White Washed

White Washed

>> I'm not normally a sneaker/trainer news breaker like the dudes at Hypebeast or High Snobiety but I had to make a strong exception for a sneak peek at Converse's biggie collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela.  The collaboration comes as a surprise but it strikes me as a fluid transition from Margiela long making their own sneaks and trainers to pairing up with an iconic brand like Converse to put their spin on the Chuck Taylor All Star and the Jack Purcell.  True to MMM form, their take on these two trainer classics is unexpected and appropriately deceptive. 

The two styles have been entirely slicked and covered in a Margiela shade of white paint – eyelets, laces, soles and all – and the point is that the shoes naturally crack and shed their outer layer of paint to reveal the original coloured canvas beneath.  It's an intriguing choice of finish that is something that you're either going to love or hate.  The inner mum voice in me is going "But what about those flecks of white paint?"  However, the memory of wearing in and getting my canvas Chuck Taylors and leather Jack Purcells (I was something of an odd purist and only had them in white or cream for some reason when I wore them at school) scuffed up, battered and weathered, is enough to entice me.  There's something oddly romantic about the morhing and changing of these Converse Maison Martin Margiela shoes as time goes by.  

It's definitely a preferable alternative to the pre-distressed mentality that pervades denim, leather and to a certain extent shoes, as rips, fades, and shabby chic paint finishes have become part of 21st century ready-worn-in apparel culture. This way at least you take ownership of that wearing down/in/out process. MMM have kept the colours pure too, preferring to focus in on the paint shedding attribute as the shoes will be available in red, black, navy and a Margiela-exclusive vintage yellow.  There's going to be a load of hoo-ha over the launch of these shoes in New York soon so expect some detailed insight into exactly how a shoe can shed paint.



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  1. Denisa

    2013-09-02 at 3:49 PM

    Interesting. Great day.

  2. Matthew Pike

    2013-09-02 at 4:26 PM

    Brand new information! I’l be interested to how they come out. I’m with you Susie, I’m still beige all the way

  3. lady vintage

    2013-09-02 at 5:14 PM

    I agree wid you dear!

  4. Khoa

    2013-09-02 at 5:36 PM

    Wow wow, this is the kind of collaboration I will kill to lay my hands on. I have lusted over MMM sneakers for as long as I remember, but never have the guts to put down the payment. Maybe, the time has finally come. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

  5. Custom Bug

    2013-09-02 at 5:46 PM

    I will be getting these I think!

  6. WOWS

    2013-09-02 at 6:33 PM

    Wow, amazing!
    Kisses from
    Today I show you a Salmon color look, wearing New Sandals…and showing pictures from Algarve….don’t miss it!.

  7. Lauren

    2013-09-02 at 7:09 PM

    This sounds so cool, i cant wait to see what they look like as they shed their paint.

  8. Nicola

    2013-09-02 at 8:08 PM

    Love the imagery!

  9. RainPix

    2013-09-02 at 11:03 PM


  10. milex

    2013-09-03 at 1:58 AM

    that’s impressing.

  11. Charlotte

    2013-09-03 at 5:51 AM

    Impressed with this completely!
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