Verner Verve

Verner Verve

Before I began going down to Australia for fashion week, one of the labels that I was semi-familiar with was the Melbourne based TV, designed by Monika Tywanek & Ingrid Verner.  It even made mighty arduous inroads into the UK when it was stocked briefly in Topshop Oxford Circus.  I remember enthusing about all things TV with another Melbournite Kat George, my ex-assistant at Dazed (now an amusing confessional writer at Vice if you're interested).  Then all things TV stopped.  Boo.

The V in TV aka Ingrid Verner has now relaunched with a solo label.  Like any good solo project, it veers away from the originating source material and Verner, by the looks of it, is decidedly more extreme and sportswear orientated in style.  This is Verner's second collection (which they're calling AW13 for the Australian seasons) and even in comparison to the first marble-print, pastel-hued Ballet Russes-inspired collection (which is available in parts at one of my favourite Melbourne spots Pet Shop Girls), it's a different style step towards an ironic take on logo laden sportswear.  A blurred out, Photoshop-heavy image of a burning house is the central print motif and appears apocalyptic on silk separates, often trimmed with wide underwear elastic, printed with the words Verner, Sleep and Work, cheekily referencing Calvin Klein undies.  Skater logo hoods, bilinear backpacks and an oversized puffa coat all point to a thorough investigation into the nuances of when sportswear meets the street, most likely inspired by nineties to present sub-street culture – skaters, chavs, football hooligans, b-boyers, BMX-ers.

Verner's website isn't yet functioning so it's early days yet but it seems Ingrid Verner is setting her sights on ambitions that go beyond building a domestic label with the aim of selling to Asia and Europe.  Given this fair city's penchant for irony-laced/celebratory takes on sportswear (see Christopher Shannon, Kim Jones and about a gazillion graduates every year that take on a similar aesthetic), let's hope Verner gets some shop support from the UK soon.



















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  1. amanda

    2013-01-22 at 10:26 PM

    i remember TV too. obsessed with everything they did. love Verner’s stuff too though!

  2. milex

    2013-01-23 at 12:53 AM

    I love your sense of style.

  3. Style-Squared by Z&M

    2013-01-23 at 3:20 AM

    looooooooooooove it!!!amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Style-Squared by Z&M

    2013-01-23 at 3:20 AM

    looooooooooooove it!!!amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Style-Squared by Z&M

    2013-01-23 at 3:20 AM

    looooooooooooove it!!!amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Charlotte

    2013-01-23 at 6:24 AM

    A killer collection from a radical creative. The curation of extreme elements is what makes Verner stand out & stand alone.
    Another excellent (and well written) article:

  7. Seraphina

    2013-01-23 at 10:06 AM

    Ahh Rowena Kang looks amazing in those photos!

  8. Lady Vintage

    2013-01-23 at 10:51 AM

    I agree with this quote very extreme! Giveaway on our vintage blog 🙂

  9. plainQUIRKY

    2013-01-23 at 6:05 PM

    I love this collection!

  10. My Passport To Style

    2013-01-23 at 7:52 PM

    These images and the model/styling are breathtakingly beautiful,the model looks like art in action. I love the fluidity and fragile nature of the shots.Hair and clothing melds into one in such a seductive and inspiring way. My favourite poses have to be the white coat – buffalo stance and the black hoody, cap and pony shot! Thanks for bringing this.

  11. Jennifer

    2013-01-24 at 4:27 PM

    While you’re in Australia make sure you visit Kuwaii !! They have the loveliest shop in Melbourne and just started a footwear line. HAve funnnnnnnnnn!

  12. mayathapapaya

    2013-01-24 at 8:06 PM

    this is beyond perfect

  13. Sunshine Coast Bookkeeping

    2013-06-28 at 3:10 PM

    It’s Verner’s artistic style. We will look forward to seeing him in the television fashion show with the support from UK.

  14. Ute Tray

    2014-12-22 at 4:00 PM

    This is my passion,too. Great Collection. I love it very much!

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    2015-01-15 at 11:48 AM

    Great fashion design and great model,too. Awesome!

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