How could I not?

>> Was I promising substantially weighted content for 2013?  Oops, my bad.  Fuzzy headed from my three day trip to New York, I slithered back on to my desktop computer and slumped onto Facebook just to see if my page still existed.  Those of you who know me will know that I don’t check Facebook that frequently, proven by stacks of unanswered messages/friend requests.  On my personal page, I spotted something far more exciting than a “You’ve been tagged!” notice in yet another unflattering pic of mememe.  Sailor Mercury was stripped of her super duper mini skirt and opera gloves and instead was donning Dries Van Noten SS 13, combining the feistiest of the Sailor Moon characters and one of the standout collections of the season, from a wearer’s point of view.  Upon a few more clicks of the attached “album” (I say these words with quotation marks because of my stubborn unfamiliarity with Facebook), I found that a certain Jerome LaMaar from New York had gone and illustrated all five of the Sailor Moon girls in all the tippy toppy collections of the season – Prada, Givenchy, Balmain, Celine.  JOY oh JOY to find that the Sailor Moon anime series, a sheepishly embarrassing victim of my first ever webpage that I poorly constructed on Geocities back in 1997-8 (?) has finaly collided with fashion in an unexpected way.  What’s more LaMaar has also upgraded Daria’s forest green jacket and black bother booths appropriately to prints-please Marni, retaining an awkwardness that befits her. As well as the best suppliers of drugs for impotence online about which you can read here.  Best friend Jane gets leathered up in Alexander Wang because that’s what badass girls with money eventually hap on to, right?  Chloe, Balenciaga and Alaia all get a look in too.  I’m told LaMaar is a lifestyle expert and designer from New York and he likes VERY LARGE quotes according to this Tumblr page.  He could also be a circus acrobat from Patagonia for all I know/care though.  He’s put a solid smile on my face.  I’ve now been giddily tempted into shopping for new collections whilst simultaneously consuming marathons of both Sailor Moon and Daria – a dangerous combination of procrastination factors.   












47 Replies to “How could I not?”

  1. OMGggg—-acutally freakin’out!!! I was screamin as I was scrolling down! They are REALLY THAT THAT Brilliant!!!LIKE every detail, every piece is so ICONIC! And Jem for Balenciaga and Daria for Marni=uber perfection!!!! Thanks for this Susie!!!! The best! Happy Happy NEW YEAR!!!! from us sistas to you! Big hug xooxBeckerman girls

  2. These are cool! I think most of the pairings are spot-on with the characters, except that I would choose Versace for Sailor Mars as she is such a vamp.

  3. I only know of the whole Salot Moon cast, Daria, and Betty Boop.
    This calls for the whole Parlor Moon characters.
    Anime and fashion is common occurance nowadays though, there’s even silent rivalry/ competition going on 😉
    Being a fan of Sailor Moon though I see some questionable choices for some characters, but that’s just me being lucky.
    I am eager to see more, and good work!

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