>> Sunnies Sunnies Sunnies!  Say those words with me and breathe a sigh of relief that we're finally getting the opportunity to wear them when for so long, they had literally been gathering dust (no seriously, I had to give my sunglasses case a good rub down with a j-cloth when the sun emerged).  Sheriff & Cherry are a newish label that hopefully a good majority of people can get down with namely because of their sub-¬£100 price points and their growing number of stockists (get em' at Matches, My-Wardrobe, The Corner and more).  Sheriff & Cherry started off as a design studio of creative director  Mauro Massarotto (fond of all things primary-coloured, sporty and fresh – check out hisportfolio!) and Aussie stylist supremo Mark Vassallo, they found an old optical factory in Croatia and set about on their line of classic frames given a colour-led twist.  They don't take themselves too seriously but instead serve up a range of well-made, solid frames in enticing colours ready to be embedded in sun, sand and water wherever in the world.  

Just to show that hot sun-drenched girls and boys need not be the only Sheriff & Cherry wearing candidates, they've teamed up with another duo, Ukraine-based photographers Synchrodogs aka. Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven to place their pre-fall 2013 collection in an altogether odder setting filled with Cousin-It type characters adorned with silly string, confetti and party wigs galore.  








They've also shot a more conventional lookbook just in case you don't want to be distracted by Bluebeard-esque facial hair and pre-fall promises to be just as colour drenched as previous ones have been.  They hit stores this month and I believe they'll be launching an online store soon, giving you better opportunity to break your Sheriff & Cherry cherry soon.    



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  1. CarolinaBK says:

    Fell in love with Sheriff & Cherry!
    Incredible photos.. such a great portfolio!
    Wish the best luck! 😉

  2. Kirbybee says:

    Stumbled across this rocking brand a few days ago and immediately fell in lust, the colour! Of course the prices certainly helped. Looking forward to seeing the new collection.

  3. LM Florian says:

    Look very good, refreshing, pepsy.
    I love, I agree !
    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3

  4. Nice blog. It’s a charming.

  5. Love it

  6. Mark_Adam says:

    Beautiful pictures, It is something I would definitely appreciate.

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