ? i.e. – work experience.. see the ins and outs of Dazed & Confused, editing and getting to know the routine of a very inspirational woman!
I don’t work at Dazed & Confused anymore so any internship requests would need to be directed to them.  As for shadowing me, I’m still on the fence about taking on interns/assistants.  I don’t really see the point of one and I’m not sure how much they would get out of the experience.

Where do I go to get the February issue of Dazed & Confused?
You should subscribe to Exact Editions and see archive issues there.

How do you sustain your readers’ loyalty?
Just keep on going!  I can’t worry about what readers’ wants/needs all the time and I can only write what I feel passionate about – if the blog’s popularity dips, so be it but I’m not blogging for the benefit of other people but primarily to sustain my own interest in fashion.  If it turns out that full time fashion blogging isn’t for me, I’m quite happy to go back to a daytime job and carry on blogging on the side.

What is the best way to find your own personal style? All my friends seemed to have found their own fashion groove and I just wear what I like the look of and I’ve never really settled on a particular look.
That’s a really tough question.  I guess there is no need to really settle on a particular look.  Especially when you’re young, there’s no need to box yourself in when you could be going through all kinds of phases in tastes anyway (film, music etc…).

Do you know of any interesting knitwear designers?
I maintain that Sandra Backlund is still doing very innovative and challenging knitwear but as for new ones – I’d keep an eye out for Hannah Taylor who is studying at RCA.  Laura Theiss is also an emerging knitwear designer who was at ON/OFF last season.

How do you start your own fashion blog?  How do you get people to view it?
Well if you read the above FAQ, you’ll find out the ‘How’ bit.  There was no strategy or plan.  I just got a blog on Typepad and that was that.  I didn’t do any active promotion other than asking a few of my favourite blogs to see if they would link to me but that was it.  There are supposedly many things you can do to promote your blog but I can’t attest to their effectiveness.  I would encourage any new bloggers to join communities such as IFB to learn more about the semantics of blogging.

I make clothes often, and wear them a lot. I am 14 (maybe this is too early to think about it), but I want my clothes to get noticed and successful. Any advice?
Look at sites like Peeps.org – I believe the designer Amelia was not much older than you when she became quite successful.  She really connected with a lot of fashion bloggers with her affordable yet unique designs.  She also sold purely through her own website so I guess the first step would be testing out the waters with sites like Etsy and then perhaps try to build your own site to sell your designs.   

Could you do a list of your favourite period dramas, BBC or not?
Oh god SO many… but some are hard to find unless you’re willing to pay a heft for Region 2 DVDs…
So in no particular order, Pride and Prejudice (1995), The Forsyte Saga (1967), The House of Eliott (1991-94), Aristocrats (1999), Charles II: The Power and the Passion (2003)… that’s just off the top of my head…

Where do you get you inspiration and ideas for the thing you post?
From all over the place really – magazines, exhibitions I see, shops in London, travelling, meeting designers, from the things I buy.

I recently started a designer medical scrub company, the scrubs are sooo much cuter and better quality than what’s available today. I wear the scrubs everywhere, especially the pants and no one has ever thought they were pajamas or scrubs. My question is do you think they could ever cross over into the mainstream and become a new fashion statement?
I looked at the website and I think for me, they perhaps are a little too occupation-ridden to wear.  The thing is there are also comfier as well as more interesting alternatives to scrubs – actual pyjama-inspired trousers, knitted tracksuit bottoms etc… I think perhaps it is a bit of a niche product but there are also plenty of medical professionals who I’m sure would love them!   

I just saw your GAP ad in Lucky magazine, and I’ve got to have those awesome boots you’re wearing. Can you tell me who makes them?
They’re by Elizabeth and James.

I only wanted to ask how do you do your hairstyle and those buns?
I just take up all my hair into a high ponytail (I do that by tipping my head forward so that I get ALL of my hair – I have a LOT of hair).  I secure it with a hairband.  Then I twist the ponytail until it twists back on itself and wrap it around the base into a bun and secure with grips and maybe another hairband if the hair is slippery.

