Felt Tip Penned


>> The feeling of putting a thick permanent black marker pen to paper and making that squeaky foam to fibre sound is a satisfying one.  I’d imagine then that Beth Postle, this year’s graduate of Central Saint Martins BA menswear design and print, had a riot with her collection of chunky black markers when coming up with her motifs for her standout collection.  There’s more than a hint of Picasso in Postle’s work, except she takes it in a pop-led and exuberant direction, but it turns out she wasn’t consciously inspired by the artist.  I personally got more Memphis and ’80s retro futuristic vibes from Postle’s printed black marker outlined portraits, which she then applied to shapes inspired by 1920’s Soviet costume and 1970s paper dolls.  On a rare trip out to the January sales (I needed a nice toilet brush and didn’t want to pay megabucks for it… needs, must.) in town, I dropped by Machine-A where slow-on-the-uptake me discovered that Postle had done an exclusive capsule collection of pieces for the store.  It’s the recognisable essence of her brilliant BA collection on neoprene trackie bottoms and long and short sleeved tees with the premise being that some of them match up to create a continuous portrait.  Not only was I slow on the uptake.  I also missed the first drop of the collection, which sold out in a flash and I was lucky enough to pick up bits from the second drop on sale.  Me thinks other people recognised the fact that ten years down the line, they can say whilst stroking their chin in a pensive manner, “I think I might still have a piece from Postle’s first collection in the attic somewhere…”  The trip to the Jan sales also yielded a Eugenia Kim knitted collar, which bucks the shirt collar norm with its resolute chunkiness and I’ve been waiting to break out these bad boy flamingo booties by Sophia Webster, from her properly-good, properly bargainous sample sale earlier in December.  I want to say they’re the BEST flamingo themed shoes I’ve ever clapped my eyes on, except come to think of it, they might be the only flamingo-themed shoes I’ve seen.

P.S. Oh HI, new background/location for taking outfit pictures.  Looks vaguely like the old gaff, no?  Ah… the standardised property developer’s style that pervades London.  A few people have been asking about interiors-related stuff in the new house on Twitter/Instagram so I’ll be detouring into interiors territory for one post only.   Apartment Therapy, I am not…
















bethpostle8Beth Postle pictures from 1 Granary