>> Allow this old fogey to look back a bit today – to the gestating period of this blog when I was quite literally a “bedroom blogger”, snapping away at my reflection in a vaseline-smeared mirror.  I got an email this morning updating me on the whereabouts of label Future Classics, which gave me so much joy with a singular navy silk buttoned/pocketed draped skirt back in 2006 (a £30 sample sale find at now-defunct store Jezebell in Marylebone – oh, more memories!).  It’s one of those skirts that I smile fondly at every time it pops up in the admittedly more crowded skirt drawer of present day.  Established in 2000 by Julie Wilkins, Future Classics did all kinds of neat and clever things with draped jersey and then went on to deconstruct and twist other cornerstones of a wardrobe.  The deconstructed language of Comme des Garcons, Margiela and Rick Owens ran through Future Classics of course but back in 2006, for me these were brands that were locked away in a far-removed glass cabinet.  Future Classics was immediately tangible and felt more adaptable to your style as you sat in front of your mirror playing around with the garments in a multitude of ways.

Wilkins put Future Classics on a hiatus but early this year, relaunched as a hybrid fashion and music label, focusing on smaller capsule collections.  The title of their S/S 14 collection “All you need is a (cool) White T(winset)” says it all.  Draping and deconstruction still feature heavily.  Their A/W 14 collection named simply “Super Classics” delves into dressier and tailored territory with a pale blue flounce-sleeved shirt leading their animated GIF campaign.  You can immediately recognise classic Future Classics traits like front ‘n’ back ties, asymmetric draping and buttons in unexpected places to facilitate a variation of silhouettes.  It’s an aesthetic that whilst has been momentarily shunted aside in the trend cycle, somehow retains its relevance in amongst the loud and blaring fashion landscape of today.  This Future Classic flashback definitely warrants that skirt to be dug out once again.  

FC AW14 GIF (01)







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  1. Really cool looks, especially the mafia-striped suit!!

    Check out my chanel-inspired black&white look:


  2. sopchan says:

    Ha. That made me nostalgic too, for those were the days I avidly followed your pre-DSLR selfie-before-it-was-a selfie days and experimentations. 🙂

    I thought you might like this my mum, 1960s, a self shot outfit shot in Japan http://instagram.com/p/mKwBNNqc9D/ (amazing shot of your pa’s family by the way)

    Less of the old fogey purlease.

    • stylebubble says:

      Sopchan! A familiar name! That is an awesome shot… that really is the most charming selfie I’ve seen!

  3. angela says:

    my favorite line. I stand by that.

  4. Lovely images and I love how they move!


  5. Albertine says:

    These creations are sooo fabulous!

  6. wow, They have a fun and artistic twist to their clothing.


  7. Rachel says:

    Absolutely thrown back down memory lane and mine going back far further… 40 something.
    I remember when the house of Margiela first began.
    Lusting after the faultless deconstructed clothing … with outside seams and frayed edges constructed beautifully not thrown together fashion.
    Now year on creating my own label and if your around London for SCOOP international please come see us at the Phillips.
    You will love our new leather scarves.

  8. amy says:

    i think that are outfits look really similar!

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