Three Clicks

>> I doubt there have been any other pair of shoes, or perhaps any other garment, that have as much cinematic recognisability, as the ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, designed by costume designer Adrian.  One glance at these crystal-encrusted Valentino Tan-Go shoes on my living room floor, and a couple of guys who were filming at my flat, immediately asked whether I wanted to go back home to Kansas and where the yellow brick road was.  The Tan-Go's are certainly not the first or the last to have a stab at the ruby slippr tribute.  An endless trail of red shoes have tried to capture a fraction of the spirit of those iconic slippers, with varying degrees of success.        

I'm not entirely sure that these Valentino Tan-Go's were intended as a straight forward tribute, despite all the references to the film in their cute little stop-animation viral video but as Oz-inspired ruby red slippers go, they're pretty successful in conjuring up those magical three clicks, which might transport us back home.  Another pair of red shoes also immediately comes to mind for those who have watched the Powell and Pressburger classic, The Red Shoes, where a pair of blood red ballet slippers holds less fortunate consequences for the film's heroine.  The Wizard of Oz may have broken Technicolor ground but it was The Red Shoes that really used that technology to its full potential, with its luscious and vivid cinematography searing those fatal red shoes into your consciousness.  Or you could go even more obscure and imagine Rudolph Valentino tangoing his way around a bar room in the 1921 silent film The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Then there's Valentino's longstanding relationship with the colour red, which creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli haven't shied away from since their succession to the house.  Combine all of that together and you have yourself a pair of storied shoes, that really fire up the imagination as you click the toes together.      









IMG_0557Worn with vintage bed jacket, Fancy Shit dress, American Apparel mesh t-shirt underneath, Meadham Kirchhoff red slip dress, mintdesigns socks 









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  1. Just so reminiscent and eye catching to see red shoes! And the blue to accompany them just brings it all together ๐Ÿ™‚ x
    reminiscent x

  2. Ahh, who doesn’t want to own a pair of ruby red slippers? I like the way your socks have faint stripes on, perhaps a hint towards the Wicked Witch?

  3. I think they look very OZ inspired! And they’re kind of decadent. And also look good with socks! Oh no, now I want them even more…

  4. As a fan of silent movies, I love your iconic references. “The Red Shoes” album cover from Kate Bush also springs to mind (the style is very similar to your pictures)

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