LOVE LFW: Craig Lawrence by the Sea

LOVE LFW: Craig Lawrence by the Sea

This week, I'm afraid that I'm going to be tagging a lot of my titles with LOVE LFW, in protest of the immovable dates shift on part of Milan and Paris fashion weeks which currently means September 2012's LFW will be entirely eclipsed by Milan.  I say "afraid" because I know the combination of CAPS lock and the word 'LOVE' can possibly make one think of tedious Twitter messages that go "OMGZZZZZZ, MEGA-LOLZZZZZZ love you xxxxxx".  Still, I'm making a less-than-subtle point with my caps lock key and I'm doing it with the limited abandon of a blog geek.    

There was of course a lot to love about LFW.  So much so that people couldn't stop harping on about it for days after.  From London onwards to Milan and Paris, there were so many murmurs and coos of "London eh – that was GOOD wasn't it?" with a tone of surprise as though it hadn't been 'good' in the past few seasons.  What I think the general consensus was that there was a lot of growing up done this season – fine-tuning, maturing, precise articulation – whatever way you want to put it, every level of designer made their own leaps and bounds.  The newbies that were there came into their own.  The not-so-new-newbies matured.  The established set excelled.  That's a lot of pompous talk for someone like me, who has always waved the flag for London Fashion Week.  I'm just the messenger though.  These sentiments were echoed by many industry folk and hopefully this will resonate in their decision of coverage/attendance come September 2012, should the current dates still stand.

I keep saying that Craig Lawrence is making leaps each season but I thought there was a pinnacle reached this time round that REALLY made an impact.  When Lawrence first talked of Martin Parr as an inspiration for S/S 12, I was thinking there'd be something vividly tacky about the collection…. a splodge of candy pink, bright lobster red and a smear of vivid deckchair blue perhaps.  There was none of that and instead, the collection took the route of delicate nostalgia-tinted hues that are can be traced back to the seaside with all the possible nacre tones that you can see bouncing off a shell.  Lawrence, is of course not alone this season in diving into the sea.  Rather than ganging up with the rest of his fashion week peers though, I see this as  a continuation from his S/S 11 mermaids-inspired collection, which is precisely why I imagine these S/S 12 pieces drifting along a very English beach – the sort where the sand and skies are grey and the wind really pounds your face – which makes this particular sea-based collection stand apart from the other more tropical deep sea dives as seen at Givenchy, Chanel, McQueen etc. 

The subtlety of the glistening shades of peach, rose-gold, pale gold and cream are best seen in Morgan O'Donovan's backstage pics as my catwalk ones make everything seem brashly gold when in reality, the shades of kyototex yarn are really quite delicate.  Even the hot-fix crystals and crystal yarns which are woven into the pieces give a slight bit of a shimmer rather than full on bling-attack.  Where the theme of the seaside becomes more literal is in the use of Alcantara, a suede-like material, which Lawrence used to cut a filigree openwork pattern recalling surfaces of starfish or sea anemones.  The headpieces are of course for show effect but in the leggings that are then layered under the kyototex yarn skirts, it becomes quite a stunning textural effect as per the norm in Lawrence's collections which are rife with innovative knitwear and textiles work.  The difference here is that you can begin to separate things out – jumpers, skirts, leggings, bras, skirts – all the components that are recognisable on their own and not just a mass of yarn. The layering possibilities become mind-boggling when you consider the sheer quality of each piece (that's sheer as in see-through by the by, although superior quality is of course a given with Lawrence's collection too…). 

I took some up-close shots in the showroom just to illustrate the subtle use of pastel yarns knitted with cream and gold so that you get very pale washes of green, blue and lilac without having a full on pastel onslaught.  This multi-dimensional slant shows another stroke of breadth on Lawrence's part.  I can bang on and on about how beautiful the presentation was (once again narrated with ensemble descriptions) but ultimately, I'd just love to see Lawrence recognised as a serious innovative knitwear designer alongside say, the stretch knits of Mark Fast or Sandra Backlund's sculptural feats.  Lawrence has it in the bag as far as I'm concerned but it's time to convince the rest of the world of the same.   

SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8671 Number 2


SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8678 Number 5


SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8677 Number 4


SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8691 Number 9



SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8682 Number 7


SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8693 Number 10

SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8747 Number 21


SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8705 Number 13


SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8731 Number 16

SB C Laremce Morgan BS-8701 Number 12




All amazing backstage photography that is colour balanced to perfection by Morgan O'Donovan… DUH!


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  1. Mertxe Hernandez

    2011-10-10 at 5:41 PM

    Amazing pictures. Original !

  2. Copper Etiquette

    2011-10-10 at 6:36 PM
  3. PAULA

    2011-10-10 at 7:47 PM

    vary nice!

