>> As if procrastinating over lapsed deadlines on all fronts isn’t bad enough, I’ve now turned my fixations on finding new ways to recycle old photos. It’s a dangerous quagmire when you start yourself off on Google searches, leading from one photo the next.  However, I’ve been meaning to find a way of adding context to old outfits, which might sound like an arse-y pretentious thing to do but is actually aiding me through this whole book/inspiration/why-we-dress-the-way-we-do thought process thing-a-ma-jig.  Confused?  I am too.  All I do know is that image searching and picking out tunes sure beats staring dumbly at my Word screen typing Carrie Bradshaw-esque intros out, deleting and then wretchedly turning on Wimbledon to yell at players I hardly know.  I’ve dubbed them  Inspa-Outfits – as in inspiration and Insta mixed together.  I know.  Hybrid words are loathsome but it’s a temporary holding title until I can get out of this brain fog and think of something cleverer.  A few of them have gone up on Instagram but I thought I’d upload a few more here through Vimeo (so much prettier) as well.  In the spirit of being Tumblr-esque, I won’t listing out credits for each individual image but am happy to give them if you ask.  The point is to give a 15-30 second mind blur of what goes into an outfit.  Or something to that effect.  I’m already feeling like a prat as I’m typing this up.  Maybe I should stick to sorting out socks into colour order.  Fortunately, Paris has come-a-calling where haute couture will be the major distraction for the next few days.  You’ll get more sense out of me then hopefully.

Outfit: Cynthia Rowley x Roxy wetsuit, Topshop dress, Stella McCartney shoes, Music: Max Richter – Recomposition of Vivaldi’s Spring 0

Outfit: Molly Goddard x ASOS dress, Merchant Archive trousers and top, Nike Flyknits, Filles a Papa clutch, Music: Postiljonen – Supreme, Streetstyle photos by Flow On The Street and On Abbot Kinney

Outfit: Topshop x Meadham Kirchhoff floral top and silver tinsel skirt, vintage dress underneath, Makin Jan Ma striped leggings, Prada sunglasses, Miu Miu shoes, Music: Tomas Barford – November Skies feat. Nina Kinert

Outfit: Ostwald Helgason dried flowers sweatshirt, Diane von Furstenberg sequinned skirt, vintage cashmere jumper, Six London collaboration shoes, Benah clutch, Music: M83 – You, Appearing, Streetstyle photos by Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème Arrondissement

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  1. Beautiful you are my inspiration for my blog thank Susie Bubble

  2. Adriana says:

    If you think about is a great idea…. I admire the way you think about Fashion it is also an inspiration for me too.


  3. Paulina says:

    All these looks are amazing, I am sure you’ll write amazing pieces! http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  4. Haru Wilde says:

    I love these!!
    And I seriously admire the amount of energy you must have invested into all the googling.

  5. Great idea, watched all the short inspa outfit video and loved everyone of it.


  6. Jackie says:

    Somewhere, there’s a girl or boy or both who is incredibly inspired by this. See you in a few years darlin’!

  7. Colour Me In says:

    This is amazing – so inspiring! I truly think this is a wonderful idea

  8. Toni says:

    I need help.designed a fab pair of shorts.i know it’s a $$$ maker.help me get them it there.

    Percentage negotiable.


    Email me please.

  9. Toni says:

    POODI puzzle,shorts.whimsical,sexy,original you put them together.dress up or down.

    Come on cash in your lottery ticket..lol



  10. Love these! Very carrie diaries-esque


  11. old or not, u keep it funky fresh!

  12. Beautiful you are my inspiration for my blog thank Susie Bubble

  13. Ketty says:

    i simply love your blog. your dress is beautiful. i loved it 🙂


  14. Thanks for sharing with us your world, and everything you discover
    We share the way you think and see fashion.

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