Patching Things Up


>> After a long and hard look at the dreadful state of my office slash gubbins-keeping slash spare room, which is soon to be the nursery, I’ve decided to try and cut down on keeping paper-based paraphernalia.  I’ve accumulated a substantial statsh of handwritten notes, greetings cards and lookbooks with a paperstock that I like the feel of, that sadly must either be recycled or go into storage.  In the latest batch of all things papier from the last round of shows, I found this note from Stuart Vevers of Coach.  It doesn’t say anything particularly significant but it does have an array of stickers on it (metallics/jellies/bumpies – no felties alas).  Which apparently was enough of a reason for me to hang onto it.  The cuteness of it of course correlates with the sort of accessories that Coach have been delving into that get inner kids in both men and women excited.  There’s sturdiness in robust bags like their glove-tanned Rogue, which comes in a myriad of colours, but then they’ve introduced a host of motifs and characters – creatures that roamed the earth long long ago and an alphabet of varsity patches that underline the AW16 collection.

And so I played around with my own set of Coach-inspired digi-stickers.  Photoshop isn’t quite the same as a Lisa Frank sticker album but it does make it easy to dawdle away an hour or so, making static leather dinosaurs and teddy heads bop about the page.  Wait…. wasn’t I upstairs in the spare room supposedly clearing out paper miscellany?  Procrastination due to leather patches.  Whatever next…

coachdinosmallCoach AW 16 dress and Coach Dinosaur Turnlock Wristlet

coachpatchCoach AW 16 dress worn with vintage Courreges jacket and Coach Rogue patch bag

coachkeyCoach AW 16 dress and Coach Rogue bag in grey suede

7 Replies to “Patching Things Up”

  1. Now that’s really cute! Anyone can relate on going over things and deciding which ones will stay and or which will go to storage indefinitely.

  2. I don’t know, Susie… I know you can’t keep it all, but the show invitations -even though they may not all be terribly personal in their presentation to you directly – well, since you said something about storage, perhaps you should consider stowing them there for a while before engaging in a massive pitch-fest. I mean… isn’t this kind of ephemera sort-of historical on some level? At least you should keep that ever-so-awesome 3-dimensional Gucci invitation to that recent show. What a total thing of beauty that must be to hold in your hands!

  3. Bit slow on this one and maybe it’s too late! but seconding Danielle above, as a current fashion and textiles student, being shown examples of different ways that paper can be used is really inspiring – be it invites, lookbooks, etc. To see what’s already been done and what’s possible helps you to come up with new ideas. If you were thinking of recycling them, what about donating them instead? To a school or college – I imagine it’s the sort of stuff most people don’t get their hands on very often!

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