Eri Oya


>> It pains me to say as a Londoner, who boastfully praises the city for world class vintage shopping, going to Tokyo and happing upon countless vintage stores that could easily trump the Big Smoke on selection, diversity, merchandising and even pricing is a painful affair.  Sometimes I'll be walking around not even meaning to go into a vintage store in Daikanyama or Shimokitazawa and somehow stumble into a hole that is eye-openingly awesome.  Writing a guide on vintage shopping in London is a somewhat manegeable affair but one on Tokyo would be mind-bogglingly difficult given that they pop up so frequently and deserve sub categories in their own right when splitting up the various different vintage genres that are available (when you have stores that have sections dedicated purely to cable knit shorts, you know you have a mahussive task at hand when browsing through everything).

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a Japanese transplant like model Eri Oya in Paris has turned to vintage as her new sideline project.  Eri Oya's little online shop has just gone online with a small selection of quintessentially 70s-80s Parisian-sourced goodies, but it's seductive imagery of Oya, shot by Raphael Desveaux that makes this store worth book marking.  If I was in the mood to splash out, I wouldn't object to pieces such as an Emilio Pucci apres-ski jumpsuit or an eighties Hermes dress are definitely worth looking at.  Eri Oya is enrichening a category of vintage occupied by the likes of House of Liza in Dalston or Vagabond NYC (their site seems to be down at the mo – say it isn't so!) that do a good job at highlighting recent decades of vintage.  Alongside publications like Encens that look back at garments of yesteryear in an alluring way, Eri Oya's image-focused way of curating vintage is much welcome.