>> Key, statement or show piece – that's the sort of language that peppers fash-journo speak when it comes to describing that one item of clothing which is decreed more special than the others because of its visual appeal.  You can add "hero piece" to that pile of jargon.  I've annoyingly taken to calling this Christopher Kane gaffered, laced and crystal-adorned pink organza jacket my hero piece, as if it were saving me from a daily bufuddlement of not knowing what ot put on.  Even the act of using exaggerated dialogue in person when it comes to clothing makes me cringe a little (this doesn't excuse me from the sort of people that say things like "I die I die I die I die!" of "OMG THAT'S SO MAJ!") but there's no denying that this is magnificent as items of clothing go.  It's the sort of thing that sits in your wardrobe and you can't help but take it out more often than necessary just to look at it.  That's what I did when I first got my hands on it.  Just look at it.  Take it in.  Oh, and check how I was going to iron the damn thing with all that black vinyl tape.   

I've also now fulfilled my wish of wanting to be wrapped up like a Chrissy Kane sick n' twisted pressie as I paired the coat with an equally intriguing ruffled plastic clutch, the crystallised bow top by Toga, a pair of I've-not-washed-these-for-months J Brand jeans and some more Chris Kane going back a previous S/S collection when his vision for prettiness was a little more innocent.  A pair of pink Sheriff & Cherry glasses and the Ryan Storer crystal earcuff completes this saccharine ode to pinky punky ambition.          

Susiebubblembfwa2013Tommy Ton for Style.com

3944-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Susie-Lau-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Australia-Sydney-Spring-Summer-2013-2014_AKS2683Le 21√®me | Adam Katz Sinding

1304100060_hg_full_lStreetFSN for Grazia.it

Photograph by Diego Zuko for Harper's Bazaar US

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  1. You look so elegant in this coat and so Celine with these shoes…
    See you in my blog, maybe.

  2. Wieteke says:

    Ooh I love that jacket:) he bubblegum pink color is so cute! xoxo
    Meant To Attend

  3. Love pink on you!

  4. This jacket is perfect for the sun which is finally shining on London town. This collection truly heroic as it was worn by a nation of warriors and fighters; http://thelaststraggler.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/poignant-beauty-national-museum-of-the-american-indian/

  5. Domonique says:

    I was flicking through my Elle collections book this morning and staring at this particular jacket just admiring it. So beautiful!

  6. Just lovely! =)
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  7. The Fashion Panda says:

    That jacket is so nice !

  8. Kate says:

    This may sound weird but every time you wear pink, I always swoon. You do it perfectly!

  9. Joseph says:


  10. Iwona says:

    I like this post:) Cool look!

  11. That coat is truly gorgeous!

  12. Gem says:

    I adore this Christopher Kane and its great to see someone wear it; it gives you a sense of what it looks like of the catwalk.

  13. LM Florian says:

    The dress is as nice as the pictures.
    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3

  14. Anna says:

    the black tape breaks it up so it’s not too girly, I can see why it’s your “hero” piece

  15. Ritika says:

    The bubblegum pink color really look so cool on you!

  16. Fab! Though it does look tricky to iron…

  17. Amazing look.
    Kiss from Brazil. I’m Manual Fashion

  18. The Provoker says:

    This is one of my most fave pieces that’s currently available from chris kane’s ss13 collection, and haha I love that I’m not the only who cringes at getting a lil’ too over-enthoooosed by a ‘statement’ or ‘show piece’ that I have to verbalize my current state of live-being aka. ‘I die’? I wouldn’t press it or steam it, just leave it hanging in the closet or use a low heat iron and put some medium weight calico in between the garment and iron, that’s how we do it in uni when it comes to ironing plastic/synthetics that melt. Btw I also heard a rumor that chris kane doesn’t like taking male interns in his studio, just bouncing that off ya lol. xx

  19. susie_bubble says:

    Oooh… intern rumours! It is true that most of his sales/production staff do seem to be female…. could be coincidence though!

  20. NaijaBizCom says:

    oh what a lovely pink dress .. I like it, would like to get one … NaijaBizCom

  21. AMAZING post:) your blog Is such an inspiration and Im following
    If you want to see a lovely retro Swedish apartment..check out my blog:)
    Have a great week dear
    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se

  22. Me encantó el post!!!

  23. MJ Valentine says:

    Oh my goodness, that jacket is BEAUTIFUL! What a great look – I love it!

  24. Julie says:

    You look really elegant but not the shoes don’t fit in my opinion.

  25. No matter how the winter has gone but the matter is you are looking fabulous.
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  26. Christie Sy says:


  27. coline says:

    such a lovely outfit
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    Coline ‚ô°

  28. Segun Abe says:

    I like the pictures

  29. Web Hosts says:

    Wow, I’m jealous. I love that shade and combination of pink…looks good.

  30. That pink dress is really beautiful, hmmm I love it

  31. Abokifx says:

    Lovely, this is beautiful

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