In case you’re not aware, the new issue of N.E.E.T. is now online and available for unlimited reading (I haved flicked through the issue at least 50 times….and I’m still counting!).  It’s packed with even more vintage clothes, indie designers, cute and kitsch accessories.  Top these off with some fantastic photoshoots and illustrations and you have pretty much the best free magazine EVER!  (I don’t like to throw superlatives around).  The best thing is that everything featured in the magazine is available online and so hopefully accessible to everyone.  Also, Stephanie, editor of N.E.E.T. (how does she put NEET together by myself I shall never know!) has kindly asked me to review two indie designers which is on page 78 if you’re mildly interested along with my mugshot in the last few pages. 

Light Reads

It’s been indie magazine galore lately what with the new issue of Amelia’s magazine out and the brand new issue of N.E.E.T. out on 1st June.  I have name-dropped this magazine in the past but I thought I’d give some dedicated love out to Lula magazine, edited by super duper stylist Leith Clark (shown left – I’m a big fan of her bangs and her work!).  Issue number 2 is out but both issues are worth hunting for as they’re chock full of beautiful, fun and whimsical editorials and for a semi-illiterate person such as myself, it’s great that each interview is laid out with tons of pictures and the writing style is very much accessible without trying to be highbrow.  They also feature the kind of people that should be in  Nylon but are now increasingly pushed out by people like Mary Kate Olsen and Mischa Barton (???) – people like Joanna Newsom, Jayne Mayle, Tennessee Thomas and Sarah Sophie Flicker.  I would try and hassle your country’s magazine importer to get this one in!  When I contact the people at Comag and ask them stuff, they’re very helpful so don’t be scared – if they see there’s demand, they’ll ship almost anything in for you.  If not, then I have posted tons of scans here.

A few more picture books to recommend.  Taiwanese illustrator Yi-Ying Wang has put together two books, focusing on various people who design and sell their wares, be it home furnishings, jewellery, fashion at Spitalfields Market in London.  The place is sprawling with creative talent and these two books really get to grips with their work and their design processes.  It’s bilingual in both Chinese and English so all the better for fellow Hong Kong-ers out there.  Both books are also beautifully presented with loads of pretty pictures.  You can buy them at Noodoll who are the company that designed the books.