It's a week of following up, catching up and hunting down as I dip in and out of some of the fantastic menswear collections on show at LC:M, head down to the colleges to see more graduates as well as sniffing out leads for Paris before I head over there the haute couture shows.  Like I said last week when I posted about Shao-Yen Chen, it's nice to see some continuity when talking up young designers.  It's not an ideal situation to bound about a name and then not hear a peep about them forevermore.  When I was rounding up the upward motions of the high street back in January, I mentioned that ASOS would be collaborating with Central Saint Martins BA class of 2012 graduate Molly Goddard, who I singled out last year.  Now the fruits of that union are nearly upon us and it's a pretty and concise lovefest of all the things that I can't resist – sheer, delicate, layer-friendly and best of all, a unique collaboration that goes against the norm.  

I believe this is the first time ASOS have collaborated with an undergraduate designer and one that isn't schilling her own mainline anywhere else.  "It's strange that nobody knows who I am and I'm not in a position to sell clothes any other way, and so to have things that people can buy, is really exciting," said Goddard.  That first part may not be true as Goddard's collection from the last CSM BA show was such a memorable stunner – a wonderful homage to dreamy ideals of childhood attire and to the physical act of handcraft.  It's no wonder that it impressed ASOS.  "Molly's BA collection was not only accomplished but incredibly beautiful," said Emma Fox, womenswear fashion director of ASOS.  "The carefully constructed pieces are the work of an exceptional talent and we are honoured to be working with her on this special collaboration."  Looking at the three dresses Goddard has designed for ASOS, they contain some essence of her BA collection – namely the tulle outer dress and volume-creating gatherings at the waist.  The underlayer of hand crochet has now become three easy-to-wear slip dresses made up of a machine embroidery into a traditional lace pattern.  Combined together they're the sort of dresses that are begging to be taken out of their pretty-pretty fem-fem context.  You definitely get an urge to go to the supermarket, ride the 43 bus or walk into an old man's pub wearing one of these ballooning fluoro pink tulle dress just for the sheer hell of it.  Goddard seems to have a similar idea.  "They could be worn during the daytime and then you might end up at a weird party accidentally."  

Essentially though you have two dresses in one that come together in harmony but can also be taken apart for other layering adventures.  Combined together they're beautiful just as they are but I like bang for my buck and I personally think the tulle outerdresses are magnificent as they are, acting like shells to layer away as you please.  They're daring you to up the contrast levels to counteract the femininity and childish whimsicality of the material and shape.  Jeans, trainers, sportswear and rubbish t-shirts would be my chosen weapons of down-dressing all that tulle.  Or you could just go all out and run with the heightened frou-frou fantasy of all that tulle and pair up with other similar garments which collectively conjure up a mixture of My Little Pony, rave fairy costumes and Bubble's wardrobe from Ab Fab.  










IMG_4092Molly Goddard for ASOS Salon dresses worn with Miista holographic brogues







IMG_4212Molly Goddard for ASOS tulle dress worn with Lucky Chouette sailor top, Dries van Noten embroidered denim skirt, Karen Walker sunglasses, Joe Duke x Beach in the East denim jacket, Nike trainers





IMG_4292Molly Goddard for ASOS tulle dress worn with Simone Rocha lace skirt, Sorcha O'Raghallaigh embroidered top, vintage slip dress, Comme des Garcons Tricot collar, John Rocha black tinsel headband, Him & Her neon headband, Meadham Kirchhoff x Pollini shoes 

There's an one more sleeveless tulle dress style in a lighter shade of pink, which I didn't photograph so here are the official lookbook images.  The collab will hit on 24th June (next Monday) and prices will range from £120 to £150.  I'm looking forward to some resemblance of a summer where I get to gather up these giant skirts of tulle to ride the bus, do my supermarket shop and maybe wind up in a park somewhere drinking cider.  Anyone else along for the ride?




