Super Stripey World

Super Stripey World


I've long talked up the visual wonder that is Patternity, not merely as a blog, but as a real resource.  Who knows how many photographers, designers, stylists and creatives have been clicking away at their exhaustive archive, trying to make sense out of Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham's unique eye in finding patterns everywhere from the mundane to the magnificent.   

This week, Patternity are branching out into the physical realm with an all-encompassing exhibition and events held at the London Newcastle Project Space (28 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP), which they're calling a "cultural festival of pattern exploration."  Intended to be the first in a series of annual events, Superstripe basically looks at this most direct and pervasive of patterns – the humble stripe – and brings it to life with a collation of imagery, a diverse array of discussions, workshops and events throughout this month, bringing together the worlds of fashion, arts, design, science and technology together to see how the stripe has impacted on us.  

IMG_3326Acclaimed set designer Robert Storey's piece for the exhibition provides a focal point for the first room.  


IMG_3289Katie Gaudion's "springy-thingy" made of lycra and slinks is an example of her multi-displinary approach towards encouraging adults and children with learning disabilities to experience sensorial and tactile objects.  

IMG_3322Textiles evangelist Katherine May will be encouraging exhibition goers to weave on a loom with her, guided by the graphic lines which wrap the room.  

From fashion editorial photography contributions (Mel Bles, Lacey, Matt Irwin, Scott Trindle) to striking archive imagery from Getty depicting say a striped insect or a zebra crossing, the exhibition, which is on until the 21st April, brings together a plethora of sources where stripes might appear, either by nature or by human force.  Beyond an aesthetic pattern or a mode of expression in creative arts, stripes exist to create boundaries, systems and grid-like formations that permeate our day to day life.  Finding aesthetic pleasure and meaning in all of this is Patternity's remit and that's where the accompanying Superstripe events come in to play as they bring together different disciplines in round-table discussions with neuroscientists, psychologists and designers with film and music elements.  There are workshops such as jelly meisters Bompas & Parr creating a striped jelly wonder or creating pattern frenzies with Fred Butler and David David.  There's even a yoga session to promote a positive pattern of wellbeing.  There's a full calendar of events throughout April and you can buy tickets on Patternity's Eventbrite page.  






A Polly Maggoo-esque short film by Lily Silverton of Pop Magazine made with Patternity

The attached pop-up shop will sell a selection of Patternity's collaborations – instant striped hits such as the stripy tights with Pretty Polly, a beautiful tea and saucer set made with Richard Brendan to further china production in the UK or larger pieces such as the Made by Node woven Fair Trade rug or the glorious round table made with marquetry craftsman Toby Winteringham.  Interiors and fashion store Darkroom also have a little corner.  It's a chance to take a little bit of the stripey conversation away from this thorough pattern immersion, which hopefully will be the first of many.  






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  1. Theresa

    2013-04-04 at 5:12 PM

    Amazing! What a great source of inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  2. cindy wilson

    2013-04-04 at 6:01 PM

    this pattern is super cool! inspiring <3

  3. Haidee

    2013-04-04 at 11:13 PM

    2013-04-05 at 4:19 PM

    Great examples of a classic print that never gets tired or dull, with scope for endless reincarnations and modifications!

  5. Deadly Bite

    2013-04-13 at 10:45 PM

    Now I see stripes everywhere 😛

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