Where is my Sibling?

I have so much LFW-related stuff to talk up that it is a good thing that Milan is underway (where I have nothing to get super excited about save for maybe Jean Pierre Braganza, Prada and err…. Dolce!).  It's a matter of buying some posting time and playing catch-up before I'm off to Paris on Wednesday so be prepared for a trail of nonsensical, illogical mode of post-LFW posting.  On the menswear day, I was actually finally invigorated.  Probably because my brain had finally woken up from post-New York stupor and so I was back to ooh-ing and aah-ing over stuff even though it was menswear.

Sibling's knitwear however is a democratic vision – these are pieces fit for both sexes and I think they've pulled out their best collection despite this being only their third one.  I love this warped take on the Breton striped jumper where they have collaborated with artist Noah Scalin (of askulladay.com) to get this skull patternation into the stripes just right.


Look into my stripes…  you shall be hypnotised…


Their 'ratus' sweater (they had beaded rats running all over the neckline in the last two collections) becomes more subtle with this black knitted lace effect…



My quest for the perfect vintage English cricket sweater pretty much ended when I saw this sequinned version… the cream sequinns going in the grain of the cable knit is amazing in person!


Then the final pi√®ce de r√©sistance… this BEAUOOOOOOOTIFUL knitted denim jacket.  Yes, entirely knitted complete with distressed areas that were worked into the pattern.  I'm failing miserably in figuring out how they did this on a machine.  This isn't like those wack job attempts of 'distressed' denim effects on jeans where you have stooopid holes and scuff marks on the bum.  Nope, the charm in this jacket is the fact that it's knitted.  I thought I swooned enough when I saw the knitted leather biker jacket in their last collection but this actually made me nuzzle my head into the knit…

Sadly though, I think it costs an arm and a leg (and rightly so considering the amount of work gone into it…) but that's what this fashion malarky thing is about – wanting things you can't have… *blub blub blub*…


IMG_2190 IMG_2191

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  1. The denim jacket is very creative. I mean, all the pieces are creative and seems to incorporate a new knitting technique. Anyway, I don´t see my husband wearing them.
    B* a la Moda

  2. I agree that this was a collection to ooo and ahh over. How a knitted denim jacket could look so denim, that’s perff!

  3. that knitted denim jacket is pretty amazing! I love the sequined cricket jumper too. Seems they’re great at taking an ordinary everyday item of clothing, like the denim jacket or cricket jumper and subverting it so that it makes you stop and look and find they’ve created something amazingly fabulous! 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE sibling. Honestly, they can’t put a foot wrong in my eyes. The “denim” jacket is just unbelievable. It looks like a combination of a slubby white yarn with random patches of blue fairisle. Amazing.
    I start my fashion knitwear degree next week and this has gotten me so excited about it. I really can’t wait now!

  5. the distressed denim jacket is BEAUTIFUL!! like you said..and i really like the ‘ratus’ piece..i kinda want it :]
    the sequin piece and the skull piece..aren’t typically my favorite :/ but i do admit they look very nice

  6. I just love love LOVE the ratus sweater! I love sweaters but find that most sweaters lack the femininity of say a cardigan. But the lace really makes the sweater cute without losing any femininity.

  7. Wow how inspiring!
    I love the knitted denim jacket (I’m almost considering making one myself) and the sequin cricket jumper (definitely will not be making one of this, I have no desire to drive myself insane)… a touch of humour in a collection is always great.

  8. That knitted denim jacket is brilliant. I’m trying to figure out how they did it myself. I can’t tell too well from the pictures, but it looks like they might have added the “distressed” bits over the regular knit after with needle and thread? If not, well, knitting machines are quite amazing these days. Wish I could see it in person!!!

  9. Looking at the lookbook at another website gave me the idea of how boring this collection is. But seeing your post totally changed my mind… such incredible amount of detail has gone into the pieces and how amazing they look in person! I want your job now HAHAHA

  10. This is so beautiful… I especially love the sequin cricket-sweater and the knitted denim jacket; gorgeous, and such detail D: What an amazing, original collection! xxxx

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