>> It's quite satisfying to know that currently, one of my favourite things that I can't stop looking at/feeling/touching and itching to wear (it's cooled down in London but not quite to jumper weather yet) is a $5 flea market find from my trip to LA.  $5 or even ¬£5 cheap thrills just don't come as easily as they used to, compared to the ye olde days of Style Bubble when I'd swoop in and find something amazing in charity shops and rush home, giddy with excitement and accomplishment.  Excessive travelling, increased workload and admittedly, a diminishing inclination towards the "hunt" for clothes has contributed to the lack of cheap thrills.  Therefore this sweater is being hung up on the wall as a reminder that a) those thrills are still out there if you look for it and b) you can never have enough clothes that remind you of a cheap n' cheerful circa 1986 Christmas complete with dry turkey, electric knife and too many Quality Street chocolates.  I've loaded up on the Eddie Borgo x Beach in the East exclusive cone bracelets here but only incidently because I was using them for a separate shoot.  They're not part of the cheap thrill buzz but they do have a similar Crimbo spirit about them.

Speaking of cheap thrills, here's a not so subtle reminder of the ¬£1 sale I'm having next week in my yard.  Not that you technically can't find clothes cheaper than that but you know… really, does it happen that often?   





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  1. How I wish I live in London! I would love to buy loads of stuff from you!

  2. Love that bracelet! And thank you (not!) for reminding me of how much I looooooooove Quality Street chocolates. I’m now going to have to buy a whole box (the big one)

  3. 1 buck sale in yard, greatttt, now I wished I live close to you. Mehhh.
    Btw nice bracelet! 😀
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    with love, Cassandra xxhttp://backtofive.blogspot.com

  4. Lydia says:

    Amaaaazing jumper, love the references to the cheap and cheerful Christmas’ of yesteryear, ha!

  5. “MY DARLING, MY DARLING, ty es soubla√Øme”. Cristina Cordula voice.
    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3

  6. Francesca says:

    oh my goodness, this jumper is made for my tinsel loving self!

  7. Lauren at adorn la femme says:

    You mean I could have the joy of Xmas each time I wear this?!!! I’m wanting this badly~especially in red, silver, or gold!!!
    Lauren at adorn la femme

  8. Ana says:

    Hel-LO childhood 😀 !

  9. ashley says:

    love the sweater….

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