Are you a Beatles fan?
Not a hardcore one but I did grow up listening to all of their records because my dad IS a hardcore Beatles fan.

Where’s this coat from – I found it on your Facebook page?
It’s a vintage Balenciaga coat from the 60s – I got it on eBay for next to nothing because someone misspelt Balenciaga!

What was it like starting off as a beginning fashion blogger and when did you get your first follower?
I suppose I was a little lucky in that I was posting regularly on the forum The Fashion Spot and so when I started a blog, I had some readers who found me through the forum.  I don’t specifically remember my first follower.  I believe one of the first commenters was Tommye of Fashionologie though whose blog I adore.  It was really an obsession that took hold of me and I remember rushing back home from work to update and I spent hours at night researching things to write about.

I’ve been wanting to create my own fashion blog for a while now, but I have no idea what to name it.
The name can be tricky.  Anything with ‘Fashion’ or ‘Style’ in it can sound repetitive, not that I’m one to talk, seeing as I do have ‘Style’ in my name (although I did link it up with my childhood nickname).  Think of something that is personal to you.  I don’t think the name matters that much when ultimately it’s the content that is more important.  For example, names like Fashion Toast don’t really MEAN anything but it’s Rumi the author that matters.

Do you believe that bloggers like yourself and The Sartorialist, can influence designers in their work?
I’m not sure. Of course I’ve seen images from blogs on designer’s mood boards but it’s hard to say how much influence that actually translates to.

I saw your camera chain in recent posts. Is that something you took off another bag or created yourself?
The strap is made by Sarah Frances Kuhn in collaboration with Dana Lorenz of Fallon jewellery.

Why is fashion so important to you?
It’s the only subject I could bang on and on and on about.

What do you make of the spring/summer contrasting colours that vogue predicts?
I’m a fan of colour-blocking any season, not just for this spring/summer.

What is your favourite up and coming trend and how will you wear it?
I don’t play favourites with trends.  Anything goes.

Can you recommend any ways to keep warm but still look fashionable? Are there any particular tights/ under layers/ fibers etc. that are essential to withstanding UK weather?
Uniqlo Heat Tech – it’s all about HEAT TECH and John Lewis school cotton tights.  I also like Crumpet Cashmere pieces.  They’re all essentials for me to battle through the cold.

Would you say that you’re a feminist? Why or why not? To play off of Tina Turner’s famous lyric, what’s feminism got to do with it?
I’m actually stumped by the question.  I’m not a feminist in the academic definition of the word.  Let’s just say I’m liberal but I don’t want to over labour the point of feminism.   I think we need a new word for feminism just because it has become addled with so much baggage and mixed messaging.  I believe in the cause but not the semantics.

What is a good site to use to make a blog, if I don’t want to spend money? I know Typepad and WordPress charge a bit, is there anything else I can use?
Blogger is a good freebie site and the one that most people use.  Tumblr is also an option.

Do you get paid to blog?
In short… no.  I guest blog for other sites but for my own site, it’s not paid for directly.  I do have ad spaces that I sell but that doesn’t correlate with the posts directly.

Please get a Tumblr!
I now have one! It’s HERE.

Who would you say the average reader of your blog is? Female, Male, age range etc.
I have no information other than geographical location.  I would say it’s 70% female, 30% male with an age range of 20-35 but that’s a guess…

Did you design the layout of this blog yourself or did you have help? If so how many people help manage it?
The current design was created by my sister Louisa Lau and her boyfriend Joseph Piper.

Where does the inspiration for your blog come from?
Do you mean how I started it?  I was actually completely uninspired when I first started – so eager to get away from the boredom of my job at the time that blogging seemed like a great hobby to dive into.  As for the daily grind of the blog, of course the changes in fashion inspire it – the way it shifts, the ways fashion turns up in unexpected places, the link-ups between fashion and music, art and other fields, the things that people are trying to do to change the ‘system’ as it were, independent spirits, original voices…. or at least as independent and original as you can be in a world of commerce….

