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>> I do apologise for the mish mash streetstyle photo nicking.  I'm always slightly curious as to how personal style fashion bloggers manage to fit seemingly elaborate-looking and impromptu photo shoots of their outfits during fashion week.  I on the other hand am always running, on the phone, looking for cabs or stuffing a sandwich down my gullet.  A spare minute is usually spent ducking into Starbucks to charge the phone (I've taken to carrying no less than three phones at fashion weeks).  Hopefully, I've fully credited everyone for bothering to take my pic.  

Speaking of which, I suppose I'm further committing the sins that this part brilliant, part disconcerting T Magazine article by Suzy Menkes highlights, about the ridiculous circus that goes on outside fashion shows, along with some pretty telling comments.  Brilliant, because although Menkes isn't the first to write such an article, her weight brings the issue to the forefront and has been encouraging analysis and dialogue (so many people in New York have been coming up to me going "Did you read that article?" and asking me for my opinion).  Disconcerting because I'm mentioned in the article in passing as the "sharp Susie Bubble" but the overall context doesn't exactly cast myself and others in a favourable light.  I do want to address this issue after fashion week hub hub has died down as I haven't quite figured how I feel yet but for now, I suppose I have nothing to do except to go right ahead and confirm Menkes' exact suspicions; that we are all peacocking, however much we doth protest.  No outrage.  No line of defence.  Just a muted response of more incessant picture snapping and "Look at me and what I'm wearing today!"  

Although, I do to have to thank the ever lovely Isabelle OC for very kindly coming to my defence on Twitter, with a comment that I'll try to bear in mind as I inevitably overanalyse the ramifications of Menkes' article… "I've always thought of you as a (well-dressed) workhorse rather than a showpony."

Suzie Bubble 2

Urban Fieldnotes

Wearing Michael Angel latex coat, J Brand x Christopher Kane neon jacket, J Brand coral dress, Kaal e Suktae skirt, Miista brogues, 3.1 Phillip Lim white Pashli tote, Miista shoes, Topshop necklace

1302112902_hg_full_lStreetFSN for Grazia.It

3.1 Phillip Lim NYFW An Unknown Quantity Street Style Blog10An Unknown Quantity

ASOS White denim top and jeans, Prada creepers, Michael Angel latex coat, J Brand denim jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim white Pashli tote

Nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day4-18_135129843880Phil Oh for

A_5x (1) I'm Koo for The Cut

Thu Thu jacket and dress, Hudson camouflage jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim drawstring bag, Vika Gazinskaya muff, Westward Leaning sunglasses, vintage feathered hat

A_4.5xI'm Koo for The Cut

Acne leather jacket, Marc Jacobs camel vest, DKNY x Opening Ceremony bodysuit, Kaelen stripy skirt, Victoria Beckham envelope bag

1302134096_hg_full_lStreetFSN for Grazia.It

Image_005 (1)
Tommy Ton for

Vintage Kenzo sweater, Ganryu Comme des Garcons hat, Rag & Bone bag, Ostwald Helgason trousers, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

This is a Digital Watch


>> After my journey of rediscovering the work of Antoni & Alison, I swiftly returned to their Ye Olde Worlde Super Modern tea room in their Clerkenwell store to have a chat, copious amounts of tea and another Super Modern biccie with Antoni Burakowski (Alison Roberts couldn't make it).  This time round, we were discussing their new collaboration with Casio G-Shock watches which has resulted in two limited edition scrawled and felt-tipped laden mens G-Shock and womens Baby-G.  They went through dozens of felt tip pen scribbles before settling on one that says "Hello" with a flower (that's Alison's influence) and another that is emboldened with stripes, in their signature "super modern" style.  These bold scribbles are naive to the point of ridiculous but Antoni & Alison certainly don't care.  They sit in context with their work, which has always pointed out the obvious for a laugh.  My Baby-G wearing days are over (still have a deeply horrible allergic reaction to most watch backs and no, taping over it doesn't work) but they'll be available in a run of 100 in the Casio store in Covent Garden and in Selfridges as of today.