Beauty of Torture

>> Tis' Easter and I've once again left the M25 (alright, the joke's wearing thing… I DO actually leave London to go elsewhere in the country).  I'm in Manchester chomping on black pudding, Thornton's Eggs and soon a shedload of Indian food.  And there's still two days to go… it is confirmed.  I will return as a giant. 

To offset the food chomping though, we trekked it out to Manchester's newly re-opened Gallery of Costume, the second largest costume collection in Britain (second to the V&A…) where copious amounts of picture taking were required.  I specifically honed in on their collection of stays, the circa. 17th century predecessor to the corsets, purely because of the intricate lines, lacings, embroidery and construction that warrant some close-ups…  







DSC_1454 DSC_1453

… from garments of tortured restriction to another…

Artist Susie MacMurray had her latest garment sculpture piece 'Widow' on display at the Gallery of Costume.  It's constructed of nappa leather and 100,000 adamantine pins.  As a more superficial comparison, Gareth Pugh's first menswear collection comes to mind though these pins on MacMurray's piece actually do spike…




MacMurray's sculpture work continues on from previous garment installations made of inside out household gloves and different coloured Lucy & Bart-esque balloons…





Now…back to chomping…

31 Replies to “Beauty of Torture”

  1. wow, i never knew that they had the second largest costume gallery in the UK. may have to make a trip up to manchester!
    i love the pin dress, it’s incredible. takes punk safety pins to a new level really!

  2. I’m pretty sure the only thing more painful than a corset is a dress made of pins. They’re both so incredibly gorgeous though.

  3. In manchester!! I left Manchester today to go back home. Is it the one in the park near the curry mile? I always go pass it on a bus and used to live near there. I’ve always wanted to go to that, maybe i will after easter. have fun in Manchester! Especially love the amount of balloons!

  4. The McMurray rubber glove dresses reminds me of that Vogue editorial, where all the clothes were made from regular household objects. A designer can know when they have created a great garment when it looks great from a distance, and when it surprises you up close. I love how fashion isn’t boring.

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