Where you got your inspiration for the creative side of your blog (font, colour, design).
I had a luridly pink and sea foam green layout before with a manipulated photo of an 18th century mantua dress and a terrible font.  Still, I liked it at the time of 2006.  But then I wanted something a bit cleaner but still me so I chose a rather strange font and tweaked it a bit.  I used a photographic floral and changed it up a bit to create the background and I kept the Chanel quote.  I didn’t really have any ‘inspiration’ as such.  I did like the feeling of the Aurore de la Morinerie illustration of me – the quick brushstrokes and I guess I wanted something a bit more natural.  Still, I’m in NO WAY a graphic designer nor is the design 100% right for a blog but I like it because it represents who I was in 2008…. I’m due for another change actually….!

**EDIT** I now have a new redesign which was launched in August 2011.  It was designed by my sister Louisa Lau and her boyfriend Joseph Piper.  We were inspired by trying to find a pattern that would reflect the personality of the blog and we wanted a texture on the site.  I’m not really into white backgrounds and minimal design which is why we have the marbling and we played with assymetry as well with the wonky column and the little rollover marks on the text.

What do you think that almost a perfect magazine needs to have?
Do you mean a fashion magazine?  I mean a magazine in general for me, the content has to be engaging whatever the topic.  I primarily look at the writing.  Actually even in fashion magazine, I primarily look at the writing.  Then imagery.  Then layout.  Then format.  I don’t have a perfect formula because I like an array of magazines and depending on the content scope and what you’re trying to achieve with a magazine, I think there are very different solutions.  But in general, intelligent and engaging writing is key as well as a good choice of subjects – I like very very in-depth interviews for instance… the type that Self Service or Bon do are really good.

Did the thought ‘fashion & all that stuff are a bit shallow, there are more important things in life’ ever cross your mind?
On a daily basis!  There ARE plenty of things about fashion that are incredibly shallow.  I only need to read the comments section of the Guardian where people constantly deride fashion to see how it is perceived and of course in the wider context, we are basically talking about frocks and not much else.  I don’t like to imbue a lofty sense of importance to fashion like I used to when I was a mardy teenager but rather, I’ll take it for what it is in its many guises and forms.  It is commerce.  It is a business.  It can reflect socio-economic and political circumstances.  It is a vehicle that references the past.  It can be art (although people are all too ready to apply that world too liberally….).  Fashion at its core is a luxury not a necessity.  We perceive it as ‘important’ because I like millions of other fashion-obsessives developed an indignant territorial claim over it.  “Seeing an Alexander McQueen show on The Clothes Show changed my life”, “Reading The Face was mind-blowing” – these are familiar superlatives that affirmed our devotion to something that made us feel more like individuals in our bedrooms.

As a previous commenter pointed out though, we are in an age of creative narcissism where the affirmation of ourselves as individuals’ has never felt more important through what we do, what we listen to, what we eat, where we live etc.  In that way, I think that is where fashion becomes powerful, as a tool of self-expression, as a way of staking your claim to your self.  Yes, it is incredibly pretentious to throw arounds phrases such as “I experiment with my style” or “I curate my wardrobe”.  I don’t deny that all of that is a sort of phoney ruse that is basically linked up with the fashion product chain and yet I don’t eschew it myself, because I still believe joy and some form of creativity can be found at the end of all of that consumerism.  People will look at my wardrobe and make certain assumptions about my depth of character.  That is their prerogative.  As long as I know myself that every thing has some tiny bit of meaning or significance… a vintage Moschino shirt is there because the naked ladies remind me of Jessica Rabbit or that a Balenciaga skirt won on eBay was hard-fought because the woman refused to pay for postage to the UK… minuscule tidbits that won’t mean anything to anyone else except for me.  How marvellous.

I want to be grateful though for being able to do something that is inherently selfish.  ‘Curating’, ‘Experimenting’, ‘Concocting’ looks and writing about it is supremely indulgent.  Observing the changes and developments that are in effect niche and not really impacting on the wider world.  Getting invited to events with all costs covered and quaffing champagne whilst feeling ridiculous that I’m doing so.  The whole circuit of shows from invites to dressing for shows to scurrying to my seat to fighting for backstage interviews to writing till 3am in the morning.  All of that is a privilege.

