This is a Digital Watch

>> After my journey of rediscovering the work of Antoni & Alison, I swiftly returned to their Ye Olde Worlde Super Modern tea room in their Clerkenwell store to have a chat, copious amounts of tea and another Super Modern biccie with Antoni Burakowski (Alison Roberts couldn't make it).  This time round, we were discussing their new collaboration with Casio G-Shock watches which has resulted in two limited edition scrawled and felt-tipped laden mens G-Shock and womens Baby-G.  They went through dozens of felt tip pen scribbles before settling on one that says "Hello" with a flower (that's Alison's influence) and another that is emboldened with stripes, in their signature "super modern" style.  These bold scribbles are naive to the point of ridiculous but Antoni & Alison certainly don't care.  They sit in context with their work, which has always pointed out the obvious for a laugh.  My Baby-G wearing days are over (still have a deeply horrible allergic reaction to most watch backs and no, taping over it doesn't work) but they'll be available in a run of 100 in the Casio store in Covent Garden and in Selfridges as of today.  




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