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Artsy Fartsy

>> Ooops, I’ve committed one of my own pet peeves.  I’ve previously said in reference to Chanel’s S/S 14 collection, that the oft-used, loosely-defined utterance of “Oh my god – it’s like ART!” doesn’t sit well with me.  When I swanned off to haute couture to report for Dazed Digital though, my pre-packed outfits seemed to “channel” (another fashion phrase cliche that I’ve committed to the sin-bin) well… art.  Not just any art.  But the most obvious postcard art – the pastel hues of Jean-Honoré Fragonard paintings, the post-WWI phase in Pablo Picasso’s portraiture and Roy Lichtenstein’s comic book graphic lines.  I want to let it be known that it was all sub-conscious packing that manifested itself in these cheesy outfit similes.  Beth Postle’s pieces are probably the most art-esque in so much that they feel collectible and special at this early stage in her career (Postle is still pursuing her MA at Central Saint Martins).  The Rochas coat was my way of rooting for Marco Zanini at his debut at Schiaparelli and also happened to pair up nicely with an old favourite dress made by the lovely Angie Montreal of I Heart Norwegian Wood (longtime Style Bubble readers will know the story).  Note to self: must reach to back of closet more often to resurrect old pieces.  And yes, I’m still trying to make motocross happening.  Judging by the raised eyebrows and out loud laughing by the folks in Paris, crossing the Channel with motocross might have been a step too far.

susie_lau_898934167_north_883xWearing Rochas coat, I Heart Norwegian Wood “cage dress”, Toga top, Sonia Rykiel top, J Brand jeans, Dries Van Noten shoes, Vivienne Westwood socks, Janvier London bag, Missoni clutch, Rochas collar. Photograph by Saskia Lawaks for

010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_096Photograph by Tommy Ton for

1401200051_hg_temp2_m_full_lPhotograph by StreetFSN for

AKS5472Photograph by Adam Katz Sinding for W Magazine



Suzanna-Lau-of-Style-Bubble-by-STYLEDUMONDE-Street-Style-Fashion-Blog_MG_0694Wearing Beth Postle top and trousers for Machine-A, Rochas collar, Deadly Ponies bag, Tabio socks, Sophia Webster shoes. Photograph from Style Du Monde

hbz-street-style-couture-s2014-paris-17-smPhotograph from Diego Zuko for Harpers Bazaar

DSC_3144Photograph by Gianluca Senese from Nobody Knows Marc

AKS7442Photograph by Adam Katz Sinding for W Magazine



c453f07c872c11e3a7161268af5f78d7_8Photograph from The Urbanspotter Instagram

010714_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fall_2014_slide_114Photograph by Tommy Ton for

©thestreetfashion5xpro by Stefano Coletti 6552© Susie BubblePhotograph by Stefano Coletti for TheStreetFashion5xpro

©thestreetfashion5xpro by Stefano Coletti 6529© Susie BubbleWearing vintage Hysteric Glamour jacket, Christopher Kane jumper, vintage motocross trousers, Michael Kors bag, Nike Liquid Silver Air Max 1. Photograph by Stefano Coletti for TheStreetFashion5xpro




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  1. Sarah McGiven

    2014-01-29 at 6:50 PM

    That Hysteric Glamour jacket is EVERYTHING. It’s so Salt n Pepa, I adore it!

  2. WOWS

    2014-01-29 at 7:37 PM

    Such a cool recap of stunning and colorful looks!

    Kisses from

    Today I bring you a Comfy & Chic look with an amazing mini Neoprene dress and a Rock touch!!

  3. DinoB

    2014-01-29 at 7:47 PM

    Juxtapositioning the looks against the artwork really makes it relevant and fun – even easier to get inspired… But hey, I’m a sucker for outfits with backstories!

    PS. Your AltaRoma post looks incredible – I’ve been scrambbling through internet for nice-looking images with informative accompanying texts, yet I didn’t find a unique set of pictures other than yours! Four thumbs (just ’cause 2 is too little) up for your perspective and way of following-up with events – a definite title of a best blogger!! xx d.

  4. Dominique

    2014-01-29 at 8:06 PM

    i love your style! You’ve uhm.. owned it. The clothes don’t wear you you wear the clothes 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    2014-01-29 at 9:49 PM

    Those Sophia Webster shoes are phenomenal foot candy!

    Elizabeth Daisy | Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

  6. Kiri

    2014-01-29 at 10:01 PM

    I loved you in the first outfit when I saw it online and I am featuring you in my post tomorrow! 🙂

    I laughed out loud when I saw your crossing the channel with motocross. You are very determined for this trend to come to fruition. Which I am sure it will.

    Great post once again and I can see the art references in your outfits.

  7. Steph & Cher

    2014-01-29 at 10:25 PM

    Loving these looks. You really take it to the next level with these outfits and I cannot even begin to imagine the looks you get when walking down the street. I love that you’re so daring with your attire, it definitely inspires me to put myself out there and wear the things I want to wear, regardless of what people are thinking. Not to mention you are literally a walking work of art. It’s brilliant


  8. Betsy Olive

    2014-01-29 at 10:38 PM

    Oh wow, I love how your outfits have been inspired by some truly amazing artworks. You look amazing.

    Betsy xo

  9. Girlie Blogger

    2014-01-30 at 12:25 AM

    You’re now officially the most creative fashion blogger. Yes, your outfits are like art. Very beautiful, eccentric art.

  10. Valentina Novo

    2014-01-30 at 6:41 AM

    Wether fashion is like art or not, it’s debatable. But art is such an amazing source of inspiration!
    I love the looks, especially the Lichtenstein one!