There ARE more important things.  How important they are to me, you’ll never see on this blog.  How much food matters to me and where it all comes from.  How I’m suspicious about the economic rise of China.  How I can’t read about extremist politics in the USA without wanting to chuck the paper across the room.  How I hate the closing of grammar schools.  How I believe in the benefits of learning a musical instrument.  Sure they’re more important.  But could I write about them here?  Would I do a good job of it?  Nope, so I’ll stick to the ‘shallow’ stuff and carry on being earnestly grateful and forty years from now when it’s likely I won’t be working in fashion, I’ll look back and go “Wow… I was so fucking lucky I got to do all of that…”

What you plan to do with the rest of your life? Do you think you’ll be a freelance-r forever? Would you ever consider writing a book or starting your own magazine?
Wow that’s quite a chunky question!  To be honest, I haven’t a clue.  In the near future I may want to get involved in the branding/advertising side of fashion rather than writing about it.  I don’t necessarily think I will work in fashion FOREVER.  I have many sprawling interests and I’d like to try and explore them if possible.  My main interest in showing content online and in digital spaces but that’s not to say I never will do a book.   As for a magazine, I don’t think it’s really my personal calling.

Could you share your tips for shopping and eating in Paris?
I’m not the best person to ask that. I only have a few ports of calls.  I love Robert et Louise in Le Marais for really good meat.  I like going to Porte de Vanves for flea market shopping.  I like some of the vintage stores in the 9th.  That’s about it.  Sorry, it’s not very comprehensive.  I go to Paris a lot but end up eating dinner with friends at home…

How do you style your fringe? Do you cut it yourself?
Nah, I get my hair cut at The Lounge in Soho, London or if I’m in New York, Pas de Deux, in Tribeca.  Sometimes my boyfriend cuts my fringe for me but only when I’m really lazy.

What ringtone do you use?

Do you like the way Lady Gaga dresses in her videos?
Hmmm……. bits and pieces here and there… I’m not the biggest Gaga fan but can appreciate why so many people love her….

Why is it so rare that big fashion events (actually accessible to people my age) come to Sydney? You always see Paris, London, New York and Milan, but never Sydney.
I’d say that’s untrue as there is Australia Fashion Week in April/May every year, now sponsored by Mercedes Benz.  Perhaps it feels like quite a closed-off event but fashion bloggers in Aussie are generally getting access to the shows there.

I was wondering if you knew of any good websites that sell vintage or non-vintage large bags?
I just rifle through Etsy and eBay as the selection is vast and you can be quite specific about your search terms.  For good sturdy big bags, I like Ally Cappelino.  They’re not super cheap but with bags that hold lots of stuff, you get what you pay for and I’ve gone through a ton of cheap bags/rucksacks to learn that it’s just better to pay around £100 for a school bag.

How do you go about finding unique clothing? I’m a 15 year old stuck in a mediocre high-street world; it’s hard to express myself when everyone my age belongs to the mainstream high-street shops.
I know I bang on about eBay and Etsy all the time, but honestly, they are such treasure troves that are accessible to all.  Unfortunately, you can be limited if you only have access to physical high street stores with no interesting boutiques/charity shops/vintage shops around you.  Incidentally, have you looked around for interesting charity or vintage shops?  They’re often good starting points.  Or if you’re visiting somewher on holiday, perhaps try to find the local flea markets?  Failing all of that, the aforementioned online sites are your best bet.  I also love Pixie Market for a host of indie designers that can be affordable sometimes.

What is the ultimate shoe for a hectic holiday and an extremely limited luggage?  Can you recommend me on a loafer/ slippers/ moccasins that is truly comfy?
I have a pair of Bass Weejun loafers that are really really comfortable and manage to go with everything.  I also like Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara pumps as they’re a neat shoe that also go with everything and you can walk for miles in them.  I find ballet pumps actually hurt my feet more when I’m walking tons in them.  I’m personally biased towards sneakers/trainers as I like the way they clash with what I’m wearing sometimes.

