This is Me… Bidding Farewell to N7


You will see that bloody balcony no more.  The outfit posts on the communal terrace will cease to exist.  And, I have lost a very convenient venue to hold our blogger year sales.  Just in case you’re in the miniscule minority who doesn’t know (I have pretty much been yapping on about this to anybody who has hearing), I am finally getting out of my N7 hovel on Saturday and I have been busy getting my new house (extreme and far out location to be revealed soon…) ready in preparation.  I still have not got a toilet but I do have lovely new cushions by Swash.  I know my priorities.

Before I look forward to the new and slightly bigger hovel (it’s a house w/ a REAL staircase – beyond excited!) I thought I’d take a moment to say farewell to my beloved N7.  If I could afford you, I would have stayed.  I love your dogged un-trendiness although I spy that two “artisinal” coffee shops have popped up on Holloway Road – maybe that’s a sign for me to get out.  I love your proximity to two useful Tube lines and your all round convenience for everything.  I will miss the following in no particular order – Le Peche Mignon’s real-deal French owners and their dedication to their perfect croissaints, the awesome peeps at Chip Inn Fish Bar who always give me extra chips, the slightly eccentric owner of Ooh La La furniture store, the cantankerous lady at 162 vintage store, bibimbap at Busan (secret-not-so-secret Korean spot), the lady at Holloway Road tube station newsagents who senses I am in a rush and hands over my change in speedy time, the roars of GOALS when Arsenal are playing and the smell of burgers/sausages outside our building on matchdays, the guy who sells Arsenal merchandise who makes fun of my outfits and always asks “Are you a designer?” even though I tell him EVERY time that I’m not.

I’m belatedly blogging this little film made in association with OPSH and Kanken bags as part of their “This is Me” series, profiling British creativies, where they live, how they work and passions outside of their vocation, with mine being food and football.  I’ll look back on this film perhaps and wonder why it is I moved.  Maybe I’ll come back.  Maybe I won’t.  Regardless, N7 has been grand to me for the past six years.  There’ll be a pensive pause for sure when I load up the last bits on to the moving van on Saturday.









10400829246_d8bd33fd5f_bFilm-maker: Geppetto, Photography: Rich Gilligan, Produced by: Prowlster, Executive Producers: Skookum Ltd