>> I've only ever watched ye olde fashion shows of the seventies and eighties on scratchy YouTube videos, where models sashay, twirl, laugh and the front row vaguely look like they're smiling.  Last night at Moschino's 30th anniversary show, I *think* I finally got to see what that experience was like for real when the legendary Pat Cleveland opened the show in Franco Moschino's archive Bull Chic ensemble, faux-flamenco-ing her way down the catwalk, stopping every so often to spin and pose, with an expression that could only endear people to fall in love with her and whatever she was wearing.  The beginning and the finale part of the show skewed in this direction with other "oldies" Violetta, Amalia, and Gisele doing their thang with Gloria Gaynor up on centrestage, singing "I Am What I Am".  

I'm tempted to say "They don't make them like they used to…" but I have no real recollection of what fashion yesteryear was like.  If this was a flashback glimpse, then I'm all for more nostalgia-tinted moments like this in fashion.  It got people standing up (much to the chagrin of photographers in the pit), clapping, and *shock* actually looking like they're enjoying themselves.  Interestingly, for a flashback show, I'd never seen more iPads, cameras and smart phones up in the air as they were all eager to document what everyone knew was a rare treat.     

Instagram video taken by myself for Dazed & Confused

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  1. SACRAMENTO says:

    Sooooooooooooooooo fabulous,ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thank you for sharing, dear Susie.

  2. SACRAMENTO says:

    I need a cow skirt inmediatly if not sooner now, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have alovely Sunday.

  3. Brigita says:

    Finally someone remembered what fashion is about – having fun! And it proofs to be true, because people liked it! It was like a fresh breath of air! Talking about those iphones and ipads – I think they have to be banned, nobody looks at the clothes anymore!

  4. WOWS says:

    REally stunning !!!
    Kisses from
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    WIN an amazing pair of bamboo wood sunglasses.Last DAY!!!

  5. Joana says:

    I love this throwback to how you so eloquently call it, yesteryear. And what about how high-end stores used to have their own models to show the clothes to the rich clientele? I love 1950s movies and all that comes with it, fashion included.
    Love, When You Dream Big x

  6. Astrid Meyer says:

    Wauw, the dress looks great.. Must have been an experience to be there.

  7. FashionSnag says:

    Loving that dress!

  8. I love this dress!

  9. Brigadeiro says:

    Molto cool!
    Off topic, remember I wrote to you about snapping you outside Chanel’s couture show in your amazing Dries skirt (via Instagram?). Well, I finally got around to posting pics on my blog (although you’ve probably seen 1001 pics of yourself already). Wish I had gotten the chance to say hi!
    Brigadeiro’s Blog

  10. Ashleejenna says:

    This fun and fashion combo is just a classic look,,beautiful!

  11. it’s weird cause now the roles have reversed, those in the front row smile and laugh while those in the runway don’t as much as blink!

  12. Kamilla says:

    Oh man why don’t models do that more today???? Their clothes would look so much more enticing! It’s like renegading women to the status of clothes-hanger in place of the hot housewife, you can’t have a personality anywhere anymore!

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