What were you like at 14?
Extremely geeky.  I still am I suppose but I went to a very academic school which was also very liberal/left wing so my friends and I were obsessed with ideas of being ‘alternative’ without really knowing what that actually meant.  Nirvana and Hole was on a A LOT.  Brit pop was raging.  We hung out in Camden tons and did quite a lot of underage drinking.  Standard teenage stuff really, except we were also really competitive in our studies.

What do you think the positive and negative aspects of blogging are?
The positives are meeting a whole host of creative people and getting to travel a lot.  As a full time blogger, I have a lot of freedom in what I do and what I write about.  The negatives are actually the same as the postives – travelling a lot takes its toll on your personal life and being freelance also means you end up procrastinating a lot, and losing focus on what you’re doing.

Which blogs do you think have changed the face of the fashion world?
The Sartorialist for sure is a game changer in terms of street style photography as is Jak and Jil.  Fashion Toast set the ball rolling for pure personal style bloggers and has definitely left its mark on certain design/style aesthetics proliferated by brands and designers.  Diane Pernet’s A Shaded View of Fashion undoubtedly started the cause for looking at fashion from an obtuse angle.  The Business of Fashion also showed us how a blog can be taken extremely seriously by  the industry.

What do you think it is that blogs can do that magazines can’t?
The best kind of blogs for me are ones with truly personal voices or point of views.  If they become more like publications, then they become websites.  I think the true separation is that personal voice and a distinct identity.  There is a bit of cult of personality/aesthetic involved.

Are your parents and siblings living in HK?
No, my whole family lives in London.

Do you have any tips on how you began blogging, or just on starting out in fashion writing? 
I’ve already answered this question above but in terms of fashion writing, starting a blog is a great way for practising.  I’m not the strongest of writers but the blog is my practise ground.  Also volunteering to contribute to various fashion websites is a good way of getting your writing out there.

How do you pair gladiators with anything?
I’m not a fan of the gladiator sandal actually or shoes with LOTS and lots of straps/buckles.  If it’s the summer, then I guess they just go simply with everything no?

I have a lot of clothes that I really love but I just don’t have confidence to wear it, I still go out shopping and keep it all in my closet. What should I do ?
Why don’t you have the confidence to wear them?  What makes you go out and buy the things if you don’t feel like you can wear them?  What is it that’s holding you back from wearing them?  Sorry for all the questions right back at you but it seems like a bit of a complicated issue to be having.

In general, how much does an out fit that you’d wear cost?  Do you like Delia’s?  How did you come up with the name: Style Bubble? I really like how you put yourself out there, and you seem like you aren’t afraid of what people think of you.
It’s hard to calculate an average.  It can be anything from £10 to £1,000 I reckon.  On average I’d say an outfit in retail value costs around £250-£300.  But then again I’m also lucky to get discounts and I only ever seem to shop in sales, discount stores or eBay.  Really then it’s difficult to say depending on whether you’re after true retail value or wholesale value.  I’m not sure what Delia’s is.  Clarify and I’ll get back to you.  Style Bubble was a name that stemmed from my childhood nickname Susie Bubble.

Do you do the showroom rounds in Paris?  Have you been to Lanvin’s? I heard that Alber’s showroom is amazing and I would love to get a peek inside!
You have to be a member of press or a buyer for a store to make an appointment to see the showroom and you need to get in touch with either the relevant sales/press contact to do so. I have been to Lanvin’s – it’s nothing out of the ordinary for Paris showrooms I think…

You say you get some inspiration from magazines… What is your favourite fashion magazine?
And which is better in your view- Vogue or Elle?

My personal favourites are Dazed & Confused, i-D, Pop, Gentlewoman, Another, Its Nice That, 10, Love.  For fun styling I have a secret love of Teen Vogue and Vogue Girl Korea.  As for Vogue vs. Elle, I love the imagery of Vogue Italia and British Vogue for their Tim Walker shoots.  Vogue China is briliant for imagery too and for keeping abreast with what’s going on in China (I read Chinese).  For actual reading and general fashion scope I do love British Elle and its accompanying Elle Collections.  Can’t speak for other international Elles though as I don’t buy them.

