Marie Antoinette 2006 style


Vogueparisapr2006sofiasurunpla5 Mon dieu! Now would Marie Antoinette approve of this sitting style?

Much thanks to OriginalSin at TFS for the scan from French Vogue April. If the New Order song in the trailer didn’t intrigue me enough, the pics certainly have wetted my appetite!

The infuriatingly cute…..

Erinf3_1  Most of you will probably have read about the designer Erin Featherstone via Fashionologie and the fact that she made a fashion film presentation for her A/W06 collection staring the lovely Kirsten Dunst and directed by Ellen Von Unwerth.  Well, I have finally managed to track down a copy of the maiden issue of Lula magazine, created by ex-Voguette Leith Clark (a personal friend of Erin’s!) which features a very pretty Erin spread (actually the entire magazine is just the epitome of prettiness!) with a nice interview too.

Erinf1 Erinf4

Erinf5 Erinf2

Clearly she has a taste for the whimsical and magical as her new collection is based on Through The Looking Glass.  The stills from the short film feature called Wendybird further cement this…   

Kirstendunsterinfetherston012t Kirstendunsterinfetherston115e Kirstendunsterinfetherston104w

Kirstendunsterinfetherston039a Kirstendunsterinfetherston048l

I am DESPERATE to see this film now, and as per the subject line, all I can say is ‘infuriatingly cute….’

(Pics from teddyandmoo)

Chloe Razzles in the Ritz


This is probably a little old but I wanted to post it anyway because I love watching this!  If you’re a fan of Chloe Sevigny, you’re probably a fan of this slightly cult-ish short film that she starred in for Ritz Fine Jewellery (yes, not the crackers, but the fine jewellers in London – part of Ritz Hotel and Club).  It was directed by Barbary Clay and is a 6.5 minute short film which swoops over the facade of the Ritz peering into different rooms with a different incarnation of Chloe Sevigny.   

French New Wave Ingenue Chloe – This reminds me of the movie ‘Jules et Jim’ which I LOVE!

Cap038 Cap020

Space Age Beatnik Chloe

Cap044 Cap047

Devious Movie Siren Chloe – She really looks gorgeous here!

Cap061 Cap054

Cinderella Chambermaid Chloe

Cap069 Cap072

70’s Groupie Chloe – The look which is most like her

Cap090 Cap080

Watch the whole thing at the Ritz website!  A must see if you haven’t already done so – plus you can ask for the DVD to be sent out to you for free!