The first silhouette seen in the picture below tells you all the essential information without me even typing a word.  This is all about Low Classic, a label from Seoul who just recently showed their collection on October 23rd 2012 precisely, which means it's a S/S 13 collection.  I discovered the brand a while ago and couldn't stop singing its praises – design, branding, styling and more importantly, competitive pricing – all so utterly spot on, it almost makes me want to buy a plane ticket to Seoul straight away.

Scroll down at your peril as most of you might get frustrated by the final punchline.  Low Classic is STILL damn difficult to get hold of outside of its native South Korea but fingers crossed that their international online store will be launching sometime next year because what's on their current Korean webstore is mostly smashing.  Smashing as in "I'd do a smash and grab on all those pieces" with no editing or selection required.

Their S/S 13 lookbook is preceded by the famous letter to his "Immortal Beloved" from the composer Ludwig Beethoven, which explains the postmark prints, airmail envelope edging and of course the various cut-out lettering that displaces and distorts the sentence "Though still in bed my thoughts go out to you my Immortal Beloved" taken from the final part of Beethoven's letter.  I'm hoping that the designers Lee Myeong Sin, Hwang Hyun Ji and Park Jin Sun didn't obtain their inspiration source by watching the first Sex and the City film one too many times (the character Carrie Bradshaw croons quotes this letter to Big in bed) but that they actually have a fixation with the mysterious recipient of these letters.  This "Immortal Beloved" could do a lot worse than being dressed up in Low Classic's cleanly whites and streetsmart pinstripes and sheer checks.  All in all, this is a startingly directional collection for a brand whose price points range from Celine-esque burgandy leather trousers at around ¬£50 to c. 2002 Balenciaga-alike destroyed denim shearling jackets at ¬£115.  The innate bargain hunter can't quite believe that this much design can be whittled down to high street prices and having inspected some of Low Classic's pieces in person, the quality is as good as the likes of COS – a comparable brand to Low Classic.  I'm waiting to discover some grave misgiving that would ruin this equation but I've yet to find it.  In short, Low Classic, you need to give your e-commerce/web team a good push and give us a worldwide online store sharpish.   













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  1. Duck says:

    COS quality with Zara prices and actual design?? I’m guessing no menswear 🙁

  2. Elisa Eymery says:

    I’ve actually been trying to stock Low Classic since I met them at their office in Seoul in February, but communication hasn’t been easy, unlike some other korean designers. Anyway I’ll let you know if I do manage to get some stock from them…It seems that they are going in a more high-end direction for SS13 however, which could mean higher prices and less wearable designs?
    Elisa – Wandering Minds

  3. Love so many pieces in this collection. The shapes and designs are so interesting. However, if I had to get one thing, I guess, it would be the classic trench coat with the envelope details!

  4. Joy says:

    This collection is positively ethereal!

  5. Tara says:

    Smart, striking, ethereal and quirky – all terms that came to mind as I scrolled down this post, absorbing the sheer beauty and potency of the designs… Now, how much is a return ticket to South Korea?!

  6. Sophie says:

    Wow, such an original collection! I love it when there are words on clothes, especially when there are so prominant. This brand is so refreshing and clean!

  7. amanda says:

    amazing.. love it all!

  8. Mariecurtin says:

    Aahkk. Exuse me while i pick my jaw up off the floor…
    wish I had known them when I was last in Korea. So much good design comin from there!!

  9. Theresa says:

    I love when art and music meet fashion! What a great collection!

  10. Dip It Black says:

    Wow! I love that collection!
    Beautiful post!

  11. Serdane says:

    Wow ! It’s like it have been done in heaven ! SO pure and sweet pieces !

  12. So shine, clean just like a morning sunshine :D, Loving all the photos sussie 😀

  13. This collection is utterly amazing! i want everything and those shirts are awesome!

  14. SACRAMENTO says:

    I have just discovered that I am in your blogroll, Susie, and you cannot imagen HOW HONOURED I feel.
    Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much.
    Love and sunshine always.

  15. I absolutely ADORE this brand…!! I discovered it over the last year and just love it. Let’s fly to Korea.

  16. riris says:

    oh.. that’s awasome, but I love the shoes.. it’s very cute..:)

  17. byboopie says:

    the models look stunning! 😉

  18. Sludamin says:

    OK really love this but how do you purchase any of it without flying to Korea help please….

  19. omg…lowclassics is one of my favorite brand!
    i’m korean and living in seoul.
    as u mentioned that, lowclassic is very competive price :3
    i’m so glad to see them in ur blog!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Fashion says:

    I am impressed with such a great collection. And yea the shoes are really tender.

  21. says:

    i love those glasses! ……….utterly stunning!

  22. Lily KG says:

    This stuff is really good! Reminds me of Alexander Wang

  23. jabbill says:

    adorable site..

  24. suncanjames says:

    nice nice nice…

  25. minionuno says:

    love this blog!

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