What would be four different trends/forecasts associated with Fashion, economic, lifestyle, social, art, film or music that are affecting most consumers today?
That’s a terribly loaded question to answer in short.  I’m not a trend forecaster but I’d say in general, consumers are searching for truth today.  We’ve been blinded by surface, false hopes and masks in economics, politics and media.  This feeds into those other forums that you mentioned too.  I’m always questioning whether truth in fashion is something that is conceivable when so much of the industry is about gloss, fluff and hype.

Since I entered high school, I have been interested in fashion and I recently searching for new fashion but sometimes I don’t know why some fashions are being in the limelight for designers or experts.  (For Example, Luke Brooks’ MA collection…..I’ve seen that in your blog.)  Is it normal for you and other fashion people to dislike some fashions?
(P.S. Is mint color fashion trend in this spring and summer?)
I think it’s important to make the distinction between looking at collections from an artistic point of view or a wearing/commercial point of view.  In some cases, you need to balance those two approaches but for a collection like Luke Brooks’ where the context is that he is a new fashion graduate, I definitely look at it with a more conceptual critical eye.  It is absolutely normal for people within the industry to differ in opinion.  Fashion is of course entirely subjective.

P.S. Mint is great at any time of the year!  You don’t need to be dictated by trends in order for you to like it.

You’ve twice recently posted clothing from very strangely referential brand names – General Idea was an important trio of Canadian conceptual artists, and Dasein, the sock brand you posted a few days ago, is German for “being-there”, a term originated by Martin Heidegger…
I can’t really figure out if either of these brands are consciously referencing their kind of weird niche names!! Do you have any insight on this?
I can’t quite confirm whether they drew their names from the things you referenced but it’s likely that is the case.  It would be rather strange if they came completely out of the blue.  I’m pretty sure it’s a conscious thing.

Can you give me some suggestions on the whole outfits for hiking? 
I’m not the best person to ask about hiking outfits (never hiked in my life) but layers are important right?  Leggings, comfortable tees, sweatshirts or jumpers and of course the right footwear.  Sorry this one escapes me!

Where about in London do you live – which area? Do you live with your boyfriend ? In which London area you grew up ?
I live near Holloway Road with my boyfriend but I’m currently on the lookout to move out to Clapton.  I grew up all over the place in London – Camden Town, Willesden and then finally in Finchley where my parents currently live.

Hey, is there any chance you could recommend a men’s fashion blog similar to your own?  Right now the only one I’m following is Style Salvage
Good choice!  That’s my boyfriend’s menswear blog!  I’d also recommend Hapsical, Dapper Kid and Dandy Project.

Going to London this summer for the Olympics. My hubs is working. Looking for fun interesting shopping. Suggestions?
I have a Google Map listing out shops in London!

I am on the process of starting my first ever fashion blog and I just wanted to ask what challenges did you have to face when you first created your blog?
Not many really because I never started with the goal of building readership.  I think bloggers now face some sort of weird pressure to get lots of readers immediately but for me at the beginning it was just about enjoying the process of blogging, putting out content that I was proud of and finding stories.  It was so liberating and rewarding just publishing a post.  I suppose my challenge at the time was finding content.  I was very wary of not writing about things that everyone else was writing about so that for me was my challenge.

Baby labels/ maternity labels? I searched and searched through the blog and couldn’t find any!
I’m not the best person to ask but I have been buying relatives gifts from Petit Bateau and Bon Point for their little ones.

