Christmas Cheek

Christmas Cheek

>> For the first time in (ever), I’ll be spending Christmas not with my family, not in London and not surrounded by animal fat and roast potatoes but in a land far away with my partner and most likely eating an inferior substitute to a Christmas dinner.  That’s why I’m in two minds as to whether to embrace all the emotional guff that Christmas comes laden with.  When you’re not going to spend the day in your own home, you’re less likely to want to go out – ear muffs on and wrapped up in a scarf – and traipse around town, gathering up all the frippery that will apparently complete a table setting, a tree or a gift wrapping scheme (yes, I love a scheme…).  This isn’t a ‘Bah humbug…’, so much as a ‘Meh, hmmm… I’ve got other things on my mind’ because Christmas isn’t the be-al-and-end-all time to express feelings of compassion, generosity and togetherness.

Christmas campaigns and their saccharine sentimentality in particular are leaving me less misty-eyed and more just vaguely amused at the idea of say, an imaginary man on the moon.  Coach, who have already racked up 2 million views with their Christmas online viral, have taken a different turn that is a tad on the divisive side.  With their #GiveCoachOrElse (tongue firmly in cheek) tag line, a feisty character pays Santa a visit, soccering him a punch before raiding a closet full of Coach Swaggers and changing her Nice/Naughty status.  Without condoning violence on the elderly, the subtext is thus – who needs a gift-giving mythical character these days when women are powerfully earning their own ability to fuel their own gifting desires on a regular basis?  And on that note, it’s bah tradition for me.  This year, my Christmas won’t be bound or guilt tripped by rules or force-fed feelings.  I’ll make it my own.


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  1. Ellen Vicius

    2015-11-25 at 2:27 PM

    Well, this video has a lot of layers for a one minute pub.. i understand the fight against the prevailing chauvinism and our true and real emancipation, but, santa is such a nice figure, maybe something different from a hard surprising punch would be better in here…

  2. fancyflyinfox

    2015-12-03 at 7:29 AM

    Finally i know the Santa’s coming

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