>> It's that time again when I'm flitting about parts of the world for seemingly no apparent reason except that it will become apparent in months to come, which conveniently explains my inhospitably timed posting.  I've dropped into Tokyo for a few days for something work-related but primarily to fuel the growing dominance of Japanese brands in my wardrobe.  Meadham Kirchhoff shouts out for the Brits in this outfit (although their clothes seem to fit right into Tokyo's stylescape anyway) with this polka dot silk shirt from their A/W 12-3 disco-glam collection.  It's something that has become something of a signature fabric for the duo to use as it pops up in practically every collection – ruched, edged with lace or in a colour blocked shirt like this featuring a sole heart-shaped plastic button just to remind you that Meadham Kirchhoff are the types that are really into stickers, hearts and flowers.  As for the rest of this Tokyoite ensemble, it's Japan all the way, beginning with a blue lurex cap-benie combo hat from the A/W 12-3 Ganryu by Comme des Garcons collection.  The former Junya Watanabe pattern-maker Fumito Ganryu's menswear line (which is housed under the Comme umbrella) is scarcely found outside of Japan but both myself and Steve are constantly drawn to it whenever we're in Tokyo.  The trenchcoat is a Junya Watanabe find from the newish mahussive Rag Tag store in Harajuku.  I've extolled the virtues of designer consignment shopping in Tokyo.  Make Rag Tag (the Harajuku and Shibuya branches are best) your first destination and ye shall not be disappointed.  The collegiate shorts are by Facetasm, another label gaining momentum in the West with the likes of LN-CC showing support for this mens and womens label that cuts up sportswear, streetwear and uniform codes and splices them into strangely appealing combos.  The Japanese contingent in the wardrobe continues to grow as I've also been sneaking in a few personal orders here and there with designers such as Toga and Sacai that make my heart go ba-dump-ba-dump.  If my wardrobe was in an United Nations meeting scenario, there would be some UK vs. Japan issues to resolve.




Worn with Rag & Bone Pilot bag and Opening Ceremony x Forfex boots

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  1. Duck says:

    I *love* Facetasm and the other Japanese brands that the LN-CC is bringing to the UK but I need MORE. Must check out Ganryu. And even more, must get myself to freaking Japan…

  2. Elisa says:

    I was thinking just this morning how much I’d like to be in Tokyo right now, different mooods fit different cities, and I’m definitely in a Tokyo mood.
    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  3. emmc says:

    I wish people in the uk were more daring in terms of their fashion sense. It seems only a few people in England could pull of those types of shirts. Here at http://www.wagworld.co.uk we are going to introduce a street style section for the daring few!

  4. Pippa Bugg says:

    Check out my blog! Think you’ll like it! http://pipbugg.com/

  5. Duck says:

    Oh, btw, I just found Ganryu being sold here (http://www.number3store.com/), a store I’ve never come across before! Also had various CdG brands and some classic Raf Simons pieces that may have tempted my credit card out of its wallet. Just so you know!

  6. cristi says:

    This outfit is so… Tokyo! Love it!

  7. Lynnsay says:

    I really want to visit Tokyo! Love the Meadham Kirchhoff shirt too.

  8. Luana says:

    Really beautiful !!
    I loved the pictures <3
    I'm posting accessories from Los Angeles on my blog!
    Take a look!

  9. Annie Nguyen says:

    Are you still in tokyo? You should check out the nike store in harajuku/shibuya! The men’s running tights are beyond awesome, They’re colourful with Aztec prints, so much better than the plain teal/purple variety for women. Sorry, can’t find a picture online. Kinda regret not getting a pair now. Check them out since you’re a bonfire runner now, good stuff!

  10. Eloïse says:

    great outfit 🙂

  11. I’ve always dreamed of going to Tokyo!! Nice pics!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd
    Facebook: http://on.fb.me/uywe6X

  12. Sari Purdy says:

    The shirt is very colorful.

  13. The whole outfit is geeky! but appealing! I like it!

  14. So sweet color combination. I love every bit of it, fascinating indeed!

  15. Wow! Those accessories looks so beautiful! I love your post, very inspiring and fascinating.

  16. Noe Farrell says:

    Those color mixture is really stunning; everything looks so lovely and cool. Very beautiful outfit, keep up the good job!

  17. Zaggora Girl says:

    love the shirt! How did you spend the rest of your time in Tokyo :)?

  18. Caron says:

    I like your experimental style, your boots are really unusual. You have an interesting way of putting your outfits together.
    Keep up the good work!

  19. Peter says:

    Inspired by the looseness and shape of the shorts

  20. Lynkez says:

    Hey! Beautiful shirt you got there or is it a blouse? I love you style…

  21. Sarah says:

    Oh I do have a soft spot of Japanese brands! I am very jealous :p
    Sarah x

  22. alex says:

    amazing shirt ! and your shoes… OMG <3

  23. Kariroys says:

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  24. Emanuel I. says:

    I absoutelly adore this look.
    Thx for inspiring!

  25. awesome outfit!!!!!!
    Miss City Chic

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