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  1. xavierkat says:

    Wow, those tulle overlays are just amazing! I am not too happy with the price tag πŸ™‚ but it is truly wonderful work, and I hope one will be mine eventually. I just canot quite decide on the color…:)

  2. Kirbybee says:

    The white tulle layered over the Dries, might just be the most perfect thing ever.

  3. Felicity says:

    Urgh, these are absolutely perfect. Love how you’ve styled the white one especially. X

  4. Sugar Vendil says:

    I love these dresses! I’m so jumping on these on the 24th. Who makes the white shoes the blond model is wearing? Need those too!

  5. malu says:

    Discover my Stylish Confessionsβ€šΓ΄β€’

  6. WOWS says:

    Love those tulle overlays too!
    Don’t miss today my Working Girl look…….with a Casual touch and Amazing Sandals & Bag!. πŸ˜‰
    Kisses from – My Bloglovin

  7. Holly says:

    these outfits are all perfect!

  8. INTIZ says:

    Very nice on you for pink and white tulle dresses :)Your matching is very Unique!!

  9. These are amazing! I am defo going to start saving so I can join in on the tulle fun – the pink one in the first picture is incredible! x

  10. tanya says:

    oh man on man susie why do you do this to me??? i am crushing so hard on these and already wondering if i could scrimp my pennies together to afford these amazing dresses – it’d be my first “designer” purchase which is a big thing for a student like me!
    i saw your convo with fashion hayley on twitter& wondering the same thing do you have any idea what size these bad boys go up to?

  11. susie_bubble says:

    Hey Tanya – sizes UK 8 up to UK 16 would be the official answer!

  12. Maggie says:

    Such an innovative idea, I love how you can mix-and-match the layers with whatever you’re in the mood for that day. Also, mixing hand-crochet and machine embroidery shows she is very conscience of her process and it’s effects. Can definitely see Ab Fab’s Bubbles rocking these! Will be keeping an eye on her development from here on out!

  13. Yan Lu says:

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  14. Lucy-Jane says:

    Oh my gosh tulle. Could there be a more lovely fabric? I love that pink dress so much I am crying over the price.

  15. milex says:

    It is better than eveyrthing.

  16. Yam Poppy says:

    I love it!
    Especially,the white tulle dresse!

  17. tanya says:

    thanks heaps for letting me know susie. you da best!
    already dreaming up wintery concoctions with these beautiful layers of tulle since im in the southern hemisphere <3

  18. Royal Wang says:

    Hello,i am so into the colors.
    and i think maybe you recommend some blogs in your susie faves part,and why do not you subscribe my blog and i will not let you down and after your subscribing maybe you can add my blog in your susie part,many thanks!

  19. fantastic, definitely going to check it out on monday, the dresses look beautiful! and I love the white shoes they combined with them, I already bought them a while ago on Asos! πŸ™‚
    xx, Sabinna
    Broken Cookies

  20. Scarlett says:

    wow these look amazing – love it
    scarlett x

  21. I hope this trend takes to the streets. Not only are the tulle shells affordable but they are certainly original and beautiful. The red is gorgeous!

  22. christen says:

    The possibilities of what you could do with those are endless!

  23. Jana H. says:

    The look with the denim jacket on top is the best for me. Love the little princess and ballerina flair, and layer looks are always great! I have a little layer look today on my blog aswell, it’s a fun way to combine stuff, and just wear it all at once!
    Thanks for the post.

  24. Amber says:

    Did they fit true to size?

  25. cody says:

    these look amazing, especially the red one.

  26. nabilla says:

    i love all the dress
    i hope i have one πŸ™

  27. Inka says:

    looks very intriguing and multilayered, personality who loves to hide, they will love!
    Inka from RITMS

  28. Ida says:

    When are these available?

  29. Kamicha says:

    ooh, wow, I want one! Gorgeous thing, endless possibilities!

  30. amel says:

    like a doll, cute πŸ™‚

  31. Freya says:

    Love these dresses so much! I was going to buy one for my prom dress, but chose another one instead. Really wish I’d picked this one now, but have left it too late, as they no longer have a size 8. Just looking out to see if someone will sell one. Fingers crossed!

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