>> I've had a fair number of oddities come through the N7 hovel over the years.  Nothing will ever top the hollowed out pineapple with a piece of jewellery inside it, which arrived with a slightly putrid smell, but others have tried to take its tropical crown.  Last week, Acne winged over what is essentially a pricy emoticon on an orange hardcase acetate clutch.  Upon closer inspection, the Vanessa clutch with its slightly comical looking 😐 facade, is a beautiful leather lined case with a mirror inside, making it a hefty article to carry anything in.  According to Acne, it's a "modern take on the vintage vanity case" and is big enough to fit an iPad or all of your modern necessities, which in my case would be Samsung Galaxy Note phone (you'd be surprised how many evening clutches are strictly iPhone only), Oyster card, debit card and maybe a powder compact – no need to use my own smudgy mirror when you have a gleaming big one inside the case.

Better than being a functioning clutch though is the overriding indulgent preciousness of the case.  I'm probably not the only one who had a deep love for pretty boxes as a child.  I loved me a box.  One year it was my mother's velvet lined jewellery box.  Another, it was a shell covered box my nan gave me.  Even the most mundane of gift boxes were potential self-made treasure troves.  Inside them, they'd be filled with silly notes to myself, pebbles, stickers and other weird and wonderful trinkets.  I'd hide them around my bedroom, thinking someone might try and steal my "secrets".  I'd make a dramatic ceremony out of "stumbling" upon my own boxes, opening them up and imagining I was Alice in Wonderland discovering the "Eat Me" box.  Therefore rather than cramming this Acne Vanessa case with life's "modern necessities", I'd rather gently lay lovely artefacts inside, some of which are perhaps slightly useless in the scheme of real life.  I almost want to dare myself to rely on the contents of the case when out and about.  How to incorporate a roll of stripy washi tape or a set of eraseable pastel pens in a serious meeting about online publishing and content strategy?

Thumbs up too on Acne's choice to use the apathetic bored emoticon :|on this series of clutches (which come in a smaller Akoya size if 26cm x 21cm of acetate is too cumbersome for you).  It's an appropriate sentiment to carry around, considering how many real eye rolls, deadpans and eyebrow raises I do in a day.  Thankfully though, what's inside would naturally lift the | into a ).












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  1. The last few look like gravestones….o_0
    Love the turquoise swirly one though!

  2. mhmd1434 says:

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  3. Such a cool clutch. I love the fun emoticon design.
    Christie x

  4. I agree with Jolly Caucus Race…the last few do look like gravestones,
    Otherwise I quite like them 🙂

  5. Now that someone’s mentioned gravestones, all I can think about when looking at it are gravestones…haha.

  6. Elisa Taviti says:

    Nice post!
    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  7. Your post is great. (:
    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3

  8. Juliane says:

    Lovely but maybe not as a clutch. I love to think of them as precious keepsakes. The colored ones are gorgeous after all!

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  11. fashiondacci says:

    the marble print one please ! thanks for sharing

  12. Beanie Hats says:

    One year it was my mother’s velvet lined jewellery box. Another, it was a shell covered box my nan gave me.

  13. I show you my look with a Wang style draped dress….and wearing for firt time an amazing pair of lace-up high sandals!

  14. it was a shell covered box my nan gave me.

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