Your faqs have really helped but was just wondering you said you initially got into fashion to rebel- what is it about fashion that you found so rebellious?  Do you still use it as a way to rebel now?  Do you think blogs are influential nowdays and do you think that some can hold more merit than some magazines because they can be so personal (wheres a lot of mags have to be more unbiased and formal?)  Do you think it’s wrong to follow fashion blogs religiously- can it take away from personal instinct on fashion; or do you think blogs actually inspire individuals to really express themselves through style??
A lot of questions there!  I went to a very academic girl’s school where fashion wasn’t necessarily something that people thought very highly of.  I loved the creativity of it and personal style became my own little obsession.  I may not have been the brightest girl at class but at least I could dress in a creative way.  I don’t feel the need to “rebel” anymore because I’m more comfortable within my own skin.  What I wear is a personal expression and it’s not about antagonising people.  Blogs are influential in their own way but it’s difficult to attribute them with more merit than fashion magazines.  They are both completely different media and should be judged on their own merit.  I think it’s wrong to follow ANYTHING religiously.  Everything should be read with a pinch of salt.  It’s better to be inspired by different aspects, take what you want from blogs rather than following someone in a sheep like manner.  I would hate it if people were following what I said religiously!

I saw a map with vintage shops in London – can’t find this map!
Here it is – I have a Google Map listing out shops in London!

I am a fashion student and we are learning about different blog writting styles. I have chosen your fabulous blog to imitate in a class exercise (where we have to write like our favourite blogger)and I was wondering if you HAVE ANY TIPS? How do you describe your tone and style and how may i achieve that same style/tone?;)
What a task!  I suppose my writing style is quite informal, very light in tone and quite jokey.  I do use a lot of British slang which I know is a pet peeve of some people but I can’t really help it.  I’m quite sarcastic sometimes but when I’m trying to be informative, it’s important that I get all the details right so I end up being quite wordy.  I do need to be a bit more succinct sometimes.  Hope that helps!

How do you protect the rights for all the pictures and information on your blog?  And do you have any advice for those who want to start a blog?
It’s difficult to have complete protection over your images but you can watermark your images so that they’re credited.  I don’t mind my images being reused for something else though.  I would say starting out, it’s best to have a goal with what you want to do with your blog – what do you want to say, what is your angle and are you adding anything new to the blogosphere?

Why did you begin blogging?
I started because I was at a full-time job that wasn’t fashion related and wanted to indulge in fashion as a side hobby, something that was just for me and my personal down time.  I never really wanted to work in fashion weirdly enough.

Do you have schooling or training relative to your blog?
Not really other than a history BA degree which taught me the importance of research and depth.

Do you have an agent? PR? Assistant? all of the above and then some?
I have a literary agent and no PR or assistant.

What is your favorite blog?
It’s not a fashion blog but I really love Spitalfields Life.

Please describe your personal style – aside from changing 4-5 times per day.
Eclectic and experimental.  I’m not really one style genre or the other.  I like a lot of layers.  

Do you dress to be noticed? If so, by whom?
I think we all subconsciously want to impress someone but I suppose for me, I’m not someone that goes out a lot to parties etc so I’m normally walking around in quiet areas.  In the end I’m dressing for myself but obviously being in social circumstances, I’m dressing for everyone.

Do you have a particular spot where you work? Where is this?
I work from home.

In addition to your two ads, do you endorse any particular cites or brands on your website? Is the viewer able to easily differentiate between “product placement ads) and your own curated items.
No I don’t have any other endorsements.  If a post is paid for or related to a commercial project then I normally say at the bottom of each post.  I’ve only really done a handful of these type of posts though.  99% of what I write are free of commercial ties and entirely down to personal choice and taste.

Your blog has led to other creative business opportunities, can you mention some of these that we might not all be familiar with?
A lot of consultancy work behind the scenes with brands, guest modelling for brands like Gap and Dr. Martens.  Guest editing a newspaper for Selfridges.  It’s quite varied!

What would you say your primary sources are for fashion and cultural information? Other Blogs? Websites? Magazines? Other?
A combination of all the above and then life itself – going to see films, exhibitions, festivals and getting the most out of living in London.  Travel has also been a big source of inspiration for me too!

Do you think that blogs have more caché than tangible magazines?
Not necessarily.  I hate comparing the two.  I get something completely different out of magazines than I do with blogs.  I love both but the two are like apples and pears.

Do you think that these new sources and pov’s have changed the fashion field?
I think there’s perhaps more emphasis on personal perspectives that has affected the way magazines and mainstream media present their content.

