Hey Mickey!

The blog has been back burning for a bit.  With some good reason (some inexplicable ones) that will be revealed further down the line and in the interim there were a few comments that cried out “Where are your outfits?  What’s all this serious guff you’re writing about?”  Someone’s general wish is my command.  I have a ton of menswear musings to go up in lieu of Pitti and LC:M but for now, it’s time to celebrate a bit of cuteness.  Two American classics have joined forces for Disney x Coach 1941, a limited-edition collection featuring a very old school Mickey Mouse in his early drawn out form, japing about on Coach staple shapes like the Saddle bag and the Dinky as well as re-issued 1960s shapes that have been augmented with Mickey Mouse ears.  Coach are of course still in the midst of their 75 year anniversary celebrations, which is where Disney come in as a major Americana touchstone.  “Mickey Mouse is one of my earliest memories of American pop – his nostalgic charm, cheekiness, individuality and inherent cool make for the ultimate American icon,” said Stuart Vevers. “I’ve always seen Mickey as a playful rebel at heart and a timeless symbol of joy and creativity. That spirit reinforces the new youthful perspective we are bringing to luxury at Coach.”

Thinking about the way outsiders like Vevers, reflect upon something as vast and universal as Americana, this Disney x Coach collection made me go Eastwards, back to teenaged memories of Hong Kong and Japanese unisex fashion magazines that would dedicate their pages to “x” collabs, to iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, as it’s deemed perfectly acceptable to carry on your love of the childish well into adulthood.  The solid preppiness of the collection in particular, reminded me of that back-to-school feeling of acquiring new wares for September.  It’s no secret that every now and again, I like to resurrect hints of Sailor Moon costumes meets Battle Royale school uniforms.  How else do I have a rack of kilt or kilt-like skirts or shirts and pinafores that come with rectangular sailor collars (aided by the glory of a slew of Meadham Kirchhoff pieces).  They weren’t necessarily the school uniforms of my youth but I’m clutching on to the faint hope that a nod to the seifuku isn’t completely inappropriate at my advanced age.  Coach’s glove tanned leather backpacks, clutches and cross-boulder bags in a strict palette of tan, black, yellow and red lend themselves well to scholastic attire.  Mickey Mouse popping up as an embossed animated figure is of course “cho kawaii.”

Disney x Coach 1941 now on coach.com and Coach stores worldwide



0E5A9660Wearing Disney x Coach Saddle bag Low Classic shirt and sailor collar scarf and Le Kilt kilt



0E5A9724Wearing Disney x Coach crossbody clutch with Jenny Fax pinafore dress and Celine knitted t-shirt



0E5A9752Wearing Disney x Coach Kisslock purse with Meadham Kirchhoff chiffon pinafore dress



0E5A9797Wearing Disney x Coach Kisslock clutch with Meadham Kirchhoff embroidered top and Sacai deconstructed skirt



0E5A9827Wearing Disney x Coach Rainger backpack with MO&CO Odyssey sweater, Meadham Kirchhoff sailor collar, Le Kilt x ASOS skirt

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  1. I love the “serious guff you’re writing about”. Give me more thought-provoking posts about sustainability, new designers or fashion innovation any day. That said, you rock those outfits, too !

  2. These bag’s look so solid and well made… Just like Micky himself. But… If one is to focus on the most charming detail in the photo’s, it is YOU, of course!

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