>> There's no real reason why I've not worn a pair of knee high boots (excepting photo shoots) since I had a pair of vintage ones in the ye olde days of Style Bubble.  Remember when vintage stores made a killing flogging old slouchy boots, deluding many that they could wear them a la Sienna Miller or Kate Moss?  Well, I'm still under no such illusions but I have taken some sort of tip-off from la Moss and gone for Stuart Weitzman's 5050 boot that has being feted in this new #MadeForWalking campaign.  The video is basically Kate doing her classic Kate thing, looking good in Stuart Weitzman's classic over the knee boots – both flat and heeled – and trotting along to Nancy Sinatra's classic hit.  It's a bit schmaltzy but knowingly so.   

The point is that I've been able to discover the wonders that is the 5050 boot, now celebrating its 20th anniversary of popularity.  Stuart Weitzman may not necessarily have the highest of profiles in Europe (although an impressive Zaha Hadid-designed flagship in Milan may change that) but figures don't lie – over one million pairs of boots sold all over the world is impressive stuff.  It's the boot that I wish I had found when I was traipsing around Dolcis and Shelly when I was 17 and hellbent on reaching some sort of over-the-knee boot epiphany.  Once I had given up all hope, I had concluded that it wasn't meant to be and that my calves were rejecting leather encasing them.   That is until I cynically slipped on the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots thinking that my gams would do their rejection thing and found, that the key to the magic of these flat boots was the micro stretch fabric at the back of the boot.  No zippers required.  Not that I'm any sort of an authority on the over-the-knee boot front and of course haven't tried every pair out there but these 5050 boots have hit the mark, where so many have failed.  

That they're completely flat and shaped in a way that you want a flat boot to be are bonus features.  #MadeForWalking is an apt hash tag.  I chose the razzy black patent ones (new in for A/W 13-4 although the classic leather and suede versions are also available), which with heels would have been a little Julia Roberts in opening scene of Pretty Woman, had it not been 5050's utilitarian slip-on and flat stance.  From London to Milan to Paris, they've already been suitably broken into and my knee boot woes are finally solved.  Stuart Weitzman is an unlikely source but I suppose there's a reason why a bestseller has earned its status.  





IMG_9912Worn with Versus top, Nike hoodie wrapped around waist, J.W. Anderson shorts, Miu Miu sunglasses

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  1. Love these shiny flat boots on you Susie. Somehow over-the-knee boots never work for me. They always hit in the middle of my knee instead of over them. May have to give these ones a try though…

  2. OMG sexxxxy!!! Love this look on you!! 🙂

  3. Klaudia says:

    These boots are ugly! They look bad even on Kate – very cheap and soooo un-cool.

  4. Those are amazing boots! I love when they top over the knee. That skirt is amazing too.

  5. WOWS says:

    Amazing boots!
    Kisses from
    Don’t miss you my A-Line midi skirt of my last look…and the NEW WOrldwide Giveaway on my blog!!.

  6. Susie, I absolutely love your style. It’s so very different from mine, but I always thoroughly enjoy your posts, admiring deeply your imagination, your terrific writing, and your delightful personality and appearance. The outfit you share with us here is one of my all time favorites. Bravo, Susie Bubble!!

  7. I love your outfit! Thos boots are great!

  8. Joy. says:

    Not quite my style. Byt the shorts…great mix of texture and style!
    With love,
    n e w b l o g | justlikesushi.com

  9. EUGENIA says:


  10. Elisa says:

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  11. lady vintage says:

    Such great style adore it all 🙂

  12. Putri Soe says:

    The top mixed with the skirt is gorgeous! Everything seems different when you’re wearing it! (which is a good thing)

  13. Kamilla says:

    My mom was kind enough to gift me a dark blue suede version of those a few years back (they still look like they’re new, though) and my boyfriend thinks they’re the sexiest shoe ever. It’s so crazy how they managed to make a simple flat boot into something so spectacular!

  14. Kami says:

    Great campaign… Fantastic look on you!

  15. Jinna says:

    So futuristic look and those boots rock! I think knee-high boots are difficult to wear and not everybody can pull it off, but the way you styled this outfit make it high fashion. Brilliant!

  16. Laurel says:

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  17. Christy says:

    I must admit that I’m on the shy end of the spectrum when it comes to knee highs but this look has got me thinking twice! One key thing for me though is how easy they are to put on or take off I’ve had too many a bad experience with boots in my fashion life…
    Christy of:

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