Do you think a subcultural style has developed since the advent of the blogosphere? (roughly the last 5-10 years)
Not really… if anything we’re going through a stagnation of sub-culture.  There’s been no real style zeitgeist in the last five-ten years despite there being MORE clothes and fashion than ever before.  I think that’s interesting in itself though.

Has a new form of self-expression and identify exploration emerged? (the general definition of subculture being a rebellion against the parent culture)
Through the internet, there is a magnified focus on our personas – what we’re eating, what we’re wearing, what we’re doing – we can broadcast that out from so many channels now.  I’m sure there will be a rebellion against that but I’m not sure how that will manifest itself.

I am a fashion student and we are learning about different blog writting styles. I have chosen your fabulous blog to immitate in a class exercise (where we have to write like our favourite blogger)and I was wondering if you have any tips? How do you describe your tone and style and how may i achieve that same style/tone?
What an assignment!  Well what can I say…I write quite freely, in a fairly informal tone.  I use lots of exclamation marks and lots of ellipsis (a bad habit).  I throw in a lot of British slang.  Sometimes my sentences go on and on and on.  I also use strange analogues and metaphorical language.

How do you protect the rights for all the pictures and information on your blog? and do you have any advice for those who want to start a blog?
Erm.  You can’t?  Well ok, you can watermark your pictures but in the end, you can’t prevent people from taking them and using the information of the blog.  Beauty/beast of the internet I’m afraid.

I was wondering if it would be possible to do a weeks work experience for you? Next year for school I have to do a week/two weeks work experience and would really like to intern for someone involved in the industry I would love to work in – fashion!
I’m currently not taking on any interns or work experience people because of my travel schedule.  It’s difficult to have someone with me when I’m never in the country!

I am getting married next September and I must have the Kostas Murkudis colorful bridesmaid dresses for my wedding. I cannot figure out where or how to purchase them 🙁
Have you tried the store Andreas Murkudis – he’s the brother of Kostas and his boutique in Berlin stocks his dresses.

Did you go to uni? And if so, what did you study?  How did you break into the fashion scene?
I went to UCL and studied BA history.  I started my blog alongside a digital advertising job and then after two years was asked to joing Dazed & Confused as editor of DazedDigital.com – that’s how I first started working “in” the industry.

What exactly was your role in digital advertising, if you don’t mind me asking? I also work in the field in PPC and find it very stifling.    
I was an account manager for clients buying online display.  It wasn’t exactly riveting.

How did you find the time to work on the blog in addition to your full-time job? I am trying to start up my own blog because I love sharing my passion for fashion and food through writing and photography, but it is so hard to find the time
I got up really early before work, blogged during lunch hours and worked on the blog when I got home.  Basically I had no life but I loved it.  It felt like a really joyous hobby to escape to away from the doldrums of work.

I really want to start a fashion blog, but I’m not sure what blogging website to use, what blogging site was your blog created on? 
My blog is created and hosted on Typepad but there are other platforms to use such as Blogger and WordPress.

 Would you be able to recommend a good drycleaner in London – someone who can handle vintage and more delicate designer pieces? I lost a beloved vintage coat recently to a drycleaner…and was hoping there might be some business reliable and experienced enough for vintage/precious items! 
I use 5* in Angel.  They’ve worked miracles for me before.

What do you think you will wear to your wedding?
I’ve manically narrowed it down to three designers.  Those who know me well enough will know who they are!  ; )

I’m just curious if you had any sort of qualms/insecurities when you began blogging. I understand that writing about what you love because you love it makes your content more genuine, BUT did you ever feel pressure to write like other bloggers/dress like other bloggers in the beginning? If so, how did you gain self-confidence?
The thing is when I first started, there weren’t that many bloggers to compare yourself to in the way there is now.  I didn’t really have that pressure because it didn’t really exist.  In the beginning, it was about celebrating our different blogging styles and we’d get together and comment on each other’s blogs, encouraging each other… it’s just so different now.

I really hope you can read it and give me some advice,and can you tell me how to spread my blog widely? 
I’ve answered this question and the bottom line is, there is no hard and fast formula for “spreading” the word of a blog.  Good content will always rise to the top though.