Fast Steps

“It’s not an ‘if” but a ‘will.”  That’s what I said about my steely determination to get Dior’s A/W 14-5 (although inspired by their S/S 14 couture show) ready to wear embellished trainers on my feet.  Thanks to the peeps at Dior, I got to try on all five styles in a ridiculously decadent session of “Eenie meenie miney mo” of what I feel are the ultimate culmination of high fashion copulating with street wear.  It’s been a long time coming with high fashion crossing over into sportswear and in particular, the trainer becoming a focal point at fashion’s centre stage.  Despite high fashion trainers being on the up for the past few years, with stores like Sneaker Boy benefiting from the rise of either designers like Rick Owens collaborating with sportswear heavies adidas or brands like Givenchy, Lanvin and Dior creating cult trainers on their own, in womenswear it took Chanel putting every one of their models in tweedy Massaro-crafted trainers in their last haute couture show as well as Dior trialling their beaded bounced-up sneaker soles at their couture show for people to suddenly announce that trainers have arrived.  Their presence at haute couture was the final cherry on top of the already very elevated trainer.  

Furthermore, what these particular Dior sneaker specimens represent to me is the rise of 21st century contrasting mix and match in fashion.  High and low.  Expensive and cheap.  Couture and sportswear.  Casual and dressy.  The list goes on.  These shoes embody those contrasts.  Iridescent and shiny beads, sequins and paillettes on sporty mesh in black or white in theory shouldn’t work.  These delicately adorned spongey uppers shouldn’t be sitting on candy pink, yellow and pristine white rubber moulded soles.  Dior’s logo embossed on the side is the ultimate surprise.  It’s a combination that would have been unthinkable once upon a time.  Then again there was also a time when girls wearing trainers with prom dresses was frowned upon.  It’s a “Shouldn’t Work But Does” mentality in fashion that has pervaded the most interesting of creators and style figures to have emerged in the past decade.  Same goes for the “It’s so wrong it’s right” brigade and the Miuccia Prada aficionados who constantly question the boundaries of “ugliness”.   I’m of course a whole hearted supporter of all of those sentiments much to the chagrin of fair weather Instagram commenters who persistently ask “But why do you wear things that obviously don’t go together?”  What can I say?  I blame it on the inner child in me constantly trying to push square pegs into round holes.

Back to the trainers though.  The great thing about these shoes by Dior is Raf Simons’ own trainer pedigree he brings to the table, having had constantly produced trainers for his own Raf Simons line and also having recently collaborated with adidas to great effect.  That said, in truth, they are much more like a sporty slipper with a moulded sole, rather than a trainer that you can pound miles in with your fuel band.  Dior and Simons of course aren’t trying to wade into functional sportswear territory but rather they’re going for visual impact, as your eyes will try to compute beads, mesh and rubber all at the same time.  It’s already confused the kids of a family living next door to me.  Half the fun of them is the sheer juxtaposition of genres.









0E5A1187Worn with Curated biker jacket, Craig Green shirt, Goocy skirt


0E5A1205Worn with Plotz dress, Lesia Paramonova sheer dress, J Brand jeans

0E5A1225Worn with vintage Lanvin bolero, vintage slip dress, Dries van Noten skirt


0E5A1250Worn with Suno top and J.W. Anderson leather trousers


0E5A1272Worn with Suno shirt, Christopher Kane top and Alexander Wang jeans

The other half of the fun is that surprisingly, these Dior sneakers will be available in both women’s AND men’s sizing as I discovered when I went to see the pop-up installation of Dior sneaks at Dover Street Market in London, who have the exclusive right now.  Guys will put an entirely different spin on these bad boys * (I know Nathan from The Provoker has been eyeing them up…).  At £740 a pop, these are not kick-about, throw-away trainers.  As a symbol of fashion’s genre defying, style-splintered present state though, they’re certainly worthy of attention.

*EDIT: I was misinformed.  These sneakers are only available in women’s sizes.  Men will have to make do with sticking sequins on their shoes.  Men with small feet can venture forth.






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  1. Where are the outfit details/info for your last two outfits at the bottom? I’d love to know who made your white pants and I love discovering new designers from your outfit details!
    I remember the days when you poo poo’d pants and jeans and now these days your posts are filled with the most fantastical pairs of pants that make a skirts/dresses diehard like myself reconsider!

    1. Ah I forgot to add some of the outfit credits! Surprisingly the white pants are Alexander Wang. There I’ve shifted in outlook over two things – wearing Wang and trousers. You’re right, I did used to poo poo pants/jeans. I think it’s because I never found the right pairs. I’m still a natural skirt girl though!

  2. I am honestly so grateful to you for taking photos of the details. They change EVERYTHING. The sneaker with “dots” suddenly becomes a tempting eye candy that glitters. They even have tiny bows, almost as if they are babies of the Prada’s Spring ’13 Geisha shoes. 🙂 It surprises me, but I am actually in love, with trainers… Wow…

    1. I always venture to Susie’s sight for detail shots and they ALWAYS change EVERYTHING! The devil is in the details, and I need to the evil to persuade me to buy them! Hahaha!

  3. Here here with the men with small feet venturing forth! *Waves hand enthusiastically*

    I too join you in that support of all those sentiments regarding ‘shouldn’t work but does’, unthinkable combos, and of course prada’s ugliness always ending up as the new aesthetic mentality. Another well written article that made me smile, and perhaps I’m a little biased towards this particular one? #IWonderWhy…

    My favourite look is the one with the Poltz dress plus Jbrand jeans, and the one with the JWanderson trows, but I’ve personally opted for the last one with the pink sole with Wang jeans to keep, it was a tough decision, like Sophie’s choice but involves raf for some reason.

    I kept calling these trainers, but I also like calling the pool-slides as I’ve read it somewhere they’re being called this too. They are what they are, dior embroidered-mesh pool-slide-ons… at the end of the day, we just love ourselves a good novelty shoe.

  4. Amazing seeing the full colour ways, my fave are the final pair; white with pink soles. I was really engaged in this article and appreciate hearing all your honest views and detailed thoughts. I wish more bloggers/writers took the time to really write about what they are wearing. Sometimes it’s not just about “a photo saids a thousands words.”

    I thought the Russian comment by Elisa was really interesting and would like to also know the reason behind this comment. I feel personally they are not “Russian looking” but I really do get where the comment has come from and do not mock it. I shop for Russians at Chelsea Styling and “they” do seem to love anything OTT and expensive but it’s a shame how people (including myself) can automatically stereotype a glitzy shoe, bag or outfit and brand it as “Russiany”.

    Today’s though: Plain and simple, stop stereotyping.



  5. Buy a pair of nike’s runners for under 82.00 dollars and contribute 1,100 to a good charity.

    Vanity = Fashion

    Fashion Statement.

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