American Preppy at the All England Club

American Preppy at the All England Club

From the Wimbledon website:

London, England March 8th 2006 – The All England Club, Wimbledon, and Polo Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL) announced today a new global partnership designating Polo Ralph Lauren as the exclusive Official Outfitter of Wimbledon through 2010. With this partnership, Polo Ralph Lauren becomes the first designer in Wimbledon’s 129 year history to create and outfit all on-court officials including chair umpires, line umpires and ball persons.


Ralph Lauren:

"I have long been inspired by the rich heritage and traditions of England. I am thrilled to be partnering with the All England Club / Wimbledon and playing a major role in such a historic sporting event"

I thought this was a bizarre choice of designer when I first heard this because I think someone like Daks or Burberry would have been more fitting for the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon.  But I think Ralph Lauren has done a fine job.  He really has referenced the elegant and refined era of English tennis in the 1920’s.  Yes, they’re not green and purple, the official colours but I think navy and cream work well.  Gosh I think the umpires are actually going to outshine Serena Williams!  (let’s not forget the year of the black catsuit with gold hoop earrings!) 

But really, anything has got to be better than this right?

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