Here's to 2015…

For once in my eight years of blogging, I had been asked to sum up my personal style in a blog-length nutshell as a contributor to the American Express Style Inspiration Hub.  It struck me as a strange thing to do as I’d never really properly summarised reasoning for my style choices.  As I usher in 2015, I thought I’d rehash parts of the article and wish everyone a year that hopefully includes the following…

Lots of layers… “I used to describe myself as ‘the girl who would wear skirts over trousers’. That’s basically a simple summation of my penchant for layering up pieces unexpectedly or trying out silhouettes or shapes that might be come off as challenging.  I’m an indulgent cake decorator that won’t stop augmenting an outfit until it makes me happy.”

… and prints… Many people see prints as an obstacle – a hurdle never to be jumped over. I put my print-obsession down to my natural tendency to go for the jazziest thing there is.  My pencil case at primary school couldn’t be plain. It had to have a cool design, decorated with stickers for extra effect.”

… and texture…So much of what draws me to clothes is the tactile nature. I’ve been known to bring pieces of clothing up to my face in a store, which admittedly freaks out the shop assistants, but hey, at least it convinces me that I need said item of clothing in my life – because it felt so damn good.”

… and colour… In my Style Fax guide (a funky fashion spinoff from the Fun Fax organisers), a colour guide used to befuddle me. Apparently because of my “olive skin”, I could only wear “cool” toned colours. But I wanted to wear the “warm” toned colours too. Eventually all of this colour matching skin tone nonsense would go out of the window and so it is that pretty much ever since I could dress myself, any colour goes.  There’s too much joy to be had in putting together outfits, that resemble, say a pina colada cocktail mixed with My Little Pony Land.”

… and choosing items of clothing that have meaning/worth (however you want to denote those things…) – I think about the cultural and aesthetic worth of a piece of clothing that then gets added to my bulging hovel closet room. That’s not to say that I don’t have acts of whimsical randomness (Vintage motocross trousers? Sweatshirt with cat-shaped ears attached to the shoulders? Marabou-trimmed t-shirt? To name but a few…) but the goal is to have a wardrobe that won’t be routinely cleaned out but passed on, to someone, somewhere.”

1a6e90b34769e1d8556671559489030fPhotograph by Piczo for i-D

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  1. Happy New Year, Susie! What a lovely job you’ve done here squeezing your prolific and creative relationship to clothing into a nutshell! Reading this, I was reminded of why I personally love your blog so much–I might have chosen a very similar set of leading thoughts about my wardrobe. Thanks for your elucidation!

    All the best to you in 2015!

  2. ‘To have a wardrobe that won’t be routinely cleaned out but passed on, to someone, somewhere.’ This is such a wonderful criteria to consider. I try to only buy clothes that I really love, that express something that I want expressed. But it’s lovely to ponder on how the next person will love the clothing once it’s time in your wardrobe is up.

    Wishing you a very happy year and successful wardrobe expansion in 2015!

  3. You are by far one of my favorite “non minimalist”(does that term even exsit??!) fashion icon:)
    And you have summed it up really well here, its all about the feel and texture of the clothes, and that’s also the reason I love fashion so much, happy new year xx

  4. Susie… You ARE what the word WONdERFUL is supposed to mean. I think Linda B. and Alice have pointed out a couple of the details that make reading your blog so exciting. The daily visit to your world truly enhances my own. You may find it ever-so-slightly interesting that I am a woman of 60 years – and who can really answer as to why a “girl” in my generation would be so drawn to someone of yours – but it’s all in the artistry and sheer inner and outer JOY that you express around fashion. It speaks to me child… Yes it does! I look forward to years and eons more of your open-book / daily-diary of daring and pixilated wonders. You are – in short THE BEST!

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