Au Revoir Mouret!

Au Revoir Mouret!

Roland_mouret_1  As I mentioned before, I was going to go to the final Roland Mouret sample sale to gawp and bid adieu to Roland Mouret as it ceases to be designed by the man himself.  And so off to the sale I went on Thursday during my lunch break.  Now it was on the other side of town from work so when I got there, I timed it so that I had 15 minutes shopping time.  I figured everything would be WAY out of my price range and I was only there to soak upthe atmosphere.  How wrong was I!  When I got to the Roland Mouret studio, there were about 12 women there GRABBING stuff and changing right there in front of the rails to try things on.  It was like the most MANIC sample sale I’ve ever been to.  Most probably, everyone was a slave to the clock as well. 

I gingerly started lifting price tags and I saw double figures written on them, as in, under £100.  My heart soared!  I could afford this stuff!  The stock spanned from recent resort collections to early 2003 collections.  Prices getting steeper of course with the more recent collections.  There was also a lovely rack of Christian Louboutin shoes worn in the catwalk shows  priced at £150 and under (too high for me though!)  I started getting into the grabbing groove along with the other women.  I wasn’t even looking at sizing and just took arms full of stuff.  I grabbed mainly skirts, dresses and tops so I was not too bothered about trying stuff on and just kind of used my hand span to roughly measure everything (it’s about 2.5 of my handspans across the waist!).

Here’s a small selection of what I saw:

Resort1 8 39_1 3

34 29 7 13 

Then as I was totting up everything in my head, I saw *gasp* the man himself, Roland Mouret standing there looking bemused at these crazy women trying on his stuff in this frenetic fashion.  I’m not sure a lot of women noticed him there.  I so wanted to get into fashion journalism mode and pluck up the courage to ask him questions I was dying to know i.e. WHY are you leaving? He probably would have told me to get stuffed but in any case, I had about 5 minutes left on the clock.  So I gawped for about 2 nanoseconds and then proceeded to pay for my goodies.  Here was the damage…. 

Resort 05 raw silk dress in grey w/ cream sash – £45 (RRP£350)

Pre winter 05 checked dress – £45 (RRP £550)

Toucan silk skirt w/ gathered waist – £20 (RRP £150)

Imga2519 Cotton and satin headband – £10 (RRP…who knows!  Apparently, these headpieces weren’t made for sale – just for the catwalk shows….)

I’m not sure what made me buy it, but it makes me feel sort of 1920’s/40’s flapper girl/land girl esque….. I rather like that sort of thing!

The SA kindly gave me the original prices just so I could feel that extra bit better about finding such bargains.  As I was paying for the stuff, there were signs informing people that there were no Galaxy or Titanium dresses for sale (of course!) but as I went to enter my pin number at their credit card machine in the office, there were rails and rails of what were apparently the last shipment of those infamous dresses – I may have been reading too much into it but I did see Roland looking sort of wistful/slightly saddened.  Kind of did make me sad as well.  Ah well, I got my little splurge in and hopefully have contributed to my wardrobe inheritance to pass down to whoever wants my stinking rags.   


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  1. Sandy

    2006-04-03 at 12:41 AM

    what a deal. so jealous.

  2. Lol B

    2006-04-03 at 1:38 AM

    I would have rugby tackled you for that checked dress, except it probably would’ve been too small! Your making me homesick for England so stop telling me about your great bargains as I’m getting jealous!

  3. Jess

    2006-04-03 at 1:45 AM

    You actually saw him?? Wow. I can’t believe you passed on the Louboutins!

  4. sea of stitches

    2006-04-03 at 1:46 AM

    OMG Susie!!! I should’ve given you my size and paypaled you some money! AMAZING AMAZING FINDS! Lets just say I am extremely jealous! Oh and your waist is twice your neck…a bit easier than the hands thing. xo

  5. tindi-rindi

    2006-04-03 at 5:48 AM

    These are sucha grerat pieces, and on that price! 😀 Happy wearing 😉

  6. cachou

    2006-04-03 at 8:18 AM

    I’m totally in love with what you bought! especially the ribbon.

  7. susie_bubble

    2006-04-03 at 10:19 AM

    Thanks for everyone’s comments on my Roland spree! Lol B: I can’t tackle for s***, so you would have won hands down!
    Jess, I could only glance at the shoes because I had to take up handfuls of clothes – I was witnessing women at their most primal state!
    The thing I forgot to say in my post was the generous sizing too….in Roland Mouret’s world, I’m a UK size 6 (US0-2) – a rare occurence, I can assure you.
    So my waist size is twice the circumference of my neck? Hmmm….. thanks for the tip!

  8. Claire

    2006-04-03 at 2:33 PM

    SO jealous, I didn’t go as I also thought it would be too expensive, you got some great pieces!
    I expect a lot of what other people bought will turn up on ebay, sadly.

  9. Julia

    2006-04-04 at 12:55 AM

    That raw silk dress is stunning – what great buys. And you saw the man, double wow. And yes, sadly these sales are a haunt for eBay trolls – if only there was a way to keep them away…

  10. lauren-w

    2006-04-04 at 10:25 AM

    Lovely buys susie! I especially love your silk skirt very beautiful.

  11. francesca

    2006-04-04 at 5:54 PM

    I WANT YOUR STINKING RAGS! if you ever have to purge any of your wardrobe, you know where to find me 😉 what amazing pieces you got! LOVE that yellow skirt *swoon*

  12. orchide

    2006-04-05 at 1:39 AM

    wow- I am green with envy! You look great in the pieces you mamaged to scoop up though. Its Orchide from tFS btw…I saw your blog in your siggie there and added you to my favorite sites on my blog…hope you don’t mind lady!
    mine is:
    see ya on tFS:)

  13. leon

    2007-06-12 at 8:50 AM

    You’re such a pretty girl wearing pretty things 🙂 Really nice.

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