Havin' a Ball

Havin' a Ball


>> I’ve had a range of creative answers come through people, as to why they should attend the Hermès Silk Ball in London on 26th June and you’ve got one more day to keep them coming.  Hermès has been keeping me in the loop and I wanted to share a few more details with you – so you know more of what a silk ball actually involves.  We know it will be at Koko in Camden  – albeit entirely transformed from the music/clubbing venue that I remember from my going-out days.  We know what the dress code is – eauty or Beast // masks and headdresses // silk scarves // fantastical make up – make of that what you wish.  I can reveal that if you’re ill equipped to don yourself up as beauty or beast, there will be a Salon of Transformation, where make-up artists and hairdressers will transform guests into the creature of their dreams. You will be able to adorn yourself with Hermès temporary tattoos – such as this one that spells out H E R M E S in cute animal letters.

Much is still shrouded in mystery but that’s all part of the surprise of attending a mysterious Hermès Silk Ball. For now, with the nod of approval from Hermès, I’ve come up with a mood board of images that should give you more of a visual idea of what we can expect in all facets of the ball…  Mask3 For a more dreamer girl take on Hermès silk, see the latest video that prodigal teen photographer Olivia Bee has made for the French house.  “Sacred Heart” comprises solar territories, wild forests and tales beneath the stars. Bee stages modern day blonde nymphs adorned with Hermès silk.  Below the video are some of the beautiful images that Bee shot for Hermès back in 2012.  Her interpretation of Hermès silk definitely gives you an inspiring taster of how the house sees silk and how a new generation of silk lovers could take to this infinite world of print and colour in motion.  This spirit will definitely be present at the Hermès Silk Ball.    

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Just to reiterate the gist of the ball, the dress code and the terms of competition…

It’s time to metamorphose

Extravagance and elegance

Magic and make-believe

Finery, sequins and flashes of folly

Dress Code: Beauty or Beast // masks and headdresses // silk scarves // fantastical make up 

– You can either leave a comment here on the blog or tweet me @susiebubble. I will also be hosting the competition on Instagram in a series of posts so that people can enter there if they so wish.

– Just complete the following sentence “I would like to go to the Hermès Silk Ball because… “

– Obviously on Twitter you’re limited by 140 characters but if you’re leaving a comment, feel free to go word wild. – If you’re commenting, please enter a real email address in the comment field so that we can contact you and on Twitter, please follow me so that I can DM you if you are chosen.

– I’ll be picking out the answers and you’ll be notified either by email or DM if you are chosen as a guest. All guests chosen will be free to bring a plus one to the ball.

T’s and C’s: You have to be over 18. Obviously don’t enter if you know you cannot attend the ball on Thursday June 26th. Please be aware that you would need to be in London on the night and obviously you’ll need to get yourself to the ball.

You must also have a verified UK address to enter as Hermès would need to mail a physical invite to you. TODAY is the last day to submit answers either on the blog or on Twitter so please don’t be shy with answers!  I’ve had a few curveball replies come up on Instagram here and here so honestly, anything goes!


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  1. Yvespink

    2014-06-06 at 10:43 AM

    Hermes scarves are so luxurious and classy

  2. sasa

    2014-06-06 at 2:09 PM

    So inspiring! Love them:)


  3. Edita

    2014-06-06 at 3:52 PM

    I already submitted my answer but your posts & updates keep my heart pumping (as I am sure everyone else’s)!

    From the Hermes approved collage, I really adore the lace Mickey Mouse masks meets Ghostly bride image.

    And scarf clad unicorn by Bee for Hermes? Genius!

  4. Gaptoothedgirl

    2014-06-06 at 4:06 PM

    It will be stunning being there!! A great inspiration will came through that walls!!
    XOX, Gap.

  5. Sarah Mehrali

    2014-06-06 at 9:25 PM

    I would like to go to the Hermès Silk Ball because I don a headscarf everyday – a second skin of sorts; an intrinsic part of my identity such that we are inseparable. Given that I can tie my hijaab in more ways than a boy scout can secure a knot, I dare you to let me loose amidst the silk fantasia.

  6. Andres Poiche

    2014-06-07 at 7:09 AM


  7. Elizabeth

    2014-06-07 at 11:30 AM

    I would like to go to the Hermes Silk Ball because ………every (Thurs)day is a magical Hermes antique ivory white silk scarf day…….

  8. Natalia

    2014-06-07 at 2:55 PM

    Just gets better and better….

  9. fashionsbit

    2014-06-08 at 2:22 PM

    hermes is amazing. the post is so inspirational!

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  10. Morsepoint UK

    2014-06-13 at 9:49 AM

    I really need to be at the Hermes Silk Ball!!!

    I also love Aeronautica Militaire Clothing but that’s just me 🙂

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