Dinosaurs, Cats and Pizza

>> This should have been more of a weekend post, especially one that involves mindless gazing at the screen, jumping from one blog to another and potentially eating away at whatever productivity you have but for loafters like myself, it seems everyday is a weekend.  Fashion GIF taskmasters Reed and Rader have just opened up their first exhibition in London at 18 Hewett Street in Shoreditch.  It seems high time that their JPG/GIF based work came to life in a physical space and so they were given free rein to create "Cretaceous Returns" riffing off of what they love – dinosaurs.  Plain and simple dino-loving and a chance for Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader to get their hands dirty with paint when constructing their cardboard T-rex as opposed to their usual routine of fiddling around with Photoshop and Illustrator.  Dino-lovin' aside, they're also going to be discussing the more lofty subject of "Digital Disruption: How the internet is shaking up the art world" tonight in an event hosted by Protein and Crane.tv.  Hopefully Crane.tv will record and upload the talk.  






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One quick look at Reed & Rader's online output and you're wondering how much time exactly they spend staring at the big ol' screen.  I'd class myself as an excessive user but Pamela and Matthew must be bordering on overexposure to the internetz.  In an feature on Mashable, charting the history of the animated GIF, Pamela says "We started to think about, ‚ÄòWhy aren‚Äôt we making work for this community [the Internet] that we love and get inspired by all of the time?'"  Somehow they seem more prolific than most still photographers and in recent months, they've collaborated with W Magazine, bringing current season McQueen, Prada and Balenciaga to life, made animated odes to their love/hate of kittens and pizza (joy oh joy, they've used the always-brilliant Olsen Twin pizza song!) and made disturbing cartoon characters do unspeakable things to bees and bushes.  In addition, they seem to be able to keep up blogs for their cats and a certain Mister Wubba, who I'm personally itching to get a Polaroid with.  I'd be hard pressed to find two people more immersed in the internet and fruitfully creating work inspired and engaged with this ever-expanding world wide web than Reed and Rader.  Who knew that end of the tunnel of site-to-site browsing and screen-staring that tangible work could come out of it.    

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