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>> It turns out that even though I've slacked off marathon training (and blog posting evidently…) during London Fashion Week, I'm getting enough of a work out zooming around shows – running through Somerset House to Freemasons Hall, running through Hyde Park through blades of grass to get to Burberry, running like the wind out of the Topshop Venue at Bedford Square to get to wherever it is I need to go.  In short – I be running.  A lot.  So much so that I've probably been a tad rude out and about when people try and stop me to take a picture/ask a question/say hi.  LFW has been packed to say the least and even more hectic to try and do in its entirity if you don't have a chauffeured car.  

It's finally coming to an end now and I need to inhale and exhale after a few shows that left me speechless in a good way.  Once I've calmed down and gotten over my inner dramatics, I'll get to the business of posting.  I have written a little column every day in this week's LFW Daily if you're interested in seeing why I've been zooming around.  For now on the blog, I can only show you what I've been running around in.

On day two, I went for part-practical, part-flamoyant as I wore my lovely vintage Zandra Rhodes satin jacket with an Antipodium shirt and skirt from the resort collection and then my trusty lime green Nikes and Karen Walker cap just to say "Look, I am sporty!  Promise!", even if I do have satin bows running up and down my chest.  

Street FSN for Grazia.It

Tommy Ton for Style.com

On day three, I was trying to hypnotise people into thinking that I'm not in fact looking terribly exhausted and slightly ropey, by wearing a quilted J.W. Anderson top with a busy Equipment fruit print shirt.  Down below, my Oh My God bronze skirt and J.W. Anderson x Topshop trousers were also supposed to avert people's gaze from my bedraggled appearance.  It was good to know that because of that impactful presentation, people immediately recogonised the sandals as Sophia Webster.  Mission accomplished.      


Le 21ème | Adam Katz Sinding

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Tommy Ton for Style.com

26 Replies to “I Be Running”

  1. Wow! That girl really looks so much beautiful and stunning in the great touch outfit! I just love this combination of materials and patterns; looks amazing! When will it be out of sale? I actually adore it! Keep up!

  2. Just fell in love with your crazy colourfull amazing style! You look pretty* I like your red bag! I’ve a special feeling with red bags, mine is by Il Bisonte and it’s my favourite one! xx

  3. You present very unique style there… I love the way you mix colours and patterns together, they make stylish combinations and they fit you so much! You look gorgeous in each thing you wear, girl! 🙂

  4. I sort of noticed your evolution of print clashings, in a way you’ve evolved to a new level of it which is a good thing! I saw you several times around BFC and I believe you were queuing for the ASHISH show? How chic was Leutton this morning? I couldn’t help but think this is such a Susie Bubble approved collection. Oh by the way you must check out my first hand coverage of London Fashion Week from my perspective, guaranteed image juicy content and hilarious write ups.
    xx nathan_niche

  5. I don’t think there is any other fashion-centric – I write fashion-centric because I believe Style Bubble embodies far more than just fashion and the latest trends – blogger out there that has the same eye for colour, tonality and texture as you, Susie!
    These looks are suitably mad-cap, dare I say, but still retain an air of sensibilty and practicality. All in all – simply wonderful! I hope you had a wonderful time at LFW.
    Best Wishes,

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