The Twelve Jumpers of Christmas Day

>> It’s a whole load of firsts this year.  For the first time in all of my thirty years, we didn’t do Christmas at my grandma’s house in Dollis Hill with our annual gathering of four different kinds of roast meats (our family is big enough that goose, duck, beef AND turkey are all on offer).  Instead, we shrunk the Christmas get together down to my mum, my three sisters, my uncle and Steve and christened the new house with the smell of a 10kg forerib of beef (still ploughing through leftovers).  I made gravlax from scratch.  Steve and I prepped the veg the night before.  We used a digital meat thermometer for the first time.  We were basically following a combination of Delia Smith and Mary Berry’s instructions verbatim.  Thoroughly grown-up stuff.  On the day though, I thought I’d establish a tradition that is entirely my own doing.  The Christmas jumper apparently shows no signs of abating.  Whilst I manage to avoid cartoonish robins and gigantic christmas puddings on my jumpers, it is a time of year when an assortment of sweaters and jumpers either come through the post as pressies or on my Christmas shopping trips, I misguidedly think I “deserve” a gift to myself.  And so from about 9am in the morning until 12 midnight of Christmas day this year, not quite on the hour every hour, I rotated through my twelve jumpers/sweaters/sweatshirts (there’s a clear distinction between the three but for ease, I’ll call them all Christmas jumpers) much to the bemusement of my family.  I have some vaguely convincing practical reasons why twelve jumpers on Christmas day works – less chance of one jumper being overly permeated with the smell of roasting meats and veg or some such nonsense – but the real reason is just the pure indulgence of changing your top twelve times in about five seconds in your own house, in your own wardrobe cubby room because you’re the one who’s hosting the Christmas festivities and you don’t have to leave the house.  With my trusty red leather H&M trousers (the only pair of leather trousers I would call comfy enough to eat a Christmas meal in) as my accomplice, I hereby give you my twelve jumpers of Christmas Day.  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Boxing Day.  Normal posting duties that don’t revolve around roasting meat or alcohol to resume soon.

IMG_6862 Chinti & Parker sweater

IMG_6881 Tabitha Simmons x Toms shoes, MiH knitted socks

IMG_6902 Tsumori Chisato jumper

IMG_6919 Mary Katrantzou sweatshirt

IMG_6946 Chanel limited edition X’Mas 2013 sweatshirt

IMG_6959 Ostwald Helgason short sleeved sweater and matching skirt, Christopher Kane scarf

IMG_6978 COS sweater

IMG_6983 Christopher Kane cable jumper

IMG_6996 Vintage tinsel jumper


IMG_7043 Calla jumper


IMG_7063 Comme des Garcons Homme jumper

IMG_7070 Leutton Postle jumper

IMG_7113 Let Kuzmus sweatshirt, EDE England Big Scarf


27 Replies to “The Twelve Jumpers of Christmas Day”

  1. Hope you had a great Christmas! I love your jumpers especially the Comme des Garcon and tinsel jumpers. you look amazing in them!


  2. Hi dear!!!! Like your style and I’ve fallen in love with your black/violet sweater!!!! so particular and cool….. 😉 happy holidays!!I I follow you on your social and if you want you can visit my blog….xx ilaria

  3. I think the 12 Jumpers of Christmas really plays with the 12 days of christmas songs. You should definitely play with those somehow and turn it into a song. And though its the first christmas without a huge party I think it looks completely fun. This year was my first christmas without the full family because my grandpa forgot the day the party was… ehehehe..

    And the purple tinsel jumper is my favourite. I’d wear that bold and confidently any time of the year.

  4. Beautiful jumpers Susie! I totally see the necessity of changing into twelve on Christmas day, I mean who could resist the colour novelty and max-cosiness 🙂

  5. I love the cushions on your bed in the top picture, I know you said you don’t want to become Apartment Therapy, but it would be great if you could tell me where they’re from.

    Hope you have a great New Year!

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