>> "Hi I drew you!  Please blog about me!" unfortunately peppers quite a few emails in my inbox.  Poor them.  They absolutely took no joy in knocking out their illustration of me because their sole purpose was to flatter my shallow vanity, stroke my ego and thus get a blog post about their work out of me.  Cynic much, you say?  Sadly it does often show through in the illustration itself.  Therefore it was a delight to receive this specimen from Nashville-based freelance illustrator Lauren Rolwing.  I wasn't just tickled by the fact that she had drawn out my current favourite combo of Bernstock Speirs veiled beanie and vintage Chinese embroidered jacket but it was her direct, minimal and playful style, which led me to her brilliant Tumblr blog, where even better examples of her work lie.  



A graduate of printmaking from Savannah College of art and Design, Rolwing has been forging ahead in freelance illustrations, mostly doing distinct poster work, but it's on her personal blog where her way with interpreting collections really comes to life.  Fashion illustration has often veered towards the florid, sketchy or life like so it's great to see Rolwing's expressionist take on a Dior striped frock from their latest S/S 14 collection or Christopher Kane's S/S 14 biology lesson.  Her blogged references are clear enough in her work – the pastel colours of Miami art deco buildings, the direct lines of Memphis design, sixties typography, Bauhaus – but it's blending all of that with fashion imagery that means she should be getting some meaty commissions if there's anyone out there who wants fashion illustration with a real point of difference.  













26 Replies to “Rolwinged”

  1. She had to draw you. Look at the bangs her ‘models’ are sporting. She couldn’t resist. And such a D A F tumblr. Thanks for my new bookmark!

  2. Wow..fantastic, refreshing and modern! Her illustrations are fantastic and would make beautiful prints.
    It’s always great to see fresh talent.

  3. This is really good art! They’re really fun and appealing. They make me smile. They would be perfect to display in a home because of the positive feelings they convey.

  4. Just goes to doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to have ‘it’. I remember in Art classes, if every student had to make a picture out of 12 black dots and nothing else, those with true talent still did the best works. xxxx

  5. the illustration of you is amazing. She got it so right, even with your little head piece and your new acne box clutch. fantastic.
    also the other illustrations are great.

  6. I actually don’t usually like this type of illustration but these are really interesting… simple yet intriguing. I could see these working very well in a big billboard campaign but also in smaller size in calling cards, tags etc. It will be interesting to follow where her illustrations will end up in the future.

  7. Love this! Like you said, such a refreshing style, very different from your typical fashion illustration. Absolutely love how it’s modern and a tad retro at the same time.
    xoxo Iris

  8. These are probably the best examples of artwork that are simple, yet intensely detailed and it sparks an instant flame of interest. The way her work jumps out at me from the screen is enchanting.

  9. Love MS. ROLWIGS illustrations of each designers collection..Her sense of humor and her
    aritstic ability are more than worth your giving her a plcae of honor in you blog…thanks…
    lee golde

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