>> What came first, the chicken or the egg?  Why did the chicken cross the road?  The duck and chick that wandered into Joey and Chandler's lives in Friends.  Even the mere mention of the word mallard has me in giggles (I don't know why it – it just sounds funny).  Therefore there's no reason not to love the chicken and mallard action going on in this Agi & Sam shirt dress, part of their debut womenswear capsule collection for London department store Harvey Nichols.  

The collection has been out for a while now but I haven't had the chance to talk up what is an especially flattering collection for me since it partially came about because some folks at HN had seen my post on stealing Agi & Sam's menswear pieces from Steve and thought wouldn't it be great for this rising menswear duo to share some of the print lovin' with us girls.  I can't take all the credit.  A watercolour chicken and duck print, an oversized tartan and some trompe l'oeil boucle Linton tweed (the same tweed used for Chanel suits) prints in pastel pink and turqouise, mostly derived from their menswear A/W 12-3 collection "Darwin's Theory of Why The Chicken Crossed the Road", are all ripe for transition to womenswear in the shape of simple shirt dresses and blouses.  It's one route that Agi & Sam are exploring in trying to satisfy demand for their prints in womenswear although they say they don't want to fully commit to womenswear unless they know they can do it properly.  They have a host more of English manor friendly prints up their sleeves for their A/W 13 collection, and frankly, I still want to steal most of it from the mens' rail but it will be interesting to see how this witty print duo serve their imagination for both sexes, and possibly beyond.  Mallard and chicken print cushion please for Casa Lau Salter.  Congratulate me.  I'm on the verge of becoming a dreaded woman of property.  

Agi&Sam Women's 1
Agi&Sam Women's 7





IMG_3279Worn with ASOS White coat, Marc Jacobs vest, Pleats Please trousers, Zalo slippers

Agi&Sam Women's 2


Agi&Sam Women's 3

Agi&Sam Women's 4


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  1. Well. P. says:

    I love printed shirt *-*
    follow me, please?!
    tnks, xoxo

  2. Mr_Whitty says:

    Wanna have the perfect gift for your friend and a great illustration to remember that oufit you loved or always wanted designed? Then check out

  3. The Provoker says:

    I love the ‘friends’ reference and I’m glad I’m not the only one that giggles to the word Mallard, it sounds so archaic and formal to describe a duck? Fun layering and I like seeing your hair in a high-side pony tail 🙂 Btw congrats on being named one of the most influential people in european fashion by High Life.

  4. anne says:

    Cuuute print!!

  5. Liquorish says:

    I like the color combination!

  6. SACRAMENTO says:

    I love animal, and animals in prints are my delight.Most of my blouses are vintage, and I find them in car boot sales- flea markets, etc for a few euros or pounds.
    Have a lovely weekend, my dear Susie.

  7. Love the birdies, but even more adore the shirt that looks like an impressionist painting – all those tiny specks of colour are exactly like the brush strokes of Monet, Renoir and Pissarro’s works.

  8. So Charming says:

    I’ve got to get one of those shirts – brilliant! Thank you for posting!

  9. VVHATIF says:

    quirky prints for quirky people. love your styling as alvvays .

  10. Lucy says:

    LOVE your outfit! And the shirts are cute.

  11. alexiana says:

    Great choices!

  12. Suzi Maynard says:

    So so cute!! You may be interested in my new post featuring some background history behind the prestigious Bally brand PLUS some NEW shoes! Couldn’t resist.
    Suzi x

  13. Duck says:

    Did anyone else’s mind jump straight to The Great British Menu at the very first line “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”

  14. ahaha, the ducks and the chicks. appending on the clothes, seems really cute. The model looks beautiful.

  15. Margaux says:

    I get where your love for this print comes from, I once saw a floor-length silk(ish?) skirt printed with pheasants. Know idea what brand it was and it was way too pricey, but untill this day I still remember those pheasants.

  16. this girl looks awesome im such a big fan of this style

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