Just Because

>> My brain is currently emptied of smart, sassy things to say about fashion and nor have I been finding funky fresh shops to blog up here on my very short one week trip to Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Palm Springs.  Therefore, the blog is looking a bit barren, my Instagram feed will clue you in as to why.  I did want to check in though with one entirely gratuitous post in ode to Joshua Tree, one of the most magnificent places I have seen on Earth.  There is no snazzy outfit to accompany it.  There is no beautifully composed picture with hair artfully blowing in the wind.  There isn’t even an insightful travel perspective to bring to this post, other than… please go if you ever get the chance.  All I’ve got for you are wide-armed cheesy smiles, moments of pure magic when you feel like you’re on the edge of the world and the shifting light of a sunset cast across acres of 100 million years-old mysterious rock formations and of course the thousands of spindly spiky headed Joshua trees, which become seductively sinister at night.  Why?

Well… just because.  When I interviewed Luella Bartley recently, she made a comment about there being no time these days just to do things for the sake of doing them – for fun, for larks, for pure joy.  Everything had to have a mechanical reason behind it.  I’m entitled to have a cheesy and cliched mini-epiphany inside this much-visited and famed national park because it felt brilliant for me at that very moment and ultimately, that will feed whatever I do when I get back to the real world.  Reason enough?























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  1. I like that you changed it up a bit Susie, it’s great to see peeks into your life sometimes. And cheesy is so cheesy that if done right may or may not be cheesy cool haha. Like tacky-chic, kitsch, etc. They’re kewl (people still type like that? lol). You need not explain or justify yourself to anyone, it’s mindfulness… I do as I do, like the whole world does. #’NoughSaid

  2. Pictures say more than a thousand words could. That is why I love your blog and coming back to it to every week to checkout your new inspiring pics.

    Great job!

    All the best!


  3. Hello Susie, as the Provoker said : no need to justify yourself.

    It is rather good news that you felt like sharing this wonderful experience in Nature! Taking a break from fashion or whatever we do on a daily basis is a matter of health!!!

    Enjoy your summertime!

  4. I really like these pictures, they are stunning! Your blog is very inspiring and this article is great. It’s not important just to focus on fashion etc. If you can go to such wonderful places, we’re happy to see them:) Thanks for sharing!

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