  4. PAULA

    2011-10-10 at 7:47 PM


  5. PvdH

    2011-10-10 at 8:08 PM

    It would be an absolute travesty if LFW were to be eclipsed by Milano. (Like you, I’m also a supporter). And I agree with you, it was a delight to attend shows such as that of Michael van der Ham and see how much his work has matured in just one season.
    x Paola

  6. Rose

    2011-10-10 at 8:20 PM

    Fantastic! Strictly for skinny folks, but I love the knitwear, and those neat spikey bags.
    Rose from Forever on the Catwalk of

  7. sara

    2011-10-10 at 9:24 PM

    I’m totally agree with you, I found LFW really inspiring and I can’t believe they changed the date for 2012. That’s crazy.Thanks for sharing those photos!

  8. polly

    2011-10-10 at 10:30 PM

    LOVE this. Am following now :)

    Please please please follow me and let me know what you think!
    Рcan’t wait to hear from you!!

    kisses polly xoxox

  9. Andra de Blanco

    2011-10-10 at 10:32 PM

    Me han fascinado los tocados, son muy originales!!

  10. Anieblu

    2011-10-10 at 10:58 PM

    Isn´t croches so favulous????AHHH icouldn´t live without it!!!
    hugs from Barcelona

  11. Jules @ Style Anthem

    2011-10-11 at 1:38 AM

    Always intriguing, always informative.Love this post Sus, very intricae designs..thought inducing

  12. Sara

    2011-10-11 at 1:45 AM

    Thanks for showing the construction shots. Its cool to see up close of the garments themselves!

  13. Ophelia

    2011-10-11 at 2:49 AM
  14. danielle

    2011-10-11 at 3:40 AM

    Holy moly. Gorgeous.

  15. Angela

    2011-10-11 at 4:02 AM

    Just wanted to share my blog with u, and I know u might b 2 busy to even look at my blog but it would mean allot if u did,

  16. train quilt

    2011-10-11 at 4:25 AM

    wow,great!!!very nice ,beautiful.

  17. Stacey

    2011-10-11 at 5:01 AM

    those knits are brilliant. and they look so comfyyy.

  18. Carolinas Couture

    2011-10-11 at 5:27 AM

    Craig Lawrence really outdid himself, wow!

  19. Joy

    2011-10-11 at 5:35 AM

    I really hope they sort out the mess for fashion week. This is crazy! I understand the side of the Italians but do they really have to screw people over for this? Great collection btw!

  20. Jasmine Jazz

    2011-10-11 at 7:14 AM

    I must say you surely worked hard for this post, very useful. I am giving your link on my blog’s main page. Thumbs up!

  21. a la mode

    2011-10-11 at 8:25 AM

    The backstage pictures are so beautiful! I hate the harsh yellow lighting in those portico rooms.

  22. –ö–ª–∞—Å—Å!

  23. karina

    2011-10-11 at 9:19 PM

    –∑–∞–º–µ—á–∞—Ç–µ–ª—å–Ω–∞—è —Å—Ç–∞—Ç—å—è!! –∏ –ø—Ä–∞–≤–¥–∞ –æ—Ç–ª–∏—á–Ω—ã–µ —Ñ–æ—Ç–æ–≥—Ä–∞—Ñ–∏–∏

  24. Jackmormon

    2011-10-12 at 2:03 AM

    These are absolutely gorgeous, and thank you for the detail shots. None of the mainstream US fashion blogs have whispered word one about this designer or his show, but this post is making me a fan.
    Susie, I’ve been reading your blog regularly for a couple years and have never left a comment. I was finally prompted to do so after watching the Bluefly video (linked by NY Mag’s The Cut) and reading your comments in the thread. I just wanted to say that you’re doing an absolutely splendid job.
    I’m not a fashion person, although I like clothes and style and have had some exposure to the actual fashion business. Your personal take‚Äî‚Äîand personal photos‚Äî‚Äîhave been far more inspirational than the usual suspects can be; as someone with more thrift stores available than money, I appreciate your spirit of bricolage.
    Your personal voice hasn’t been at all diminished by the increasing exposure your blog and writing has received‚Äî‚Äîas a reader, I’m able to feel proud and envious of you, without feeling at all as though it’s undeserved or that you’ve sold out. I’ve run a blog or two; it can be hard, thankless, solitary work.
    Anyway, the gist is: hooray and thanks and the lurkers appreciate you.

  25. susie_bubble

    2011-10-12 at 8:16 AM

    Jackmormon: Thanks so much for the lovely and LENGTHY comment! That rarely happens here….
    The phrase “spirit of bricolage” is now forever imprinted in my head – I might have to plagiarise that from you when people ask me for the 100th time “Describe your personal style.” In all seriousness though, thanks for the feedback. Horray indeed!

  26. fashionacce

    2012-05-23 at 4:23 AM

    That dress is so beautiful!! I love the metallic detail of it! Gorgeous!

  27. Fumi

    2012-07-23 at 4:53 AM

    I’m enthralled by the headpieces. I love that they look like the synchronized swimmers in a Busby Berkeley movie, especially with that chin strap. And I love what looked to be matching gaiters. I really liked that fourth from the last photo of the back of that dress. The material falls nicely and reminds me of a kimono.
    Your blog reminds me of a Spanish magazine I absolutely love and can’t get anywhere called “Lecturas Moda”.

  28. Tessica

    2015-01-13 at 6:23 AM

    Great hammer of Thor, that is polrefulwy helpful!

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