>> 'Tis the time where capsule collections, gift ranges and limited editions come at us in their droves, all tempting us to part with our Christmas penny.  Obviously they range in quality and substance but I'm glad that early on, Giles Deacon has teamed up with Matches to bring us a sixteen piece collection that actually delivers.  A Giles x Matches doll, iPad case or a printed sundress printed with Deacon's signature sketches and watercolour splashes, would in no way be a cop out slash lazy gift option for anybody remotely interested in fashion if you can afford it.  The sketches have an interesting 21st century slant as they were all done on Paper, the iPad app which Deacon used to sketch out posh guests having tea at Claridges or the people he sees whilst waiting around at airport lounges.  I've not yet tried out the app, being a latecomer to the whole iPad thing but I can guarantee that nothing like these accomplished flourished strokes would ever result from my podgy fingers.  They work well on the structured waisted dresses, simpler t-shirt shifts and tailored trousers.  Pencils, plates and notebooks also make up this Crimbo-worthy collection.  It goes without saying that a certain wild feather-headed doll would do very nicely come birthday/Christmas day *cough cough hint hint* (I'm assuming close ones will be reading this here). 

Giles x Matches collection in Matches stores and available on MatchesFashion.com on 13th November.









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  1. Elisa Eymery says:

    I find her hair slightly disturbing, but apart from that I quite like the concept of the having a glimpse of their office on their images, as well as the super-flashed white light effect.
    Elisa – Wandering Minds

  2. Want the clutch, want the doll, want the dress.

  3. Liz says:

    I love everything about this

  4. alex says:

    These print are bright and beautiful.

  5. Gina says:

    oh wow! adorable dolls with mini versions of amazing dresses with perfect patterns. is this heaven? hahah I’m absolutely loving all the sketch/scribble-esque patterns that designers are using!

  6. Tara says:

    Sublime collection! The doll – despite looking ever-so slightly like an expensive toilet brush-cum-demonic sock puppet is my favourite piece. But, as you say, the Deacon drawn prints look wonderful on them all!
    Best Wishes,

  7. Sophie says:

    Those prints are so cool! original and chic. Those dolls are amazing!

  8. Sari Purdy says:

    Loool! They are so hilarious! I love them. Looking good. Me love!

  9. I love every bit of this… so lovely.

  10. Lynkez says:

    That dress with purple prints is very stunning. It brings the real cute curves in you! Gorgeous…

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