  11. Zhanna

    2014-01-30 at 9:27 AM

    Hi, Susie, you are always a divine ART object yourself, no matter what you are wearing, no matter if your clothes supposed to associate with somebody or something, no matter where you are location wise, you are always a big shining star that ‘channels’ a very clear message across: enjoy your life, take it easy and fashion is a big colorful jigsaw puzzle! Lots of <3 from Zhanna,

  12. zaena

    2014-01-30 at 10:07 AM

    Love when fashion and art come together in a more literal sense. I saw a lot of this when exploring the ancient culture of the amazing land of South Korea (and Japan)

  13. Mon Cherries

    2014-01-30 at 10:34 AM

    All your looks are so colorful and… just perfect!

  14. Design Closeup

    2014-01-30 at 10:46 AM

    I love Postle’s work. Her take on contemporary artwork has got that element of fashion which is so often missing in clothes wear, without looking pretentious or a vulgar copy of the real thing. No mean feat in my eyes!

  15. StyleSpectra

    2014-01-30 at 11:29 AM

    Great looks! I especially LOVE the second one, sooo gorg!!

  16. Tanya

    2014-01-30 at 11:49 AM

    Damnnn grrrl you really stepped up your makeup game. Dem red lips are looking freshhhhhh 😉 As always, love the way you put everything together, particularly how you de-sexified those sophia websters!

  17. amalie

    2014-01-30 at 12:04 PM

    I swear your style is impecccibleeee. ahhh x

  18. Jh Kim

    2014-01-30 at 12:06 PM

    She looks not only cute and adorable but mystic. Because of her face and body shape. That’s the one of features the female of east asia uniquely has. Western woman can be chic and dominantly beautiful but they can’t be adorable because of the strong image from their face. Vivid colors don’t make person chic but lovely and adorable. That’s why vivid colors are more appropriate for east asians than europeans.

    Look at her photos which is uploaded on this blog with elaborate patience. Compare Susie wearing vivid colored clothes and Susie wearing achromatic colored clothes. The former one might be more gorgeous and well matched for her while the latter one is plain.
    But europeans reverse it.

    • DinoB

      2014-01-30 at 7:34 PM

      Okay, sorry to bother – but isn’t this a bit racist?! :/ It’s fine to say East Asian features create a more cute image inside the Western culture – but to say colours are more appropriate for east asians than europeans is a completely xenophobic exaggeration…
      If we’re talking about differences and wearing colour, then complexion-wise people with dark colours can wear colours in a way more sensible way… But I disagree with any of these statements – personality is what carries the clothes, not the shape of the face or the colour of the skin… And that’s where Susie soars – she’s got personality to spare.! xx d.

    • Jh KIm

      2014-01-31 at 4:04 AM

      I admit that i should have use the refined expression. I’ll be careful to choose the word. Don’t get me wrong as a racist. ㅠㅠ. I’m just one of earthlings who have great interest in fashion. ^^

      What i want to say is that wearing clothes is to recognize and nurture the strength I have got. So, closely observation to myself should be required.

  19. The Fashion Fraction

    2014-01-30 at 1:01 PM
  20. Lee Golde

    2014-01-30 at 2:18 PM

    Susie…You are the best!!!! not only do you out together brilliant outfits and make fashion really work…but then again you are amazingly creative and putting the art images with the photos of you is the best…
    That really makes it all sing and work so perfectly….
    Thanks for all your informative,brilliant and dynamic info!!!
    Lee Golde

  21. Nasreen

    2014-01-30 at 3:26 PM

    I seriously admire your choice in clothes! So unique and different and you’re not afraid to wear what you want!

    Lazy Obsession

  22. sasa

    2014-01-30 at 6:41 PM

    Love your coat so much and also that pair of SW. <3

  23. Shameak

    2014-01-31 at 8:12 AM

    Loving the jacket and silver Nike trainers

  24. Amelie bags

    2014-01-31 at 9:18 AM

    Your first look is perfect! I showed to my group of friends and they all loved it. The bag is gorgeous.

  25. Shirts Online

    2014-01-31 at 11:14 AM

    i like your style…Awesome…. Started Admiring you

  26. AngieMontreal

    2014-01-31 at 6:45 PM

    I’m so happy to see the ruffled cage dress resurface! It’s still looking great…those ruffles will forever remind me of delicate lasagne noodles though, I just could NOT stop thinking of that while I sewed them…!

    Love the motocross inspired outfit too…I’m partial to the comfy/stylish combo.

  27. INTIRA

    2014-01-31 at 7:14 PM

    LLOOVVEE!! Really inspired Susie. I LOVE every looks 🙂 xo

  28. Vivian

    2014-01-31 at 11:13 PM

    You are amazing, I personally, love the motocross~



  29. Lexi Lawrence

    2014-02-01 at 6:11 PM

    Amazing outfits, the first is my favourite! xo

  30. gerlinde

    2014-02-03 at 11:31 PM

    hell yeah motocross! you look like nothing can stop you.

  31. Glitzy_sey

    2014-02-09 at 8:10 AM

    My opinion…anyone else hardly plays better with colour than Susie.
    So adventurous, creative and different.
    She has been (and is gonna be) all the time very good she is since I’ve seen her in LFW few seasons before.
    Especially, I love this posting, it is the one what I want to do about arts x fashion. I’d love to share some photos for my artsy blog. May I?

  32. this domain

    2014-10-02 at 2:02 AM

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