Lots of Stuff

>> Seven giant bulging bin liners plus what felt like 1,000 kilos of magazines.  That's what went into the communal bins last week, when I attempted to clean the apartment up in a bid to banish the blues of #firstworldproblem of flat buying falling through.  The first thing anybody ever says when they walk into my N7 hovel is "Wow…erm… you have a lot of stuff…"  If I was thirty years older and my apartment had started smelling like mildew, they would surely have hauled me on to Britain's Biggest Hoarders.  At the very least, it wasn't heart-wrenching to see all that stuff go and now I can finally see semblance of order in amongst the remaining bits and bobs as seen below.  I can't promise that the edit of the STUFF is a finely-tuned one but at least there's some sense in keeping it all.  Until that is I lose another flat and decide that the only way to get on the property ladder is to live in a self-contained box on the grounds of an allotment.  When that happens, someone will be scoring big time when I haul everything out for good…   





(Pic 1: Hot and Cool magazine, Olympia Le-Tan "The Damned" 7inch record bag, Matches packaging, Urban Ears headphones, Special Request magazine, Topshop belt, Missoni document holder, Carven Le Parfum, Nike ID x Liberty Air Maxes, random fan)

(Pic 4:  Tsumori Chisato umbrella, Romance was Born x Maison Balzac candle, Smythson camera case, Calla paint-splattered hat, Cheap Chic by Carol Troy and Caterine Milinaire, Kirsty Ward necklace, Christopher Kane clutch, Karen Walker sunglasses, Fashionary pad, pink iPad pen)


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  1. i recently did away with years of accumulated magazines as well. gosh, my recycling bin was so heavy i could barely wheel it out to the curb! i kept some special issues like a lulu i picked up on my honeymoon in paris and back issues of nest but everything else went and it felt awesome. good luck to you next time on buying a flat! it took me five years to finally buy my house- then again, i have the world’s pickiest husband.

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