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>> Some of you may know that I was at the second British Vogue Festival today, doing a talk entitled "Mad about the Girl" alongside Anna dello Russo and Garance Dore (Thumbs up?  Down?  I'll leave you to decide…) and I'll be rounding up the festival once I've seen the stellar list of talks tomorrow.  For now though, the highlight of the day belonged to one woman only – Natalie Massenet.  Of course she deserves all the hyperbolic praise that has been heaped on her over the years in the countless articles and profiles but nobody can tell her story better than the woman herself and today, she chose to do so through the platform of Instagram.  An account by the name of nataporter_mystorysofar went live at midday today with 124 photos uploaded already, along with loooooong captions, compiling her autobiography.  She went through her slides with candour and wit at the talk but even if you weren't at the festival, you get the idea by meticulously going through this Insta account.  It recounts her life, from her early years to studying at UCLA, to dabbling in modelling, film production and then moving into fashion journalism at WWD and Tatler to finally starting up Net-a-Porter in 2000.  The rest as they always say is indeed history.  We all know what NAP means, what it stands for and how it's changed fashion but the story for Massenet continues with her new role as chairman of the British Fashion Council, something which I think we'll see the immediate benefits of soon enough.  

In addition to the great images and funny use of emoticons (she loves em'… ), there are pieces of sagely advice that stayed with me throughout the day.  You can't peruse this Instagram autobiography and NOT be inspired and motivated to do something, anything.  Blue sky thinking?  Massenet sees the whole rainbow of ideas in the sky and grabs them, executes and always has something to show for it as a result.  There's just no getting away from how impressive everything she has built up is.  I know it's the weekend but seriously it's about a light as a read as you can get.  Go through each Insta.  Absorb.  Remember.  And go and do something about it.  I on the other hand am going to sulk a bit about being such a lazy lemon.  Then write up some grand plans in my notebook.  And make them happen.  One hopes…


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  1. Hey. Congrats on your blog. There are very few those who make this kind o art. Keep doing it 🙂

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