Deseprate for Desperado

Deseprate for Desperado

A redux to Tokyo is in order since the times I have been there have been very unfocused fashion-wise.  To be frank, planning a return to the city for the purpose of shopping is mind boggling stuff seeing as the city’s NUMEROUS boutiques, malls and local haunts/treasures/finds would be complex to cover in one trip.  Seeing this shop installation by Przemek Sobocki (whose illustrations for Hintmag have twice been talked-up here… thus I’m a self-proclaimed fan…) at the Desperado boutique in Tokyo just reminded me why I need to get my Tokyo Redux back on track.  It was on display from the 7th to 12th Sept and Desperado constantly changes their window dressings of what they call ‘buyable art’ which can see from their archive.  It’s certainly lighter in tone compared to Soboki’s previous illustrations but given the nature of Desperado’s store, I’m thinking the full-skirted ladies walking the cute dog are perfectly apt.       

It’s a tad on the shallow side that my eyes are trained to be drawn to interesting displays but more often than not, what a store does with their aesthetics points to the quality and selection of their goods, which in Desperado’s case leans towards ‘intelligent cuteness with a quirk’.  Brands include Peter Jensen, Marimekko, Ghulam Sakina, Rittenhous and Baum und Pherdgarten.

On a sort of cute shop display related note, has anyone walked/travelled past Harvey Nichols and been tempted by a cupcake or two, or three…

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  1. Alyse

    2007-09-29 at 6:48 AM

    Przemek Sobocki is such a genius talent. Great to see this mentioned on your site Susie. Looking forward to meeting you in Miami for the Arts of Fashion.

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