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>> Some of you might remember that when Donatella Versace uttered my name on the Versace x H&M collaboration video, I shamelessly felt like I had ascended up to cloud nine.  I think I may have pressed the play button at the 0.03 point of the video repeatedly.  I've been given another opportunity to tighten what I'm sure is an opposing spirital bond between myself and Donatella.  By that I mean that I have absolutely zilch in common with the woman and yet I'm deeply fascinated, slightly obsessed and ever adoring of all things Donatella and Versace.  Even the iffy bits of Versace land are engrossing.

What's the occasion?  Versace are launching their e-commerce soon sometime in fall (you can sign up to the newsletter for updates).  Now that Donatella realises that our bond is inevitable and ultimately unavoidable, she's deigned to pick out an outfit for me to squeeze into so that I can then proceed to do butt squats in it.  That's the sort of thing Donatella would do, no?  In the run up to the show and to the launch of Versace's e-commerce, there'll be interviews and Twitter Talks where I'll have the opportunity to further charm Donatella with my awkwardness and bumbling ways.  Maybe she'll find it endearing.  Even if my hair isn't as shiny as hers and I don't in fact know how to properly apply sooty black eye make-up.  I have much to learn and since an official banner above decrees it to be, "Donatella & Me" will be going on a journey together.  Now in preparation for Donatella's chosen ensemble, I'm taking a gander at the A/W 12-3 collection.  High-necked velvet dresses with crosses and alphabet peplum-ed minidresses… you will not defeat me.

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  1. Completely understand you fascination with Donatella! This fantastic, can’t wait to see what she picks.

  2. Tara says:

    I love how much you love Versace – not to mention your “mild” obsession with all things Donatella!
    I try not to get too attached to designers and brands, but I feel as though I must cite Erdem – simply elegant and the epitome of feminine flair – as a favourite. That said, I have a huge amount of admiration for Donatella’s fun yet, ultimately, sophisticated approach to fashion and how she has driven Versace to become one of the world’s leading designer brands.
    Best Wishes,

  3. laura kay says:

    love the color!! ps. Im having an awesome giveaway of my travel/fashion illustration print. Check it out!!
    thanks 🙂

  4. Marcia says:

    Can’t wait to see the results. I bet you’ll look good in one of those velvet and/or leather coats.

  5. Noe Farrell says:

    Great news!!! I do love Versace. No doubt you look so beautiful and as a winner in those black leather boots with the high-necked velvet dress! I’m eagerly waiting and can’t wait to see you shouting in victory! All the best of luck!

  6. The one thing l love about you is your uniqueness everything you design seems to be very different and l am loving them because l love fashion.

  7. I completely love fashion, and I like this. Donatella is great up there.

  8. Sari Purdy says:

    I completely understand your love for fashion. With what I am seeing, who would think otherwise? Thumbs up! Great designs…

  9. This is amazingly beautiful, l just loved what l saw and l was wondering where l can get them. If it is not too much to ask please tell me where these can be found.

  10. The Provoker says:

    Woah woah woah this is HUGE Sue! Congrats, so cloud nine for a name mention, now you’ve gotta find a different idiom or term to describe how you feel with Donatella picking an outfit just for you, and yes the butt squat thing is exactly the kind a thing she’d want you to do in her clothes, come to think of it mind as well go jogging in them to really work up a sweat lol-

  11. If Wimbledon comes a-calling next year, an all-over print ensemble from this collection would be just the ticket to a) making journalists from the Sun/Mirror/Daily Mail chortle and b) injecting a much welcome dose of pop into the sport.

  12. how could you not feel that way? one way or another we always wished (secretly or not) to get the attention of those who we admire. well done. you might just be the inspiration for many of us 🙂

  13. Mind catching post this blog have thanks

  14. I’m still yet to find my designer of choice but thanks for sharing Donatella with us.
    Peter @ Valley Optics

  15. Congrats Denni!!! That are awesome! Looking forward to see that too 😀

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