>> My most popular video on Instagram since everybody went 15-sec video mad wasn't Rick Owens' powefully provocative steppers, or the moving light installation at Saint Laurent inspired by artist Guy de Cointet.  Funny that.  Fashion isn't the centre of our universes?  Instead, a chance sighting of a flock of starlings circling around Omotosando in Tokyo yesterday, just as the sun was setting got people hearting/commenting.  One person even observed that this was proof of the power of God in the Koran.  

The fluid and in sync movement of these birds was indeed a marvel and some kind of respite to see after what has been an exhausting month.  I love that a group of starlings can be called anything ranging from a quiet "cloud" or "murmuration" to a "chattering" or "clattering".  They create noise that calms.

It brought to mind Ingrid Verner's latest S/S 14 collection for newish solo label Verner, which is now available on Pet Shop Girls.  I was excited that one half of old Australian fave TV had gone her own way to throw something off-kilter to Aussie fashion.  "See Change" continues in that vein as Verner too is tiring of noise and loudness in fashion and instead turns the calm costal life in Australia.  She got interested in the "salties" – the local characters of the regions of northern NSW, where you have a slower pace of life that's seemingly free from money-making and the internet.  It's the good life by the sea.

Verner offers comfort sprinkled with the salty sea air with a flying seagulls motif, that isn't in fact as twee as other fashion specimens of "Put a Bird On It".  That's down to Verner's slubby sportswear shapes and relaxed workwear, a continuation from her last Sleep Work collection.  A contrasting "Terazzo" print adds something manmade into this soothing collection, that you could imagine requires nothing more than sand between bare toes, crunchy salt water hair and a big fluffy towel.  Verner also dedicates this collection to the expanse of Australia – "a place where a growing economy, freedom and space always wins."  Which is as good a persuasion as any flashy tourist board campaign.  Verner, you don't need to tell me all about the wealth of space and tranquility that Australia offers.  I'll be down under again for sure in April and this time, the trip will be elongated to go further afield from the usual Melbourne/Sydney haunts.  


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  1. FashionSnag says:

    That video is great. You followed them so well.

  2. Suzi Maynard says:

    The blue dress has my name written all over it! Love. x
    Suzi x
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  3. WOWS says:

    Love the last design especially!
    Kisses from
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  4. MuryHandbags says:

    I like the video too.
    very impressing that you took the video only yesterday and had the brilliant idea to link it to that fashion collection.
    I can see the collection fit well with the NSW mood.

  5. Jessica Neumann says:

    Great video, nice collection!
    Cultureandtrend Blog
    CultureandTrend Facebook

  6. The Provoker says:

    The video is so mesmerizing, I don’t think I’ve seen that many flock together. And great that you linked it so well to the designs of this post, your mind can just now so well correlate these references! CSM students would drool over your brain.. err.. figuratively and ‘conceptually’ that is, haha. ;D

  7. Awesome and Congratulations! amazing style as always 🙂

  8. I really like this collection. Great video! Thanks for sharing
    Kristin @ Highland Fashionista
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  9. bayu radith says:

    wonderful collection.. great video Perfect!!

  10. Blink London says:

    lovely post. So important to look beyond fashion for inspiration- but good to look back to fashion after that though!

  11. Jen says:

    This collection looks awesome, as was the video! Would love for you to check out my blog http://www.theboonreport.com for great articles on fashion! 🙂

  12. Lucy says:

    Love the video and the blue throughout is yumm

  13. NUNCshoes says:

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  14. Tedd says:

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