Par Avion

I slept in my old bedroom at home for the first time in around ten years (I'm normally propped up on the living room couch so that I can watch DVDs until crusts form on my eyelids) and in my "secret" cubby hole in the wall, I found a box of letters from my teen years when me and my friends bullied each other into this pedantic routine of writing to each other.  Losing touch with one another?  Bury the thought!  With the help of Sanrio stationery, glitter pens and sitkcers, we will be FRIENDS4EVA.  It turned into such a competitive bout of letter decoration, so much so that there are numerous paragraphs in these letters, which ramble on and on about having nothing to write about.  I got to squirm and wriggle whilst re-reading a letter that I wrote to a primary school friend, which I forgot to send (so busy was I doodling inane things like "TOP SECRET" and "Warning!  This is genuine Roman papyrus" on the evidently non-papryus letter) – an early example of referring to myself with my nick name Susie Bubble.  CRINGE… 



These letters have gone hand in hand with a surprise package from Seoul.  I was mega impressed with the Korean label Low Classic's S/S 13 collection, inspired by Beethoven's mysterious love letters.  The Low Classic peeps were kind enough to send me a few things so I could cop a feel for some of the key pieces from this refreshing, sprightly and curiously design-led collection (given the high-street price range that Low Classic currently occupies).  The collection is even more linked with the physical apparatus of letter writing than I thought.  The pleated aertex cotton on an open-side shirt are much like the intricate folds that some of my friends/relatives from Hong Kong would practise when sending me penpal mail.  A cropped sweater contrasts different shades of white like sheets of paper and has been cleverly embossed with a "From Seoul" postmark.  A crisp navy linen jacket with cut-out slits and straight patch pockets resembles an old fashioned postman's uniform or at least what I imagine Postman Pat would wear if he were to get a makeover.  The more overt references to letter writing are of course littered in the colourful postmark print on a double breasted blazer or the mini leather envelope which snaps on to a matching leather clutch.  The words of Beethoven's letter are cut out of a leather shift dress, although the words become more like a graphic pattern more than anything significant in the literary sense.  I know many people have asked how can one get hold of Low Classic outside of Korea and I still don't have a concrete answer yet, other than I'm being reassured that an international shipping e-commerce site is definitely on its way in 2013.  Let's hope that idea doesn't get buried in a cubby hole like one of my daft unsent letters.    







All clothing Low Classic except for Susana Bettencourt knitted skirt, Prada creepers and a Canon EOS M camera hanging on a customised strap.  




All clothing Low Classic – worn with 3.1 Phillip Lim Nancy oxford flats



All clothing Low Classic except for Uniqlo heat tech poloneck, Celine sheer trousers and A. Sauvage Kente Dr Martens 

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  1. Love the cropped white top! I recently went through storage on a visit home and found similar things! It’s quite bizarre! I found a great collection of vintage clothes though, so it was worth it! 😉

  2. Susie what a lovely, lovely post! How wonderful that you have found these letters after so long that have no doubt brought back some warming memories for you and how coincidental that you should find them at a similar time that Low Classic have found inspiration in once lost letters. A lot can be said for letter writing and I can certainly see how one can find it inspiring. I am very much drawn to the stamped blazer… not my usual style but I love it. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas, SAC x

  3. Such beautiful pieces. I especially love the blazer with the stamps. I wish I was a letter writer. After so many years of typing, my hand writing is mostly illegible and I don’t want to inflict that on my loved ones! They are precious though, the same as Passports. It’s lovely to be able to reflect on what you’ve done x

  4. Thanks for introducing this Korean label to me, their stuffs are awesome! Actually am starting to be able to tell that it’s by a Korean label, the traits and signatures are quite apparent throughout the pieces, particularly the cut 🙂

  5. this is honestly so beautiful.
    i have a cubby hole in my room, too, where you will find tons of letters and bits in shoe boxes (a lot from the fairies!) amongst other things i didn’t think were important at the time.
    now, i have penpals myself and.. i dunno. i think it’s just lovely to see a sort of appreciation of – what has become – an old fashioned way of contacting people. in a way, it kind of fills me with happiness when a letter comes in the post. just for me. the fact that it’s an actual, real object that you can keep/treasure/whatever.
    well, i just wanted to say: thankyou for this post ^-^
    ps. funnily enough, i have a penpal called Selina!

  6. I actually CANNOT wait until Low Classic opens up for international shipping! I adore everything on their website.
    Have a happy new year, Susie!

  7. well if Opening Ceremony sells Low Classic, I don’t think we’ll be waiting for too long for others to catch up 🙂 at least i’d like to hope so! not only that they don’t ship internationally, but I’ve been to Seoul on holiday, and even there I couldn’t find the Low Classic shop, partially from being overwhelmed by a whole neighbourhood of department stores, each 10 floors high, with at least 20 different brands per floor – and those high-street fashion monsters are open day and night until 5AM! and partially due to the fact that Asian taxi drivers don’t really know where they are going and definitely can’t follow a map:)) one just dropped me off near Dongdaemun station and said that it’s in one of those buildings (0_0). but seeing these amazing clothe you’ve got, I swear I would do the trip again!! 🙂
    happy new year, Susie!

  8. Your outfits are well put together. You are stunning as always. Almost thought you cut your hair, would be a very nice look on you. 🙂 Happy New Years!

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